Wednesday, June 26, 2013

inspiration picture for july 1: jamie chung

the inspiration
jamie chung
i was just saying how i have too many clothes (is that possible?) (chris would say yes), and then we pick this outfit for inspiration monday. of course i don't own any white lace shorts, but now i need some. shoot, inspiration monday, you force me to buy cute clothes!

we hope you'll join us on monday...even if you don't have white lace shorts!

don't know the rules?
1. use the above picture as inspiration.
2. post your own interpretation on your blog.
3. link back to our blog, so people can see all the blogger's versions!
easy as pie!
see you monday.

two birds


  1. Try just adding lace ribbon to the hem of your shorts? Same effect, cheaper than buying new!

  2. her outfit is adorable, but i am gonna have to certainly search the old closet for this look

  3. ummmmmmm those shorts! they look exactly (and I mean exactly) like a pair I tried to order from anthro, only to have my order cancelled because they were out of stock!! gah!