Wednesday, May 15, 2013

love*birds: 5.15.13

things i am loving this week:
~ minnesota (our home state) became the 12th state to approve same-sex marriages. this is a huge deal to me. i am so proud to call myself a minnesotan and can't wait for some of my great friends to legally get married!
~ heat. most people would complain that it got up to 99 degrees yesterday, but i love it. it's warm and sunny and i don't have to wear tights anymore!!
~ we are ordering our alcohol for the wedding. i don't know why, but ordering alcohol makes it seem very official.
~ speaking of the wedding, i love coming home to all of the rsvps in the mailbox. it's so fun to see who all will be at the wedding!
~ also about weddings...our little sister is getting married this weekend, and i just wrote the ceremony. yep, you read that right, i get the honor of marrying my sister and her fiance. hopefully it will be a little bit funny and a little bit sweet.

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
art deco tulle headpiece
my first thought when i saw this was "holy sh!t" (excuse my french.) it's gorgeous. i already have my whole situation figured out for the wedding, but if i didn't, this would be a definite contender.

vintage joan and david red bow shoes
these shoes are adorable. and i rarely wear flats, so that means a lot coming from me. i love the bow and the scalloped detailing, and they look so cozy, too!

brass fox necklace
i am always amazed at all the beautiful and unique items i find on etsy. this necklace is definitely one of my favorite finds.

star tank
i am a sucker for a tank top. seriously, they are the universal item of clothing....they can be worn any season, and way. this star tank would be so cute under a blazer, or with a simple pair of jean shorts.

vintage floral sun dress
i love the color of this dress. it's lilac and springy, and i want to wear it every day!

Tf Diaries
megan of Tf Diaries is wearing such a perfect outfit in this post. for real, i want to copy it from those great booties, all the way up to those perfect heart-shaped sunglasses. this will be in my outfit repertoire soon!

follow along @meglets

these are my moms. my birth mom to the left and my in-law mom on the right. both gorgeous, inside and out. i am one lucky gal to have such loving, intelligent, and caring women to look up to!

nora bird
oversized knit dress

this look incredibly comfy but still super chic. and it could so easily be dressed up for a night out or just thrown on with flip flops to run a few errands. i think i would want to wear this every day!

nautical scarf

i love a lightweight scarf in the spring. and the adorable anchor print on this one is perfect!

heartbeat necklace

i have never seen anything like this heartbeat necklace. it is so unique and so cool! such a great statement piece.

woodland print girl's dress

i am in love with this adorable, organic cotton dress. mimi would look so cute in it! and i love the whimsical print.

70s wrap mini dress

oh my gosh, you guys, i need this dress! i am so in love with everything about it. the color, the print, the style. everything!

Sarah's Real Life

sarah shows us a great way to incorporate color into our everyday work wear in this post. her bright pink shoes are super cute! they make a statement while still being totally work appropriate.

follow along @mrsbeyers

me with two beautiful brides-to-be, my sisters, megan and izzy. i am so excited for them both!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. I adore that anchor scarf! And YEAH MN!! #12! I'm so proud of our state :)

    Pearls & Paws

  2. how exciting the wedding is soon!!! and i love that scarf!

  3. Yay Minnesota...I'd move there if it weren't so darn cold!
    You two always have such great finds but I'm dyin' ovuh heah for that brass fox necklace and the '70's mini wrap dress; they are gorgeous.
    Happy wedding stuff, I'm so excited for all of you.

  4. I'm so happy you're getting those rsvp's back! excellent! I love that 70's dress. it's nice :D

  5. Yeah Minnesota! And two weddings coming up, that must be so exciting! I love the fox pendant and the 70s wrap dress- so pretty.

  6. I love our state too!!! And yay for weddings! I think it's awesome you are officiating for your sister Megan!

  7. So wonderful that MN legalized same sex marriage! That is SO cool that you're officiating your sister's wedding :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  8. that headpiece is to die for!

  9. Yes to that head piece!We're at 85 today..but two days ago we had a frost warning. UGH. weather.

  10. I'm proud of your state too and it makes me want to move there! I live in Kansas---we'll be one of the last if it EVER happens here :o(

    We had a close friend write and do our commitment ceremony in 2003 and it made the day even more special and personal. That's really great that you're doing that for them!

  11. That is SO awesome that you are marrying your will be awesome :) So exciting that your wedding is coming up soon too...and what a gorgeous head piece!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Ahh so awesome you are marrying your sister. I was in a wedding last year where her best friend officiated the ceremony and it was just so personal and so sweet. It was one of the best ceremonies I've ever been to. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Great finds!Love them all!I was so sad to find out that adorable gray woodland organic cotton fabric is not being made anymore and I am almost out of it.One of my all time favorites!

  14. I love that cap- very pretty and Gatsyesque! Hurrah for rsvps in the mailbox- I love them too!x

  15. So many great picks of course! You both make me want to shop, all the time!

  16. I am loving all of these loves! Nora's dress pics were so cool, in both young and old! I love following you guys on Inst!

  17. LOVE that brass fox! Clicking that way!

  18. That fox is adorable. I'm also in love with the 70's print! Gorg!
    Loving Minnesota this week! Great weather, gay marriage, it's all good!!