Monday, June 17, 2013

inspiration monday: quirks

the inspiration
eva mendes
megan bird

jeans ~ Target
shoes, belt ~ thrifted
tank ~ Kohls
hat ~ Chris'

nora bird

shirt ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ F21
jeans ~ so old i don't remember
sunglasses ~ from kristin bird

 i have a weird thing with numbers. some might say i have a touch of ocd, some might just say i'm weird. to me, it's normal because as long as i can remember, i have had these "quirks", as i like to call them. and i have found that when i talked about these quirks, a lot of other people say that they have the same sort of habits. ok, a lot of those people are my sisters, so clearly this runs in the family.

anyways, laugh at me if you want, or tell me your quirks in the comments. but, here is a list of my weird number-related quirks.

1. i count stairs. i don't count them every time i walk up them, but every time i walk up a flight i haven't walked before. i hate when there are an uneven amount of stairs. i only like evens. luckily for me, even if there are uneven amounts of stairs, if you keep walking up, you will get to an even number.
2. when i walk, i count my steps in 8s. i am ok if i don't walk exactly 8 steps, but i count by 8s. after 8 steps, i start counting again. i loved being on danceline in high school because we always danced to counts of 8.
3. radios and tvs have to be at an even-numbered volume. if someone turns the volume to 15, i will turn it up one more. this tends to be an issue with one of my sisters because she needs to have it at a multiple of we  either need 10 or 20, regardless of how loud the tv might be.
4. if i am walking from a hard floor to carpet, the number of steps on the hard floor needs to be even. if i step on the carpet on an odd number, i don't freak out, but i will continue the count once i hit the hard floor again. i don't count on the carpet, probably because i can't hear my heels clicking on the floor.
5. i feel weird telling you these things. are you looking at me differently now?
6. i need to come up with two more things because of my whole 8s issue.
7. when i stretch my muscles after working out, i stretch each one for a count of 22. (i was born on the 22nd.)
8. i count sips when i drink water. i have to have an even amount of sips. i'll take super tiny sips at the end if i think i won't make it to an even number.

so there you have it....the weird side of me. please share some of your quirks so i don't feel so vulnerable today!!

two birds


  1. My only number quirk is that I can't stand to have an uneven number of eggs in the carton. I'll go out of my way to use that extra odd one if I have a recipe for an uneven number so that the carton is back to how it should be!

  2. When I see long words, I like to see how many numbers their letters can be divisible by. So, I usually try by threes and fours, twos if all else fails. I prefer if the letters of the word are divisible by three the best. I don't do it with every word I see, more so signs or if I am bored any words I happen to see.

  3. My old roommate used to have an Oreo quirk - she'd only eat Oreos (or maybe all cookies) in groups of three.

    I know I have some quirks, but I could only think of a couple at the moment that might qualify. I pretty much never eat the last bite of a sandwich or burger. I don't know why, maybe because the bread/filling proportion is off by then. And whenever I fly, I have to sing the same song to myself before we take off. I'm afraid of flying, so I say a quick prayer and then sing the song in my head every time.

    I guess the good news is your quirks and both of mine aren't very noticeable to onlookers.

  4. I like your number quirks! I don't know that I have any number quirks, but one thing that is quirky about me is I don't like something to be off-kilter - so I straighten rugs, towels, pictures, anything like that. I can't stand it if they're crooked!

    I love both of your casual comfy looks! I totally forgot to take pictures of mine yesterday. Fail! Oh well.

  5. I love both of your tops!! And I always hold my breath past cemeteries, and lift my feet when crossing train tracks! Some odd superstitions from when I was a kid... But I still do them. My husband doesn't understand.

  6. My birthday is on the 22nd too! :) I don't have any number quirks that I can think of. I can only drink water if it's ice cold out of the fridge, otherwise I think it's disgusting.

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  7. Oh okay, ya got me here. I count drinks of water, but only when I take a pill because I want at least 9 swallows of water, for some strange reason 9 is a good amount. I also count stairs - ALL THE TIME - no matter if they are first evers or not - ALWAYS! They don't have to be so many but they need to be counted as I step on them. My childhood home? 13 stairs from main floor to my bedroom loft over the garage.

    Now, let me see I think, this is about the 7-8 time I have linked up with you guys on Inspiration Monday, ah but who's counting? hahahahaha

  8. I do count when I stretch, used to be to 20 now it is to 30 if I have the time.

    Do you ever get tired of the counting? Or just forget to do it sometimes?

    I love that first look.


  9. Whoa, #3 was a lesson in lowest common multiples! Last week when I had to count a lot of loose coins, I found myself counting in 3s then 2s to get to the nearest 5s...

  10. Megan, I have those same wedges from Target via goodwill. I LOVE them! I like your interpretations of the look. I always count my steps when I walk. To a rhythm, like 1-2-3-1-2-3-...

  11. You both look so cute! We all have our quirks, don't worry. Before I go to sleep, I always have to ask my husband if certain things were done, even if I just watched him do it.. like is the door locked or to put the dishes in the dishwasher. He makes fun of me but by now, he's used to it and just accepts it! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Gosh, would you both stop being so adorable?!?!?!! Love both of these looks :)

  13. LOL Oh that reminds me so much of my sister!!! She has a thing with the number 22 and her car stereo always has to be set to 9 for some reason. Too funny! I love these jeans on both of you!

  14. You both look so summery and cute! I love it!

    OH wow, this makes me smile! I am pretty OCD about other things. The clothing hung in my closet for instance is hung by color, in order of ROYGBIV, and things in my backpack have to be in a certain order. So, OCD twins! :D

  15. Haha I have to have the radio volume on an even number but not the tv? I count my steps on sidewalks. It has to be the same amount of steps on each section. I sing the alphabet in my head when I curl my hair. Once slow, once fast for each piece. I think the water sips thing is so funny! We all have such different, weird things we do lol
    Anyway, I just love your outfit Megan! The accessories really make it, loving the hat and those killer wedges! And Nora I love how your top has a cool pattern on it like the inspiration but in pretty pastel colors!

  16. You girls look gorgeous! I have some pretty crazy quirks, I think they're what make us interesting :)

  17. interesting - we all have our quirks. i dance so i sometimes find myself counting steps in 8s (but it doesn't matter to me what count i stop on). i also do this thing where i will add numbers on people's license plates when i'm in traffic. so that's kinda weird, right? haha. thanks for stopping by my blog - following yours now!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  18. Great pics! I love styling from inspiration pics as well--another great thing about the Internet! :) T.

  19. Wow, those are some pretty interesting foibles!! Now, I have one or two things which drive me mad which I cannot abide. At school, without fail, if a class has not had me as their regular class teacher, they will ask, "Can I go toilet?". This reallllllllllly annoys me and I ask them to repeat it. They usually add a please at this point. Finally, I have to spell it out: "Can I go TO THE toilet please?"- which they have to repeat. It sounds cruel, but I don't care how desperate they are, they WILL say it correctly!!! When I had a class, they would all say it very carefully by the end of the year!
    Oh and floor is floor and ground is ground. I can't concentrate on the conversation if one is referred to as the other!!! Isn't that weird!
    Sorry, this outfit wasn't happening today! Oh and thanks for the lotion bar advice! Sounds good!x

  20. Oh Megan, I am in love with the shirt you are wearing today

  21. megan i love that shirt and those shoes! so cute!

  22. Interesting! I count stairs too but I do nothing with the information. I wonder where the 8 thing is from??

    Love the wedges, BTW.

    Classy with a Kick

  23. Haha, I think we all have little quirks like this so I'm definitely not looking at you any differently :) LOVE the boyfriend both look so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  24. looking good lovely birds in your rolled up jeans! i count patterns, like on the wall or floor, especially while waiting. i also multiple to find the total.

  25. I have quite a list but I count too, Megan. Friends and husband make fun but it calms me. I count to myself, but stairs are one of them. I can't have spare change lying around, it has to be in a jar or wallet/purse and I wash my hand alot during the day. I don't get sick much so that works for me. We all have our thing. thanks for sharing, I still like you the same...xo dawn suitcase vignettes