Wednesday, May 22, 2013

inspiration picture for May 27: julianne hough

the inspiration
julianne hough

it's memorial day next monday here in the states, so we thought it would be appropriate to do a little red, white, and blue number. this outfit just screams summer picnic to me. except by the end of the picnic, i would for sure have mustard on my white blazer. we'll see how it ends up, but at least we'll start the day out looking put together!

come join us on monday! if you don't know how to link up, click here for the deets!

two birds


  1. Oh my goodness. I think I can do this one! I'm certainly going to try!

  2. I love her shoes here! i can't wait to see how you recreate them!

  3. that should be FUN!

  4. Love this look - good choice!

    Jess - J's Style

  5. This is a great look! Haha. Seriously - good luck keeping ketchup, mustard, etc. off. I hardly wear white because stains always find there way to me. I may have to try this look any ways though :]

  6. i love her.. what a cute outfit!