Monday, May 27, 2013

inspiration monday: sister coincindences

the inspiration
megan bird

jeans ~ ross
shoes ~ Urban Original
everything else ~ thrifted

nora bird

 blazer ~ vintage, thrifted
jeans ~ thrifted
shrt ~ Old Navy
shoes ~ F21

nora and i found out this weekend that we have an exact same memory from college. how we just found this out is crazy to me, but seriously, it's a little weird. like one of those time/life books on coincidences. "six years apart, two sister have the same thing happen to them. coincidence? i think not."

both of our stories go something like this....we were both a little under the influence and went to a guy's house with a friend after a party. the guy wasn't home yet, so we decided to make ourselves at home. being under the influence, we decided we wanted a snack, so we decided to make popcorn. being under the influence, we also thought it would be great to make stove-popped popcorn instead of taking the safe microwave popcorn route.

so, we both (six years apart, remember) poured a little too much oil in the pan, poured the kernels in, and then turned the gas stove top on high. being under the influence, we both (six years apart) started a small grease fire. being under the influence, we forgot about the whole 'water doesn't put out a grease fire' rule...but luckily, it was snowing outside, so we both (six years apart) carefully grabbed the burning pans and threw them in the snow. water doesn't put a grease fire out, but apparently a four foot snow drift does. 

then in shame (and because the homeowners weren't home yet), we both buried the burnt pots in the snow, opened the windows to air the smoke out, and kept quiet about it...until now.

coincidence? i think not.

two birds


  1. Haha! That is a) hilarious and b) so crazy that you both decided to make stove popped popcorn. I don't think I've ever made popcorn on the stove and I'd probably start a fire even if I hadn't been drinking :)

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  2. I can't believe that you both did that! LOL That is too weird.


  3. Hahaha! Dead ringers on the outfits AND the antics! :D

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  4. HAHAHAHAHA You two broke every safety rule possible. LOL Too funny! Glad you ladies are alright. I think Macy's was having a Memorial Day cooking ware sale ;)You both look awesome in your red white & blue.

  5. That is so crazy! You both look awesome, hope you're having a great long weekend.

  6. Wow! What a crazy shared story! I love that it was all "under the influence". I started a small fire in my apartment in college not being under the influence, just because of bad paper towels and a bad microwave. It was awesome....

    Hope you are both having a good weekend!

  7. SHOCKING!!!!! I wouldn't have believed it of you (both)!!! However, your outfits are vedry cool! Love the red on you!x

  8. You both did an awesome job recreating this outfit

  9. That's crazy! Some kind of sister telepathy that led you to the same situation at different points!

  10. Great look loving the colour combination.

  11. Noooooooooo!!! You BOTH buried the pots in snow? Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! BTW you both look way more inspiring to me than Julianne whoever-she-is. xoxoxo

  12. That is cuh-razy! But I love how that stuff can happen sometimes. Great blazers today!

  13. i LOVE the white blazer!! and both of your shoes too!!

  14. You both did a great job here
    This was one of my favorite inspirations

  15. That is AWESOME! And sounds dangerous. But unbelievable how it happened to you both.
    Ya'll both killed these recreations too.

  16. Haha that is HILARIOUS! So funny that the exact same thing happened to both of you 6 years apart. And it's not even that common of a thing! Lol. Man that is too funny.
    You both got this look RIGHT on. I love Nora's blazer and Megan's headband and shoes! I'm linking up today (yes, I'm a bit late) my outfit isn't so exact but I think it works :)

  17. Ok that story is hilarious! One question: Did you both do it at the SAME HOUSE? hahahahahaha

    Your inspirations were great too. You have inspired me for a ensemble of my own later in the week, i think, maybe, maybe not. Do I sound fickle?

  18. I love this look inspired by Julianne! Thank you so much for your sweet post on my blog and I am now following you!


  19. you both look great rocking the red and white! that is so eerie you did the same thing? are you serious?

  20. I really like these outfit inspiration looks you gals do. You both look adorable in these outfits!