Tuesday, May 21, 2013

love*birds: 5.22.13

things i am not loving this week:
~ nora is sick. so you get a condensed version of love*birds this week. feel better soon, nora bird!!
things i am loving this week:
~ kid snuggles. i'm not sure if it was because he was naughty at school and didn't want me to know...but henry is being extra snuggly this week. eva is always snuggly, but henry never is anymore. so i take it when i can!
~ long weekends. hello memorial weekend. regardless of what we have planned, i am just excited for a three-day weekend!!
~ summer vacation. the kids get out of school in two weeks. it's crazy to think that summer vacation is coming up so soon! it's also crazy to think that we will have a 3rd and 1st grader. eek!!

and here are some more things i am loving this week.

chevron knuckle ring
i love how dainty these rings are. i love the chevron shape and the mid-finger placement. so unique!
pin-up suit
now here's a bikini i could get into. i still might not feel 100% comfortable, but at least i'd know that my suit was adorable!! i love the bright red and the polka dots!

floral kimono
i love this jacket. it would be perfect for a summer night, with a cute tank and cut-off shorts. the colors are so pretty, and the easy breezy feel of it is perfect for summer!

turquoise statement necklace
this necklace knows how to make a statement. bright colors, bold shapes, and gorgeous styling! love it!
pig planter
this planter fits all of my planter necessities. it's unique, it's colorful, it's fun. plus, you can just say, "hey look at my succulent pig" every time someone walks by it.

80s vintage sunglasses
i love the color and shape of these sunglasses. need i say more?

pink cowgirl boots
i'm still toying with the idea of wearing some pink cowgirl boots at our reception. these are the right size, the right color....i'm loving them!

Dividing Vintage Moments
joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments has the best collection of vintage dresses. this one, that she wore on mother's day, is a perfect example of how timeless and beautiful vintage can be. and those blooming trees make for a beautiful backdrop, as well! (also, check out her amazing manicure!)

A Pretty Penny
keira of A Pretty Penny is rocking this amazing dress in this post. the color is fantastic, it's both chic and comfy, and let's talk about that clutch. one more thing i never knew i needed until now. make that two because that dress needs to get in my closet!!

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this is me and my beautiful bride sister last saturday at her wedding. she had already changed out of her dress, but she still looks gorgeous nonetheless!!
what are you loving this week?

two birds


  1. Great picture of you and your sis! Loving that swimsuit too- so fun!

  2. feel better nora!! and I love that polka dot swimsuit! so cute!

  3. I love the chevron knuckle rings!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Nora! I am loving those chevron rings, and I need to make a pig planter STAT!!! :)

  5. Feel better Nora! Does not sound like fun!

    I really love that floral kimono. It feels like something you'd never want to take off.

  6. FEEL BETTER, N! Also, how freaking cute is IZZY?! Gah! Love that red hair on her. I also cannot wait to hear about the wedding and you officiating!! Let's grab a drink (or 12) over this long weekend. And, M, thanks for the spoon tutorial. Yeah, that's happening. xoxo

  7. Hope Nora feels better soon! That bikini is too cute, and LOVE that pig planter :) Yay for Summer vacation too!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. I am seriously so obsessed with dainty rings, those are beautiful! Loved seeing pictures from your sister's wedding, everything and EVERYONE looked beautiful :)

  9. Feel better, Nora! I think the pink cowboy boots would be so cute with a wedding dress (and comfy too)!

    The Tiny Heart
    Group Giveaway!

  10. I love that turquoise necklace. It's so pretty! Go for the pink cowboy boots! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Feel better soon Nora!

    Megan you NEED those boots! Yes you do!

    Loving the rings (although I am clumsy enough to catch them on everything) and the vintage swimsuit, but I adore the kimono jacket. In my younger days I had several of them and wore them with abandon. Hmmm, no reason I couldn't do so again is there?

  12. I want that red polka dot bikini and you SHOULD get into! It would be darling on you!

  13. Oh, get better soon Nora! I have missed you ladies a ton. I hope to get back in the groove soon.

    Wear the pink boots!

  14. There are a lot of sickies lately! Hope Nora is better soon!
    I think those sunglasses are AMAZING. Drool...

  15. Hope you feel better Nora! I love that Kimono!

  16. Thank you for mentioning me in your fabulous blog. You made my day:))