Monday, June 10, 2013

inspiration monday: stress dreams

the inspiration
katharine mcphee
megan bird

dress ~ thrifted
vest, sunglasses ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Target

nora bird

shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
skirt, shoes ~ F21

i mentioned last week that i have really been stressing out about the wedding. thank you all for your kind words and advice, by the way. i tend to freak out and want everything done right now, and i need to take a step back and not worry so much. i have been saying all along that as long as there is food, music, and alcohol, we will be ok. our friend is marrying us, so i know we will get married...and that's the most important part!

anyways, even though i seem to have this seemingly laid back attitude about the wedding, i still am working so hard and want it to be perfect. and while i don't necessarily feel stressed all the time, the stress is definitely manifesting itself in weird ways. take my dream the other night for example...

in my dream, i woke up and it was the day after our wedding. i couldn't remember anything, so i took to social media to see if anyone who was there said anything about it. kimi had tweeted that it was lame, so i asked my sisters if that was true. my younger sister, izzy, yelled at me, "we've already been through this last night!!" and i was so confused. why was my wedding lame? why didn't i remember anything?

well, it turned out that 1. we never had the ceremony, just the reception, and 2. someone roofied me at my own wedding. roofied me. who would roofie a bride? and yes, according to my sisters (whom i heard talking behind my back), the reception was very lame.

i woke up at about 1:30 am that morning and immediately emailed all my sisters reprimanding them for their behavior in my dream. and kimi got a text later that day.

maybe i got all the bad stuff out in the dream! and i will make sure to watch my drink the whole night of the actual wedding!

two birds


  1. I ADORE stripes and you wear them well, Sweets! Don't worry be happy!!! :) T.

  2. LOVE these skirts on u ladies :) gorg!!

    XO Meghan

  3. You ladies look awesome! Nora, if I had your legs I would be wearing skirts every damn day. I definitely remember those wedding stress dreams, and they got more intense as the day got closer. Even though I just wanted it to be fun above all else, I started panicking about all the little things and wanting it to be perfect. Those little jitters will go away on the day of and you'll be too busy having the time of your life :) Don't worry about a thing!! Also, remember that little things probably will go wrong (as they always do, at least with my luck) but sometimes that adds to the day and makes it perfect in its own way. The minister who married us introduced us as Megan and Karen instead of Megan and Kevin (you may remember...) and if someone had told me a week before that that would happen, I would have cried myself to sleep every day. But, on the day of, it was hilarious and I didn't even care. And now, we still tease him by calling him that ;)

  4. I think your wedding will be anything but lame! I love your dream though, that is pretty darn funny! I know I had crazy wedding dreams all the way up to the big day - and even a few after the fact!

    You both look fabulous, love both the long and the short striped skirts!

  5. I love that maxi dress, it's so cute. And the striped skirt is just perfection. Haha, that is so funny about your dream.. and in such detail too! I don't think I ever had any dreams about my wedding beforehand. Don't worry, your wedding won't be lame at all... and I sure hope no one roofies you! :) :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Haha, I don't think you have to worry about roofies :) I wanted my wedding to be perfect and I had a bunch of small things not go as planned. You kinda have to just let it go and enjoy the day because in the end, all that matters is that you're married!

    The Tiny Heart
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  7. You both nailed the look! And I want to copy both of these looks because I have a striped maxi and striped mini :) Thanks for the inspiration! Gorgeous as always girls!

  8. I totally remember having dreams like that! LOL Just laugh it off and know that everything will be fine. Your reception will be so much fun and so beautiful! I love your skirts ladies!

  9. Great looks on you both! I'm such a stress dreamer! But things generally turn out okay in the end :) It's just our brains driving us a little crazy!

  10. I'm a big fan of how Megan interpreted the look :) Love how you draped your maxi Megan!! x

  11. You are too funny! Make sure you keep an eye on your drinks day of so no one roofies you fo' reals :) Love how you both re-created this cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. What is roofying someone? Sorry to hear you had another bad dream! I had an awesome dream last week in which I met you and other bloggers! We had a bloggers outing on the Orient Express train! It was so much fun and cool to meet you all!x
    I do like how different your interpretations are- fun and cute!x

  13. Love the stripey bottoms! I had a wedding stress dream or two, but I was more anxious about passing my school exam, which was scheduled for the week before the wedding.
    We had a very small, simple wedding and while I was worried that I hadn't thought of some logistical detail that would trip us up, the whole day went really smoothly! I'm sure your day will go off without a hitch. :)

  14. Oh thank you for the fun comment on my grandie's hair. He is so dang cute.

    Whenever I hear 'roofie' it reminds me of the Hangover Movie, the first one. hahhahhaha. Yes, dream it all out now and wedding will be marvelous.

    and ...remember that you will be so glad that you are married. Did you two get my prize from Target? Just wondering.

  15. Love the maxi AND the mini! Both of you look great!

  16. i'm loving those stripey skirts!

  17. the roofie wedding dream is hilarious. I once had a roofie. Oops! Love the skirt, Nora. You look classic! Megan, that dress is so flattering and adorable!

  18. I love the way you tucked the skirt into the belt to give it that Kat McPhee look
    I wish I would have thought of that

  19. hello ladies in your just say yes to striped skirts style! stressful dreams bite. i'm sure your wedding will be nothing like the horrid parts of that dream.