Monday, June 3, 2013

inspiration monday: the motherload

the inspiration
lauren conrad
megan bird

dress, shoes ~ Kohls
hat ~ Marshalls

nora bird

dress ~ Topshop, thrifted
hat ~ bought on beach in Mexico
shoes ~ Target

i have a garage sale addiction. for real. every saturday in the summers, i map out the best sales, pack the kids up with their hard-earned quarters, and we drive around to various garage sales. normally i can't get enough. i mean, a dress for a quarter, a vintage map for $3, how can you not love that? for me, it's the thrill of the chase, and i honestly love doing it. the kids....well, they are learning.

so, it was a bit of a shock to me on saturday when i was (almost) "one and done" in the garage sale department. but, before you get too shocked, let me tell you the deals i got. i was seriously on a garage sale high for about four hours afterwards...telling the kids that we potentially just saved $1000. for real, we probably did.

here's what i got (you can see a picture here):
~ 2 vintage queen size chenille spreads, in great condition
~ one 5x8 tribal vintage rug
~ one vintage tribal blanket (it's so soft)
~ one very cool vintage pillow
~ an electric wood "fireplace" (like this)
~ a mid-century end table/nightstand
~ five (yes, five) vintage fruit crates (they were using them just for display, and i asked on a whim if they were selling them. she shrugged and said, "how about $1 each?" i tried to not act to shocked, these things sell for $40 at flea markets.)
~ an old metal street sign
~ a vintage ashtray stand (for the wedding, we don't smoke)

ok, that's a lot, right? and the only reason i didn't get more is because we ran out of room in the car. as it was, the kids had their feet resting on old peach crates the whole ride home. what's the big deal about buying all of this, you ask? well, i got it all, yes all, for $40. eva picked up a very sweet vintage glass play tea set for $.50, as well. all in all, deals were had!

and for the very first time, probably in my life, i was done. i thought to myself, we've been to enough sales for the day. it was the first one we hit, and i was satisfied. 

until we drove home and saw another sale, of course. (where henry finagled a badminton set for $2) (see, the kids love garage sales, too.)

two birds


  1. i was excited to see this outfit copy - i love her and that dress! megan I LOVE your top - so cute!!! i need to go find some garage sales!

  2. Hey! Wow, you look so lovely in these outfits and HATS especially. Megan you have the shoes to a t!That's amazing about all the things you got. I've never visited a garage sale or a bootsale for that matter but daren't at the moment- wedding costs (and impending move) are always prevalent in my mind!x

  3. I LOVE both of your dresses...they are SO cute! And all the stuff you got looks absolutely amazing...can't believe it was all only $40!!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Wow, what a score this weekend! I would love to see all of your finds??

    Great looks today! The shoes and hats are so fun! I would wear these dresses in a minute.

    Happy June!

  5. You DID hit the motherload! We hit up an estate sale yesterday but it was already wayyyy picked over. Nothing good found there sadly.

    LOVE both of you in your cute dresses and super fun shoes. Hot mamas!

  6. Sounds like an amazing day of garage saling!

    Loving your hats, girls. I wonder if Marshalls still has Megan's....

  7. Both of you look so cute in your summer dresses! That is a lot of good stuff for 40 bucks!

    The Tiny Heart
    Bracelet Giveaway!

  8. Garage sales are the best! You booth look adorable! Loving your shoes!!
    Stella & Dot giveaway on the blog

  9. I love garage sales!!!! My mom is awesome at it, like you are. I think that sounds like a very fun family activity! I love both of your dresses and hats!

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  11. I saw the photo of your garage sale finds on IG and was so impressed! SCORE! :)

    Love these looks on you both - two of my favorite outfits from your blog! Megan, that dress is perfect.

  12. I love that photo of LC, and you recreated it perfectly!

  13. Love Lauren Conrad's style! You guys did such a great job re-creating it! <3


  14. Is it weird that I just wanted to comment to say you both have GREAT legs?!

  15. Oh my gosh, can you both be any more adorable!? I think this is one of my favorite inspiration mondays ever! LOVE both of your super cute outfits!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. I love garage sales. You can find the neatest things. You ladies look marvelous. oh gosh nora, i could steal that dress! so cute.

  17. No way you didn't! These sales you gor are more than amazing! I absolutely LOVE the blankets and that gorgeous nightstand :) You got SO lucky!! x

  18. Oh my goodness what a haul you made! Tremendous! I have to say both of your sandals are wonderful choices in this inspiration.

    Great items for $40. I love it = Just $40!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. You both look absolutely gorgeous. M, those purple shoes are insane - love. N, you have the cutest little legs I've ever seen. And, Megan, I am so so so jealous of your garage saling luck. Sad panda that I missed it! xo

  20. Love the colored shoes! You both nailed the short and breezy silhouette. And I'm in awe of your garage-sale skills, Nora!

  21. I have to say Nora your look is my favorite. I love the dress and the shoes are too cute. I am addicted to yard sales as well I am the same way in the summer Its super addicting.

  22. Oh I lurv both dresses! Those blue shoes are amazing! How I wish I had long legs like you both!

  23. Whoa, I'd say you hit the jackpot with your garage-saling this week!

  24. Both of those dresses are adorable
    Love the shoes too

  25. Megan you look adorable and well done on the shopping! Nora, you look HOT!

  26. You both you adorable in your dress. Have a great week.

  27. I love the purple and yellow heels in these!

  28. This one was so much fun!! I really wanted LC's shoes! I'm so jealous of yours Megan!! ANd I love that Nora and I both wore yellow instead. Both your outfits are gorgeous! Some of my favorites for sure.

  29. hello hot looking birds in your darling summer dresses, hats, and heels! fantastic garage sale scores. mama is teaching her children well. ;) back in the day. i thought i was the garage sale queen. i haven't gone in years. though. i wish i could find my cute straw hat. we did find an old looking one in our garage. we tossed that ugly shaped thing into the garbage.

  30. this was a fun one! I love the dress, Nora. and Megan, the pink and purple looks great together! those shoes are so cute!