Friday, June 7, 2013

bird.i.y: mounted (faux) animal heads

recently, my mom came over and dropped off a bunch of thrifted clothes and puzzles for mimi and ben. among all the stuff she brought, there were also five wooden plaques that she had found and thought maybe i could use for a diy project. they sat in my basement, unused, for a few weeks. then one day, i was in my kitchen staring at this small space of wall between two of our cabinets. this little spot needs something, i thought to myself. a little shelf would be perfect there, on which i could put cookbooks. or perhaps a bowl of fresh fruit. that would be nice! then i remembered the plaques in the basement and i got another idea entirely. why should i use this space for something practical when i could put something totally ridiculous there instead? and that is how this diy was born...

here's what you will need:
~ wooden plaques
~ plastic animals (i found mine at the dollar store)
~ scrapbook paper
~ mod podge and sponge applicator
~ gorilla glue (hot glue would work, as well)
~ pencil
~ scissors
~ serrated knife and cutting board
~ mounting tape

first you will cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the top of the plaque. i just placed the plaque on top and traced a circle onto the paper. easy enough. (i realized by the third one that i should do this on the backside of the paper to avoid pencil marks on the front. duh.)

then mod podge the plaque where your paper will go and stick it on there.

then add a layer of mod podge to the top of the paper.

while that dries, cut your animals in half using the knife. if you don't have a sharp enough knife, i am sure there is some sort of power tool that will do the trick. jim wasn't home, so i wasn't about to mess around with power tools.
for some reason, i felt a little bad doing this. as if i was actually hurting the animals. i know, i am crazy. i am also a huge dork. here's proof...
don't worry. i saved their butts for a future diy project. i am not one to let a good butt go to waste. (what?)

once the plaques are dry, you can glue on your animal heads. most people would measure to make sure they are centered. i am not most people...
that looks about right...
also, apparently when gorilla glue meets mod podge, a strange chemical reaction occurs that looks like this:
weird, right? or maybe this is normal with gorilla glue? i have no idea. either way, if this bothers you, i would use hot glue instead. luckily, it doesn't really bother me because it was much too late at this point.

all glued and ready to hang!

when the glue is dry, you can put the mounting tape on the back of the plaques.

you are supposed to let that sit for two hours before hanging, but rules were made to be broken, right? let's hang those plaques!
yay! these were so much fun i decided to make one for each mimi and ben's bedroom doors, as well. it should be noted that mimi is obsessed with dinosaurs. specifically, t-rex. as for ben, i hope he likes lions! he'll tell me soon enough, i'm sure!

and there you have it! cruelty-free mounted animal heads! what do you think?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. oh my gosh I love this! Such a fun diy!

  2. This is just too adorable. At first I wasn't quite sure where you were going with this, but the end result is so cute and so fun! Love it.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Darling! They would also be really cute if you spray painted the animals too :) And with the butts, you could turn them into magnets!

    Also, the photo of the 'talking' animals made me laugh :D

  4. so funny that you have to cut them all in half. :) they turned out great! and i like megan's idea of the magnets!

  5. Oh my gosh I love these! We found a little tiger at our church last weekend that some child might have left behind and my husband put it on his drums, but now I kind of want to do this with it! Too cute.

    Love the talking animal picture too! Funny!

  6. This came out really cute! I think I would've felt weird cutting them in half too haha :)

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  7. those turned out so cute

  8. Yes, Gorilla Glue does that. I have an oddly put back together ceramic fish to prove it. :(

    I think I'd have a weird feeling cutting them in half too. I feel bad when I have to throw a stuffed animal in the trash!

  9. This diy is pretty amazing. Cute.

    Nope, that shirt is mine and I will wear it and wear it and wear it. It is way fun. Glad you like it.

    Get all sorts of things accomplished for the wedding, you guys, but pace yourselves, too!!!! (hug)

  10. Oh my gosh these are so cute! I love the fake animal heads for kids rooms. It's so awesome that you made your own! And I was seriously laughing SO hard reading this with the butt picture and all. I LOVE it!

  11. sooo cute honey, i really love this animals haha!


  12. ha-ha, to "are those are butts?" nora, they really turned out gloriously! :)

  13. LMFAOOOO at "Are those my butts?" I would've felt bad cutting them in half too but the project came out AWESOME! Good for you!

  14. Oh yes, putting "something ridiculous" instead of being all practical and Martha Stewart about that wee space is far more fun!!!! I LOVE what you've done with the plaques and can't wait to see all those animal arses turn up in a future project! xoxo

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  16. this is awesome! what a creative way to decorate for the kiddies!!!

  17. This just feels SO wrong (did you read Enid Blyton? Toys are alive!) ! However, they do look good (but I am feeling guilty about that!!!)x

  18. How FUN! You're such a cool mom!

  19. Great idea, love it. They surely make a nice decoration.

  20. cute! what a neat idea.