Monday, May 6, 2013

inspiration monday: backstage demands

the inspiration
jennifer lawrence
megan bird

skirt, shirt ~ F21
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings ~ Heartbreaker

nora bird

dress, shirt, necklace ~ F21
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Ross

i read a list of beyonce's backstage demands the other day, and was a little taken aback. i'm sure that most big stars have demands, and i'm sure they are all ridiculous, so i don't mean to single her out. but come on, be (can i call you that?) (i'm sure she reads this blog) do you really need to be so wasteful to require a new toilet seat e.v.e.r.y. time? here's the full list:

 titanium straws to drink alkaline water kept at precisely 21-degrees 
all crew to wear 100% cotton only clothing 
plain off-white walls in her dressing rooms 
a new toilet seat at every event 
red toilet paper 
hand-carved ice-ball to suck after every performance 
glass platters of almonds, oatcakes and green-only crudités

so you're telling me that every time she does a show, someone has to come in, paint the walls, carve ice balls (what are ice balls?), install a new toilet seat, and dye toilet paper...because really, do they even make red toilet paper? also, is there some sort of water machine that alkalizes and cools water to just 21-degrees? i guess if you're beyonce, there is.

and, at what point do stars turn this egomaniacal? at what point does a person decide that other people can't look you in the eye, or that you can only eat the green m&ms? seriously, it's a little disgusting if you ask me. sorry to all the beyonce lovers out there...i'm sure she's a very nice person, as long as you're wearing 100% cotton! 

happy monday!
two birds


  1. I used to think Beyonce was great, but lately all I hear about is things like this and her list of 'approved concert photos' and it just irriates me! Get over yourself woman! Phew, anyway. You both look beautiful--both of your skirts are so flowy and pretty! J. Lawrence would definitely approve. Happy Monday!

  2. I think the handlers push it on them. They tell them they deserve it, just take it. It's totally ridiculous!

  3. red toilet paper? what??? LOVE the neon! that skirt is awesome!

  4. And what the hell is alkaline water?! And why isn't it frozen at 21 degrees? And you both look gorgeous.

  5. "But NORA looks better. Nora wins."

    1. lol!! i forgot about that. she does look very beautiful.

  6. Red toilet paper sounds horrible. What in the world?!

    Megan, that picture of you with the wind blowing your skirt is amazing. Like, magazine worthy. Love.

  7. ^I second that. The wind-blowing pic is pretty amazing. I love that you both wore neon green! And you both have the perfect skirts for this look, I'm kind of jealous.
    Red toilet paper kind of creeps me out for some reason? Lol. And a new toilet seat every time?! Wow. Stars are crazy! I wonder too, when do they decide they're so special and so much better than everyone else that they need all these random specific things?

  8. Red toilet paper?? Really? That just sounds so strange. Her whole list is pretty over the top! I have heard some of this about her though and it's kind of disappointing!

    I love both of your skirts!

  9. Why does she want red toilet roll? Is she MAD!?!! What a NASTY thought- toilet roll must be pastel colours! And honestly, all the above- REALLY? Silly lady!
    On the plus-side you look really pretty! Very well matched with her outfit- cool skirts!x

  10. Although, maybe the venues can then auction off the toilet seats and say 'As used by Beyonce' and make a mint!?

  11. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I hate celebrity crap like this seriously! Probably why I don't like TV very much. And how does one grow to opt for red toilet paper over plain white? WTF??? One thing I can say is that you ladies both look great--what gorgeous skirts! I really love the neon!

  12. ok, you ladies are definitely rocking it out with these outfits. i love them! and Megan!!!! how sexy are you! LOL WTG sticking that leg out like Angelina. HAHAHAHA Honestly you ladies look great. Oh gosh! Red toilet papers? The dye really can't be good for you :( That's taking things way too far.

  13. This list is cra cra. She also says she's possessed by some spirit while she performs. Kind of freaks me out. Now, onto less creepy things, love your maxis and t-shirts, so cute! I'm so loving neon right now too :)

  14. Just found your blog & it is crazy what some of the stars demand! Your style is fabulous & looking forward to reading more!

  15. megan, i want a skirt just like that. and i love that leg shot. you're like angelina at the oscars. and nora, i love the neon. love love love.

  16. Yeah, sounds pretty insane to me. I can understand if a celeb is requesting certain foods but everything else is just ridiculous. Who knew they even MADE red toilet paper?!

    The Tiny Heart

  17. Wow... just makes celebrities unlikeable. And ick. Red toilet paper!

  18. I like the contrast of the bright on top to the bright on the bottom. Fun ways to switch it up!

  19. I so love the long sheer trend and the sheer high low trend in skirts and dresses. So on board with this. I don't think I am following you guys yet. I am now on Bloglovin! : )

    Ali of

  20. Now I will see Be in a whole new light. I heard a list like this about JLo once and it carved out a new perspective of her, too. I think they are both wonderful entertainers but lousy at the people skills. hahhahahaha

  21. freaking awesome skirts that are just like jennifer lawrence! and you both wore your t-shirt's in a knot, while looking utterly fantastic, i must say. as far as ego-manics, stars, or whatever, that's when my fantasies of a person/persona are far better than the reality of their day to life, or being. sometimes i'm not sure if i even know what is or isn't real, and do i really want to know?