Tuesday, April 2, 2013

love*birds: 4.3.13

things i am loving this week:
~ running. while it's not quite as warm as i'd like it to be, i have decided to stop caring and run outside as much as possible. i have the best running buddies, and our early morning runs are so therapeutic.
~ pizza parties. the family came over last night to celebrate henry's birthday. you just can't go wrong with thin crust pizza!
~ smoothies. sara suggested a great smoothie that is meant to cure a hangover. while i have yet to test that theory out, it is delicious nonetheless and i've been drinking them for breakfast.
~ spring shopping. i shouldn't be shopping and buying more clothes, but it's so hard when there are bright pastels and beautiful maxi dresses everywhere!!

and here are a few more things we are loving.

megan bird
custom girrafe planter
lately i have been fascinated with animal planters. i think i need a whole collection of them. after all, it's been a while since i've started a collection!! this one could be my first!

squirrel clutch
it's spring, so i've decided to stick with a cute animal theme today. i adore this colorful wallet. it's cute enough to carry as a clutch and practical enough to fit everything you need!!

wooden feather necklace
i know, i know, this isn't necessarily n animal. but it comes from one, and it's gorgeous, so don't fault me. i am in love with this beauty!

elephant t-shirt
it's an elephant....on a bike. how cute is this tee? it would be perfect with jean shorts, or tucked into a vintage skirt. i love it!

rooster dress
maybe roosters are the new cat/deer/fox! i love this dress. it's made from all vintage fabric and is darling!!


megan (great name) of Chasing Davies has on such a gorgeous outfit in this post. seriously, that skirt is amazing...i love the color and pleating. and i love it with the red coat and stripes! copying!!


follow along @meglets

every year we take a picture of the kids with their special stuffed animal on their birthday. and then i love to look at how much they have grown each year. where has the time gone? henry is so big now!!

nora bird
vintage sleeveless blouse

this sheer blouse is so gorgeous! perfect for spring. i feel like you could wear this with anything and it would always look super cute!

silver druzy necklace

i love that this crystal pendant is set in gold. so sparkly and so very pretty!

vintage wooden shoe

these vintage platforms are perfect! and only a half size too big for me. i think i could make that work, right???

black and gold circle ring

i love how dainty and minimal this ring is. the black and gold is so different. and it is just so cool!

tunic blouse

i love the subtle white stripe and the pretty ruffles on this tunic. this is another shirt i could see myself wearing all summer!


amy of urban frill is wearing the cutest easter outfit in this post. i love the bold floral print and the full skirt on the dress. and she accessorized it perfectly!

follow along @mrsbeyers
yesterday ben learned a new trick. i would say, "ben, get so cozy!" and he would lay his head on the pillow. it was the most adorable thing! and, as you can see, he found it hilarious!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. good for you for running outside! and i love smoothies but haven't had one is way to long!

  2. I'm with you - it's time to exercise outside! I've started up again a little bit and it has felt so good, I love fresh air!!

    I want that squirrel clutch! And Nora, those shoes are amazing!

  3. How cute is the squirrel clutch?! That is such a great idea to photo the kids with the stuffed animal over the years.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Elephant on a bicycle? ELEPHANT ON A BICYCLE? Love it!!

  5. Ah! The feather necklace - awesome.

    And what a great running day here in MN today!

  6. Rooster dress!

    I'm so envious that you have good running buddies. I run alone every afternoon... and it's definitely therapeutic but I wish I had some company! Nobody I know likes running :(

  7. I'm highly tempted by the squirrel clutch and the gold/crystal necklace. Pretty!

  8. AW Megan, glad you had fun on Henry's birthday!! :)I love that wooden feather necklace, the t shirt, and pretty much all these favorites! Thank you for including me in your blog today too, I am glad you are enjoying that smoothie its so good. :) Nora I am loving all your favorites too, especially the jewelry so pretty!

    Sara :)
    been working on a new blog...

  9. That mint giraffe planter just made my day. :D

  10. I love that elephant tee! And oh my, Ben is just ADORABLE!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Pizza parties are awesome, so is Spring shopping, and so is that awesome elephant tee :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. That wooden feather necklace is to die for! So cute!

  13. Did someone say smoothies and pizza? I love both. Now I just need to add exercising to that list. HaHaHa I love that rooster dress and floral one is too cute :D

  14. defo pizza parties- I've had a few of these lately and everything else junk whilst away on hols. Lovely post


  15. The clutch is lovely and I love Amy's outfit- so so pretty!x

  16. i love that elephant tee...graphic tees have been at the top of my spring wish list!


  17. Oh I love these choices this time. Everyone of them! Yay!