Wednesday, April 24, 2013

love*birds: 4.24.13

things i am loving this week:
~ dare i say it??? spring might make it to minnesota by the weekend!!! i'm already planning a little barbecue for saturday.
~ watching ben trying to crawl. he is so close! and it is adorable (and sometimes frustrating for both of us) to watch his progress.
~ DIYs. i have been having tons of fun trying to come up with and attempting new DIYs for the blog. i never thought i was a crafty person, but maybe that's because i never really tried before!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
long sleeve tunic

this looks soooooo comfy! i want to wear it every day!

yellow sunglasses

i just found my favorite pair of sunglasses at the bottom of my purse, broken. so, now i need a new pair. these bright, cat eye shades would be perfect!

heart ring

this ring is so dainty and sweet. i love the tiny heart. and it is so cool that it's copper!

zig zag tee

i love a slouchy tee. add a cool pattern and some sheer detail and i'm sold!

polka dot necklace

i love polka dots! i love green! this necklace would be such a fun addition to any outfit!


jaime styles this super cool little black dress (check out that awesome zipper!) two ways in this post. i love how seamlessly she goes from day to night. and the shoes in the night look are adorable!

i talked about amelia's birthday yesterday. here is a photo showing how much she has grown since last year. the photo on the left was taken on her second birthday, and the right on her third. and she's wearing the same dress!

megan bird
mounted air plant
this is like the cruelty-free version of a mounted deer head. i love it. it's so unique, and would make any wall stand out!

vintage belt wrap bracelet
how gorgeous is this bracelet? the belt look is so one-of-a-kind. i'm in love!

vintage high-waisted bikini
getting into a swimsuit of any kind is not something that i look forward to. ever. but this sweet little thing might change my mind. might. i love it!

tribal denim jacket
this isn't your every day denim jacket. denim in front, party in back!! i love that this jacket makes such a great statement when you're walking away!

hand drawn wedges
the shoes alone would be great, but then add this fabulous hand-drawn art to them...masterpiece!!

The DayLee Journal
marsa is wearing my perfect outfit in this post. skinny jeans, striped top, cargo vest and the cutest boots ever. for real, i am copying this outfit. but first i need those boots!

follow along @meglets

eva had to miss her dance party at school because she was home sick; so i promised her one. we blasted the music and danced like fools. the festivities later continued with popsicles for her sore throat. fun was had by all.

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. What great Moms you both are!

    I'm loving tunic and vintage bikini; you'd never get me out of the tunic. (Or into the bikini, lol.)

  2. I saw a DIY for those boots. I think it was on honestly wtf. Your little girl is so cute! You should keep that dress. she won't continue to fit it much longer but every year on her birthday you can have it in the picture with her to show how much she's grown.

  3. i want that tunic! Looks so comfy! and love the daylee journal blog!

  4. Love that dainty ring and the mounted air plant! And yay for spring making its way to you :)

  5. I think I need that heart ring since it goes perfectly with the name of my blog :) A BBQ sounds so fun for the weekend!

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  6. Lovely pics ^^
    I love the ring :)

    New post - Kisses

  7. I am loving the fact that it's going to warm up this weekend too! We're going to barbecue on Sunday!

  8. i'm loving those yellow sunnies and mint polish!

  9. Such great moms you both are. That sounded kind of yoda-ish :) Love those sparkly boots. Might have to think about getting them!

  10. Such a great collection of finds! I want that dress, too! Great for so many things! And I also lurv the mounted plants. AND the zig zag tee.... SWOON.

  11. Cute pics and fab ideas here. I can't decide if I like that over sized Tunic. hmmmmm, I have to think on that one. Pics of Mimi are so funnny!!!

  12. I love the shape of those sunglasses and the color of that nail polish.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Thanks for the feature! There are so many cute things in this post!

  14. Oh Amelia is so cute. I love the heart ring. Have a fun weekend