Thursday, May 9, 2013

new loves and old friends: the wedding invite snafu

new loves
skirt ~ Banana Republic, thrifted
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21

old friends
tank, bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted

i wouldn't say i am the most organized person in the world, but in my own way, i am. to the outside world, my house may not seem very organized, but if you ask me where something is, i will (almost) always know. i have my own system, and it works for me, so why change it, right? so, when it comes to this wedding, it may not seem like i'm organized, but i (almost) am. i set dates and times of when i wanted certain things done, and for the most part, i completed those tasks. last weekend, we spent the whole weekend doing wedding crafts, so i can safely say we have almost everything done to that end.

however, when it comes to chris, things are different. his nickname growing up was (and still is) pokey. he is a procrastinator, and will often wait until the last minute to do things. he and i balance each other out because i want everything done now and he could care less if it gets done at all.

i had it on the calendar that i wanted to get the invites out on may 1st. i kept reminding chris to get all the addresses and kids' names, etc. that we needed to finalize our address list. and he didn't, and he didn' i began stalking his friends and family on facebook, emailing them and asking them random questions. luckily they all know chris, so they were probably expecting to hear from me at one point or another. needless to say, the invites didn't go out on may 1st, but i decided that the least i could do on april 30th was stuff them all into envelopes.

so i stuffed and stuffed, for two and a half hours. (who knew?) and i felt very accomplished. i then set a new date of may 7th to get the invites out. and by the 7th, we had all the addresses, names, etc., and we addressed and sealed every single invite;  i felt so proud as we were doing it. as chris was putting the very last envelope on the completed pile, it hit me that i forgot to put stamps on the rsvp envelopes. it hit me hard, like a whole year of wedding planning stress hit me all at once, and i lost it. really lost it. cried for a half hour lost it. emailed my mom, sisters and mother-in-law lost it. chris rubbed my back, came up with a few ideas, and then left the room when i sobbed that i didn't want to talk about it anymore. he returned a few minutes later, i started crying again, he rubbed my back some more, and then i fell asleep.

the next morning i woke up feeling better. chris and i headed to the post office, bought a roll of stamps, cut 100 individual stamps, and with a tweezers, added a single stamp into every envelope to be sent out. one invite even got two (on accident). crisis averted, funny story to tell our guests, and we joke that if someone gets an actual stamp on their rsvp card, they will know that they were on the "b" list. (this really isn't true...but true to form, chris thought of a few more people we need to invite, so the process starts over.)

what would you have done?

megan bird


  1. I would have done exactly what you did...and probably would have gone down to the basement and hurled old dishes against the wall. (Great therapy btw, and I can always tell myself I'll use the pieces for a mosaic one day.)

    A great save, and hopefully the last snafu.

  2. HAHA --- yep, sounds like a meltdown moment to me. It's OK, we've all been there! I hear sooo many funny/stressful stories about the wedding stamps (we had a pretty funny experience as well) but it's ok! A minor glitch! And you took care of it so all is well. :)

  3. haha oh my gosh, that is so something that would happen to me. Except unlike you, I lose things constantly because of my disorganization! -♥- Rachel (3 Giveaways going on now ☺)

  4. haha, oh my gosh that is so something that would happen to me! I would have called everything off and tried again next year, lol. -♥- Rachel (3 Giveaways going on now ☺)

  5. Just read through this and as I'm about to send our wedding invites out in a couple weeks I have to say I would have felt totally stressed out and cried like you. It's impressive you're so organized and I think you did the right thing for sure and adding the stamps is actually kind of cute. I always think it's fun to put the stamp on myself when mailing letters so I don't think anyone will even notice and at least they weren't totally sealed and you were able to add it in. There's always a silver lining. hehe...Good luck to both of you with the rest of wedding planning :)


  6. Oh no! That would have sent me into a blind panic too! I think you handled it well though and at least you were able to add it without having to open the envelopes! And now you've had your one big oops moment and the rest of the wedding will be smooth sailing from here on out! <3

  7. Oh wow! Don't stress. It's going to be okay and you are going to have a fabulous wedding!

  8. I totally would've had a meltdown too! Our invites were accidentally delivered to the wrong house by UPS and I panicked. Thankfully my hubby took a walk and stalked every house around the block and he located the package himself!

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  9. I would've done what you did and cried. LOL It's easy to forget something like that when you have everything to do. A lot of men are like that so don't feel bad. HaHaHa Glad he thought of a solution and everything worked out.

  10. Oh no! I think I would have lost it stress makes everyone a little crazy...glad you were able to figure something out! Love that skirt and blouse pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. This is absolutely adorable! And I'm so sorry! After all that hard work :( Wedding planning can be stressful... even as a kind of outsider trying to help my older sister! I'm glad you figured something out though :)

  12. Planning a wedding is no joke...I've seen friends have major melt downs. BUT the end result is well worth it! Wishing you all the best in your wedding planning!

  13. Oh my goodness - I totally would've had a meltdown. It's stressful to plan a big event like that. How great that you came up with a solution though! Good luck in the final countdown!

  14. Such a bummer about the invites! I would have cried too! Glad you got it all worked out! Fun outfit today too :)

  15. Oh Megan, great save! What would I have done? Well, I probably would have realized I had done that just after I dropped the bundles off at the post office! That's how I roll, LOL.

    {I always love reading your blog. xo}


  16. Hopefully that's the only snafu (totally my favorite WWII word of all time!) and the rest is smooth sailing! And I want to steal your sandals!

  17. Well at least you didn't get toxic shock and die from licking too many envelopes like George's fiance did on Seinfeld! Haha! Love that leopard print shirt. Nice

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  18. I can totally understand that meltdown. It's just overwhelming sometimes!
    I'm sure your day will be wonderful, and this will be a memory you look back on and laugh at.
    And creating memories is really what it's all about.

  19. Oh no, pooor you!!! We didn't include stamps on our ones- I didn't think you had to as I haven't ever received a SAE RSVP before! Can imagine how stressed you were!!! Pity I wasn't there to help! ;-)x

  20. That is a bummer but worst case scenario is that your guests slap on a stamp on the RSVP card. Since they are your closest friends and family, they won't judge you for it- it's a lot of time and details put in to planning a wedding! No worries girl!

  21. Oh I would have been like you Megan! = LOST IT!!!

    I have done two weddings for both of my daughters and both times I was in charge of the invites!!!! It is a huge task. It seems trivial to some other tasks but it isn't. It is the all time hardest part of a wedding. Yes, you will have a great story, which is the bright side of it all.

  22. I am loving this print top and your pretty skirt!
    And wow, sounds like one stressful time >_< I don't think I could've handled it

    Trendy Teal

  23. You poor thing!!!!!!!! What a guy though! I think he's a keeper!

    I have received two wedding invites lately with no return postage on the rsvp, so I think that is LOVELY that you did that for your guests!

  24. You look very chic ^^
    I love your dress :)

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  25. these pics are gorgeous wow wow wow !! Love thr hair


  26. good thing you're organized, i had my sister as my unofficial wedding coordinator!! i dont know why she doesn't do it for a living ... ... love the outfit!

  27. it will get done oh yes. good thing you're organized. i'd be overwhelmed just thinking of all that stuff. you're looking fab megan bird!