Friday, April 12, 2013

bird.i.y: sticks and yarn will never break your bones

i'm about to share a diy with you. possibly, the worlds easiest diy. i am not a diy person at all, but even i did this. honestly, as long as you have full use of (most of) your fingers, you can do this, too!
to start, you will need a few sticks. yes, sticks. i sent mimi out into the yard to gather a few for me and she had a blast...

once you have the sticks (i used five, in various lengths), find some yarn. i happened to have turquoise, green, and brown, but you can use any colors you have laying around. then just start wrapping the yarn around the sticks. here is a super candid shot of me doing so:
i totally did not put my camera atop ben's overturned easter bucket and set the timer to take this. no way. i was hard at work when some random person took this candid shot.

here was my view from the couch:

(i had to distract you for a second from how horrible i am at diy instructions. did it work???)

making progress...
(p.s. i love that my yarn happens to match one of my favorite pillows! total coincidence!)

once you have all of your sticks wrapped to your liking, now comes the fun part. you could bunch them up and put them in a vase to display them. i tried this, but i didn't have the right vase and i thought it looked funny. so, i decided to make a mobile. this was the tricky part. i wasn't sure what to use at first (i told you i wasn't a diy person!) i tried thread, but it just didn't work. so, i decided i needed wire. i searched through jim's many (seriously, so many!) tool boxes and this is what i came up with...
some wire, some paper clips, a pliers, and wire cutters (which jim later informed me that these are not. they are snippers. who knew?)
clearly not this girl!

okay, so this was the hard part for me. i used the wire and pliers to connect all of the wrapped sticks into a mobile. you can do this really any way you want. i know...great diy instructions, nora. but honestly, if i can do it, so can you. 
another candid shot. they really captured my concentration and attention to detail.

and here's what you've all been waiting for! the final product!

i tried hanging it in many places throughout the house, but eventually decided the front door was best.

 i kind of love it! what do you all think? not bad for the least crafty person ever!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. what a great idea! I love it!!! you could wrap sticks in yard and do so many things with them! so cute!

  2. It is cool! I love the different colored yarn you used. Great job! I couldn't stop laughing at your commentary. Too funny! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the colour combo! (Also love that you are totally flipping us off in the "clearly not this girl" photo!) :)

  4. The end product is so cute!! Also, obsessing over that bright yellow couch...

  5. The project came out cute but I'm distracted by Mimi's adorable neon outfit! Little fashionista in the making :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I think it's super cute! I love all the colors! And trust me, you are not the worst person at DIY - that title belongs to me!

  7. The colors are really fun! Great job on this project! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Your comments on the candids cracked me up!!

  9. That's so great! But the commentary along the way was the best part.:) Love it.

  10. For some reason I can't see the pictures.. and I'm just trying to picture what you're making with sticks and yarn and I'm on the edge of my seat!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. My goodness Nora, that is impressive. I don't do diy and often I skip your diy posts because I don't like to even see the steps cuz I get all muffled in my head. But I read this one and thot 'good on ya'!

    Sorry I mentioned that you guys still don't have spring in my post. I didn't mean to 'rub it in', and I know you were intending it in fun. That is all cool. Oooops, cool and meant to say "neat". hahahha.

  12. Weird, I can't see the pictures either! I thought it was because I'm at work, but they don't work on my phone either.

  13. Really cool. I love your home decor.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Happy Weekend.

  14. Oh cool! I can see the pictures now...Kinda love it? I totally love this. And, your living room just says come on in and visit. It's so cheery! I love it too. Wow, a lot of love going on in this comment.

    Sue xo

  15. Ok Im Really Impressed Here. Stop MinimizingYour Skills. Embrace Your Diy Ability....Love It. Dawn

  16. Adorable babies and adorable DIY ^^

    New post - Kisses

  17. beautiful kids! great job on DIY! xo

  18. very nice craft and amazing kids for sure

    Inside and Outside Blog

  19. Love the great smiles of the children. Great crafting

  20. oh my gosh, that turned out beautifully! dear nora bird, i adore the photos of mimi, ben, and your crafting life. :)