Monday, April 29, 2013

inspiration monday: cleanial

the inspiration
january jones
megan bird

leggings ~ Dots
shirt ~ Marshalls
jacket ~ thrifted
shoes ~ $9.98 Warehouse
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt, vest ~ vintage, thrifted
pants, necklace ~ F21
shoes ~ Crown Vintage, DSW

last thursday, henry had to stay home from school. he caught the strep that eva had a few days before. (thanks, by the way for all of the well wishes.) both kids are now feeling better, but on thursday, henry was still contagious, so he had to stay home from school.

i thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to clean the house and get things done. i was having a shower for my little sister on friday, and needed to clean the house for that. i figured henry would be sleeping and in bed most of the day, so i would have a ton of time to just clean.

well....that didn't happen. i really didn't want to clean. like really didn't want to. i was in cleanial. so here's what i busied myself with instead to avoid it.

~ made a fantastic d.i.y. herb garden planter (post coming up on friday)
~ baked seven-layer bars
~ put on full makeup, even though i wasn't going anywhere
~ tweeted the mayor
~ read a ton of junk on buzzfeed
~ henry and i took desi for a walk to the grocery store (after henry's inoculation period, of course)

then finally, at 4:30, i cleaned; and it wasn't so bad after all. 

and now i have a clean house plus delicious seven-layer bars. also, the mayor tweeted us back, so that was pretty cool!

happy monday!
two birds


  1. You both look HAWT! Love the outfits, and the seven layer bars sound ahhhmazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love the ombre pink tank, I think I have the same one in hot pink! And i really love the heels and vest in the last look! I like that this was more inspired by than copycat, it makes it more "you." (Well, more ya'll since there's two of you!)

  3. Great outfit ladies! HaHa! Loved all the things you did prior to cleaning. Sometimes it's like that.

  4. sounds like a productive day!! you ladies look amazing in those leggings!!

  5. Ha! I totally have days like that. I'll take a Friday off and think, I'll get my cleaning done early so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend...and I'll find a million other things to do instead! Glad both kids are on the mend now.

    Love both of your shoes and your pants Megan!

  6. I would've avoided cleaning too but glad you had a productive day AND a clean house! That is awesome that the mayor tweeted back. Glad both kids are feeling better!

    The Tiny Heart
    $50 Target Giveaway!

  7. That is pretty cool! And the perfect use of a stay at home day, if I do say so myself! I love the vest and the denim jacket ladies!

  8. Glad the kids are feeling better! And you made great use of your time at home :)

    You both look awesome. Nora - I love that lip color on you!!

  9. I love everything about both of your outfits! Going to have to bookmark this for the next time I go out :) It is a great mix of feminine and cute and edgy!

  10. You nailed the outfit! I love the jean jackets, they are fabulous.


  11. Hot birds! Nora, I really like your top. I was going to participate but I would have worn my maternity leather-look leggings. And got depressed that they still fit. Sigh. :)


  12. Haha cleanial! I have that ALL the time. I'm super lazy when it comes to keeping a clean house. sounds like you had a fun day though! You both look super cute as always! I love both of your lacy tops and I love your denim vest nora.

  13. Oh I am SO the queen of procrastination when I don't want to do something! I do that with uploading my recordings from music lessons- it is SUCH a laborious job that I just put it off!
    You look lovely in these outfits- pretty lacy tops!x

  14. LOL.... I probably should have cleaned... instead I went ahead and planted a garden that may not make it through Thursday.
    BUT I do love both of your outfits, ESPECIALLY the shoes.

  15. love the pink, Megan. great girly/edgy mix. and nora, loving those shoes!!! you gals look fab. i was bummed that i wore a very similar outfit last week with leather and lace. haha. so i just linked up a dress and booties this week :)

  16. Whenever I have plans to clean, it never ends up happening. I always procrastinate every which way possible. But the spontaneous cleaning sessions are the best, haha. Love both of your outfits and you both have on some pretty fabulous shoes!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. love the take of both of you did for this outfit! you look great

    Delightful Ideas

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  18. loving both the tops ya'll are wearing and those ankle zip jeans are fabulous

  19. Nora wins this week! Oooops, it isn't a sibling rivalry? Oh, then Nora gets 10 pts and Megan gets 10 pts. hahahahaha. Thanks for fun comments of the weather and the blossoms of springtime. I have spring fever, bad TODAY!

  20. both looks are great :) I liked this week inspiration, I forgot to checked it as I was busy last week. Gonna comeback and check the new inspiration for next week :)

  21. you both look beautiful-love your looks


  22. hello glamorous birds! smoking hot shoes on both of you. what's a seven layer bar? i know what seven layer dip is, but i don't think they are the same thing. are they?