Wednesday, April 17, 2013

inspiration picture for april 22: emmy rossum

emmy rossum
in honor of earth day, we thought we would find the brightest, springiest, sunniest outfit we could find. of course we won't be cleaning garbage from park grounds while wearing this, but if the ground is thawed, maybe we will plant a tree. don't worry, we will also clean up garbage, but we'll be wearing sweats while doing that!!

join us by wearing your favorite bright and sunny outfit next monday! we'd love to see your takes. you can also join us in picking up garbage if you want!

want to play along, but don't know the rules? easy peasy, click here to find out!!

two birds


  1. She looks so lovely!

  2. That's an adorable outfit and a wonderful idea; happy Earth Day!

  3. I love Emmy- this outfit and makeup is perfection!

  4. Emmy Rossum wears the cutest things!

  5. how spring of you! can't wait to do this one up!!!