Thursday, April 25, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): adoption

pants, earrings ~ F21
sweater ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ thrifted

it's funny to me how a child's mind works. my kids are learning new things every day, and things that seem obvious to me, are not always so for them. the other night, as i was putting the kids to bed, henry asked me, "mama, does a baby have to be born to be adopted?" not knowing where the question came from, or why he was asking, i did my very best to answer him. i thought i did a pretty good job, but then he asked, "when did you adopt me?" we didn't, you grew in my belly, we made you ourselves. "yeah, but when did you adopt me?" no henry, we made you, we didn't adopt you. "ok, so what if you decide you want to put me up for adoption?" oh henry, we would never. we love you so so much, and we will always want you. we will always love you, no matter what.

and he finally got it, he understood the process. so of course his last question was, "so, can you adopt me a brother?"

megan bird

ps.  i wore these shoes one day last week as sort of a f-you (pardon) to mother nature. her response was to snow another four inches. i lost.


  1. Mother Nature always wins. Fabulous shoes though ;o)

  2. Those wedges were worth it though weren't they?
    P.S. Your boy is sly! You walked right into that. Have fun adopting a baby brother for him! (J/k)

  3. Um that is adorable. :) Little kids say the cutest things. I love this outfit, I cant believe you guys are still getting snow. This says mother nature I am trying to pretend its spring, please let it be spring. :) I am in love with the color of that top!


  4. Haha! That is so funny! I was wearing my boots earlier in the week...I am ready to put them away till next winter!

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  5. ha ha! That is super cute : )


  6. You look gorgeous in orange! Lurv the sweater. And you should break out the shoes today!!

  7. You look so pretty! And yes, mother nature can be a real B.

  8. Great outfit! HaHa! Kids and their questions.

  9. Haha, kids and their questions always fascinate me! You are looking beautiful in that sweater.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Oh Henry! I do have to admit I think it's funny he asked for a brother!

    Love this outfit and way to show Mother Nature who's boss even if she did respond poorly!

  11. Gotta love how their brains work. Kids are full of perspective :)

    ps. So you are to blame for the last snow fall! haha

  12. LOL Aw kids! That is too funny! Lovely sweater!

  13. Good to know I can blame your and your cute shoes for the snow! I asked my parents to adopt me a brother when I was a kid too! I have a brother, I just wanted to exchange him for a better one.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedges! Cute sweater too! Happy Friday Eve!

  15. You look just perfect :)

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  16. Aw what a cutie Henry is! Love that color on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Haha that story is too cute. And I love the name Henry! That top is really cute!


  18. super cute outfit =) ur son sounds soo adorable!!

  19. You look lovely! The orange colour looks great on you!

    Sita xx

  20. Love that outfit- so cute on you! That's funny about what he said!!! It's so funny the way kids perceive things sometimes!x

  21. that is one for the memory book
    kids always crack me up with their questions
    my oldest son used to be called the "why boy" when he was a toddler

  22. AW! I'd probably cry if my kid asked that - it's just so cute. Kids. I swear. Adorable. I love your tunic - it looks awesome on you!