Wednesday, April 3, 2013

inspiration picture for april 8: jessica alba

the inspiration
jessica alba
everyone is talking about how they really, really, really want spring to be here. so let's force mother nature's hand. peep toes shoes, airy jacket, white bag...bring it spring.

we hope you'll join us next monday, despite what's going on with the weather!! don't know the rules but want to play along? click here for the deets.

in the meantime, keep thinking's bound to happen sometime!

two birds


  1. Haha, I know, spring weather needs to catch up!
    Loooove Jessica's style, its so effortlessly chic :)

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  2. i love jessica alba's style. she always looks so fab while toting her children around. looking forward to wearing a little bit of spring!

  3. what a great look
    can't wait to dig through the closet for this one

  4. Oh I love this one! It's something I could actually do! I have a tan blazer just like that one and I'm always looking for occasions to wear it because it is so comfortable. I'll have to give this look a try :)