Monday, June 10, 2013

new loves and old friends: blueberries

new loves:
jeans ~ Ross
shoes ~ gift from sister
ring ~ online???
old friends:
shirt, bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted

my son is getting to the point in life where i am no longer always right. more importantly, he is getting to the point in life where he is always right! is an actual conversation we had the other day.

he ate some blueberries for breakfast, and he was the only one who did. the blueberries were sitting out when i got downstairs, so i asked who ate them and he said me. i asked him to put them away, he said he already did. and here's how the conversation carried out:

me: well then why are they sitting out?
hen: someone else must have taken them out?
me: eva did you take them out?
eva: no.
me: i didn't, and papa has been upstairs all morning, so it had to be you.
hen: nope, it wasn't. i remember putting them away.
me: i get that you think you remember, but it's pretty clear that you didn't.
hen: no, i put them away.
me: henry, do you at least understand that in all probability, you didn't put them away, and that maybe you are remembering another time you did?
hen: no, i put them away.
me: no you didn't.
hen: yes i did. i know i did. i remember it.
me: go to your room.
5 minutes later...
hen: papa told me to say sorry.
me: why are you sorry?
hen: i don't know.
me: are you ready to admit that maybe, just maybe you left the blueberries out?
hen: i remember putting them away.
me: so then how did they get out?
hen: a ghost.
me: go to your room.
and that, my friends, is a pretty typical morning!
megan bird


  1. you look lovely your shirt is nice!

  2. that shirt is so cute! and oh man - what a long conversation about blueberries :) and a little funny too! he's creative with his excuses!

  3. Hahhaha. Yep, a ghost. Duh! Love your red shoes! :)

  4. hahahaha! blame it on a ghost! LOL

  5. Haha aw, that is too funny :) Love that he blamed a ghost...obviously a ghost did it. And that top is SO stinkin' it on you!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Oh my, he's a teenager already! I had tons of fun this weekend, can't wait to see your outfit post from Saturday. Love you!

  7. You make me want some red shoes! And a blue striped top. :)

  8. Boys will be boys wait until he is in his teens

  9. What an adorable outfit! Love those red heels, aren't red heels just the best?!

  10. hilarious, but true. Sometimes parenting is an enigma waiting to happen. I loved how you wrote it.

    and about the rule breaking: I was really puzzled by that, too but evidently we do it on Tuesday at noon, 10 am for me, here in the US because it is already Wednesday in Australia and Asia? That is what I've been told anywho. :D It is great fun. I am meeting a ton of new bloggers and it is rapid and exhilarating for this old bird. :D

  11. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog and thanks for featuring me! Well, going to feature me :)
    Cute outfit, I love the heels!
    And that's a cute (but I bet frustrating!) story about your son :) I love the name Henry!

  12. my boys are constantly telling me I'm wrong and reminding me of how they are so right lol !!!! they are fabulous thou and I love the ages they are .. drreading teenage yrs


  13. Those are fantastic shoes. And I sometimes think boys have a problem with reality.

  14. Gotta love these tweenage years! My 8 year old is getting to be the same way - getting me worried for the future!!

  15. great striped top!!! love it with the heels. and man, kids always have a response, don't they?!!!

  16. So funny about your son, kids just always know what to say. Love the red shoes.

  17. Love this easy breezy look

  18. Your shirt looks SO comfy! And I really love the right red shoes!

  19. I didn't tell you that I love these shoes with this ensemble, but I meant to say it. so, there ya go.

  20. henry's a boy that expresses himself well. my husband i have the ghost joke, we tell each other too. you look marvelous megan: in your stylish, casual cool elegant ensemble of jeans and t-shirt with your pop of color red heels.