Wednesday, May 1, 2013

love*birds: 5.1.13

happy may day!!!

things i am loving this week:
~ spring. even though it might snow again, i don't even care anymore. spring has sprung, and we have been to our first patio party. there's no going back after that!
~ self tanner. i have been feeling a little pms-y and yucky...and i've found that even the faintest of self tanner boosts my self esteem. i know, it's dumb, but i will take it.
~ tazo rest tea. i am not a good sleeper. i have trouble falling and staying asleep. i drank some of this the other night and am not sure what happened. i don't remember falling asleep, and i slept through the night. i hope it wasn't a one-time deal!
~ the kids wanted a snack the other day, and in exchange, i made them promise me they would cuddle with me until they were at least 18. i plan on holding them to it.
and here are some more things we are loving.

megan bird
mint indigo blue necklace
i love the contrasting colors and metal on this gorgeous necklace. plus, you can wear it at any length to accomodate your outfit!

i think this would be the perfect top to go with just about anything. dress it up, dress it down, it works with everything!
black t-shirt dress
there is something about this dress that makes me want to wear it all the time, every day, everywhere. it looks so cozy and cute! i can see it belted, too!
woodland cushion cover
what an adorable print! i love the colors, the deer, the trees! this would make a wonderful addition to just about any room!
foldover clutch
i am pretty sure i need this clutch. i love the colors and the soft look of it!
Mint the Blog
jess, from Mint the Blog is rocking the perfect effortlessly chic springtime outfit. i love the oversized sweater with those great booties and fun necklace!
follow along @meglets

this is what spring looks like. the kids had a blast last sunday on our nature hike. it was the warmest day of the year so far, and we took complete advantage.

nora bird
foggy morning dress

i am in love with this dress. the print on the bodice is so whimsical!

moleskin journal

i am always thinking that i don't need to write things down. and then i am constantly forgetting everything. all the time. so, i'm pretty sure i need this journal.

wiggle dress

how gorgeous is this dress? i love the polka dots and the super fun neckline! so amazing.

gold pearl necklace

this necklace is so dainty and simple and sweet. and so pretty! i love it.

80s geometric handbag

such a cute vintage bag! i love the fun, geometric print.

New England Romance

annie is totally rocking the boho chic style in this adorable outfit. i love the print on her pants and her cute crochet vest! such a fun, casual, and cool look!

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cutest boys ever.

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. i love annie's blog! and being tan is definitely a self esteem and mood booster! I need some color!

  2. Your kids running are so cute! I'll have to take a walk with mine since I am off today. I really like that polka dot dress. I thought it had cut-outs because the color of the dots are almost skin tone!

  3. Annie is one of my favorite bloggers! I can't believe it's May either- wow!

  4. I love the necklace in the very first picture! And the foldover clutch! And baby Ben :)

  5. OBSESSED with the woodland print pillow and foggy morning dress! So cool! And thank you for introducing me to these blogs. Both are so cute!

  6. I love the necklace, and the pictures of your kiddos! I wish the nice weather was sticking, because my daughter and I planted a cute little garden!

  7. Love the necklace and all these photos! xo, Julie

  8. i love Tazo tea! it tastes so good. very relaxing. loving that gold pearl necklace. so exquisite!

  9. That necklace is gorgeous! I also really like the foldover clutch!

    Fizz and Frosting

  10. Totally agree on the self tanner. I need some for my pasty white legs STAT! And that journal is wonderful- I've seen some cute ones at Target! The problem for me is being consistent about writing in it! :-)

  11. Ben is such a fun happy baby! I loved the half turquoise half brown necklace, the gold droplet necklace and the folded clutch! I am so glad clutches are back in vogue. Sorry about your snow again! Bethie said "Go Home Mother Nature, you're drunk" and I laughed and laughed at that! hahahahaha.

  12. I need some self tanner, stat! I am ridiculously pale. Fingers crossed the snow stays away! I'm loving that colorblocked clutch!

    The Tiny Heart

  13. I LOVE that foldover clutch. I've been looking for one!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Love that necklace and foldover clutch! And yes, as a redhead, even the slightest of tans makes me feel better about myself :D My transparent skin never feels sexy in the summer!!

  15. That first necklace AND the foldover clutch. Perfection.

  16. I'm loving ALL of these things, too! Especially that bag!

  17. I love that white shirt. The cut outs are so gorgeous!

  18. I love the dress also as well as the clutch necklace etc

  19. Love this post! Is it seriously going to snow again? I need to try the self tanner and see how it works.


  20. Oh I am going to have to try the tea! Also, I NEED THAT PILLOW IN MY LIFE!

  21. Love the black tshirt dress and gold pearl necklace but I ESPECIALLY love the promise you extracted for cuddles, simply brilliant!

    Hmmm, does someone need a dream sachet???

  22. OOooh, I am intrigued by the sleepy tea!!! I always have the hardest time sleeping when I am PMSing.

  23. love the cute pillow and deer shirt! way cute!

  24. Hey, thanks for the love for my woodland pillow! The fabric comes in some other cute colours and I'd be happy to look at custom orders if anyone has something specific in mind :)
    Just message via my Etsy if you'd like more info, I make all the covers myself. Kelly.