Wednesday, June 12, 2013

love*birds: 6.12.13

things i am loving this week:
~ it is finally feeling like summer here in minnesota! yay!
~ i bought a few new items for my closet over the weekend. i am super excited to show them off soon!
~ jim has been out of town since sunday, but he is back today. we missed him!
~ ben is this close to walking. he wants it so bad! it is pretty cute.
~ maybe a bit tmi, but mimi wore undies all day yesterday with no accidents! i am hoping that this is the end of pull ups for her! potty training her has been a loooooooong, slooooooow process.

and here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird

this dress is so chic and look so comfortable, too! perfect for a summer date night!

this bikini is seriously adorable! how darling is that bow on the bandeau??? in love.

this is such a fun and funky piece! the geometric, 3D design really makes a statement!

i am totally obsessed with this bag. structured yet feminine. functional, but still so adorable. it's perfect!

these are way too cute. it makes me sad that they are not my size.


niki is rocking her jean shorts in this post. this is such a cute, casual, summer look. i feel the need to run to the thrift store this very moment and try and find some shorts like hers!

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mimi and i had a much needed girl's day on saturday. it included shopping and strappy sandals, among other things!

megan bird
rabbit chat print
does it get any cuter than this? seriously, i love this. every time i am having coffee with a girlfriend, i will think of this whimsical print!

rhinestone bow bracelet
if i didn't already have my jewelry picked out for the wedding, this cutie would be a serious contender. i am loving the raw ribbon tie and the gorgeous rhinestone beading.

1950s satin brocade dress
this dress is stunning! i love the color and pattern of it, and am amazed at the beautiful condition! this shape is so flattering on most everyone, too!

wow, this is amazing! we currently use a moulding on the door between our kitchen and dining room for measuring the kids, but i might need this one...if just for a beautiful piece of art!

flying pig with balloon tank
chris and i always joked that we would get married when pigs maybe i need this tank!! love it!

Circa Sunday Afternoon
louisa is rocking the color block in this gorgeous dress! i love the colors and how comfy and chic it looks. also, those shoes! those shoes!!!

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this is how much i love my city...not only is it green and beautiful in the spring/summer, but amazing people also crochet stems and leaves for stop signs. seriously, how cute is this?

what are you loving this week?

two birds


  1. Wow! Fab finds... I love that bag, too! T.

  2. Love that tulip dress and beaded cuff. I'm loving cute nursing clothes; right now it's all I wear.:)

  3. i'm glad it's finally starting to feel like summer here too! that red suit is so cute!

  4. Loveeee that bow bathing suit!

  5. great finds! loving that 1st Tulip dress xo

  6. Where is that Stop sign Megan? I love it!

    And yay for Mimi hopefully being potty trained Nora! Hope Ben starts walking soon!

  7. UM I LOVE BOWS. I must have that swimsuit and rhinestone beaded bracelet!

  8. Yay for it feeling like summer! That bow bikini top is super cute!

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  9. That bikini is adorable but the pigs flying top is even cuter!

  10. Thanks for the feature! :)
    I love that geometric cuff and the tank with the balloon on it :)

  11. I love that coastal bag, it is so cute and perfect for summer!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I love everything in this post! I really want that bathing suit!

  13. The bunny print is so cute! And loving the bow bikini!

  14. Love that coastal bag and how cute is that bunny print!

  15. Yay for new closet additions, almost walking, and no accidents :) Loving that geo cuff and what a CUTE bathing suit!

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. Ooh, I went over to Etsy to look at that bridal cuff- they have such nice stuff! really tempted as it would reallly go with my head-dress!xx

  17. That bridal cuff is gorgeous! I also love the dress that Nora picked out! And the vintage one from Megan.... I'm so excited, I finally ordered a dress from Eshakti.... can't wait for it!

  18. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Blog love,


  19. i love that very first dress! it is so cute. oh baby will be walking in no time. hahaha watch out!

  20. The vintage shoes and dress (now will certainly date me) are almost exact to what me and my sis owned. My shoes were pink and lavender and I wore them as a bridesmaid for roommate's wedding. My sis made a dress just like that but not that print or color. Does that make me vintage? Perhaps but that's ok, too. Fun LOVE post!