Thursday, April 11, 2013

new loves and old friends: girl germs

new loves
dress ~ Kohl's
tights ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Bakers
ring ~ Miz Outlet
earrings ~ F21
old friends
vest, bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted

henry's birthday party is this weekend and he is so excited. it's a minecraft theme....don't worry if you don't know what minecraft is...i didn't really until he decided he wanted it as his theme. and then i googled it and found out it is some weird video game that (to me) looks a lot like legos. i planned a party around it, and let's hope i get it right. a bunch of eight-year olds will tell me if i didn't.

anyways, what i am most excited about is that henry invited a girl. now i know, it's 2013, this isn't really that big of a deal. but to me, it kind of is. henry has always been that boy that has been afraid of girl germs. he's a boy's boy and i rarely hear him talk about girls. god forbid i bring up a girl's name from school...he looks at me as if i'm crazy. so when he asked me if he could invite a girl, even though he had reached his maximum amount of invitees, i couldn't help but say yes. the hard part about this weekend will be spying on how he acts around her while trying to look disinterested.

i don't know why, i can't really explain it, but i am just so excited that the barrier has broken down for him and he's ready to let girls into his life. because even at eight, every boy could use a girl in his life. we make everything better....amiright?

megan bird


  1. Love the pop of pink in your outfit. I hope the party is a hit.

  2. When I first saw my kids playing Minecraft I thought "what the?" It looked like an early 80s arcade game, but maybe that's the appeal? One of my boys invited girls to his birthday parties and it used to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like I'd maybe done something right:). Gawd I just can't wait to wear tights again, you look fabulous!! xo

  3. This outfit is HOT!!!!!!!!!!! You look great. It's so fun!

    Can't wait to hear how the party goes!!!!

  4. So sweet! Happy Birthday to the big guy!! My kids play Minecraft too...I monitor it though because some of the themes within creep me out.

    I am glad that Henry will have a girl present as we make the world go round!!

    You look awesome as always...Pink tights?? YAY!!

  5. I am obsessed with this outfit - those pink tights are fabulous! And Henry is too awesome that he's decided to have a girl friend :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I love love lpove your thights ^^
    Perfect look


  7. All the pieces look good but the pink tights? They take it right to the top and make everything pop!

    Happy Birthday to Henry! Sounds like he's going to have an awesome party with his friends...boy AND girl.

  8. M, you look gorgeous in this! :) And, I love that he invited a gal to the party! Good luck this weekend! :)

  9. Can you please thrift me a denim vest? I tried SO hard last year to find one and I came up empty. That is really cute that he invited a girl!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. That is so cute! I can't believe he wants to invite a girl. She must be pretty cool :) I never got invited to boy parties.

  11. Ohhhh please keep us updated with how things went! HaHa That's going to be so cute! Loving your dress, jean vest and cool haute pink tights. So cute!

  12. Aww, that's so cute that he invited a girl! I love it!!

    I love your denim vest - I have one on in the outfit I shared today too!

  13. I love Minecraft, your son made a good theme choice. And that is too funny, I am glad he has decided to let girls into his life :)

  14. Your outfit is adorable, but looking at your photo from the one nice, sorta-springy day is depressing me with all the snow today. I work at a school and am usually up on all the random kid stuff but I have never heard of Minecraft!

  15. Awh, how cute. My oldest grandie when she was 8 invited a boy with all the girls. He is a fun friend of hers and she wanted to invite him. Since tho for 9 and 10 it has been ALL GIRLS. hahahahaha.

    Love the deep pink tights!!!!!

  16. AW! Congrats on the party, I hope it goes well! I LOVE this outfit! I need some bright tights in my life, stat!

  17. Haha, the spying part is going to be so fun! LOVE those hot pink tights!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. How pretty you look in this! Ha, ha, I remember being the only girl invited to a boy called Andrew's 8th birthday party! It was great! I invited him back to my birthday in return! It was a great party- we went to one of those adventure places with slides and ball pools! So cool!x

  19. This is such a fun look! I lurv the tights and vest! Good luck with the minecraft party, I'm sure it will be fun no matter what!

  20. That dress is amazing! Love how you made it more casual with the denim vest. Kid birthday parties are so fun and busy (crazy!) at the same time, hope it's a blast!

  21. So chic love the outfit here. The story makes me think of my brother, they've so a like. Hope the spying turns out well. ;) Got my eye on your next posts.

  22. love, love, love the hot pink tights with the lbd
    hope all goes well with the b'day and you have a great weekend

  23. you look darling, just like always, megan bird. your henry is growing up. which is a little happy and a little sad. i didn't know what minecraft was, but for some reason i was picturing some kind of explosive video game, instead of a lego looking one. ;)