Tuesday, April 30, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): cats anatomy

jeans ~ Ross
shirt, shoes ~ Target
belt ~ Heartbreaker
necklace, earrings ~ F21

this is an actual conversation i had with eva a while ago (mou mou is the name of the last three cats my in-laws have owned).

mama, do you know how we found out mou mou was a boy?
well i'm guessing you saw his penis.
no...we saw his privates.
well a penis is privates.
no mama, we saw the two...
his testicles?
yes, we saw two testicles. and then grandma showed us a picture of a cat's privates and told us that boy cats have two testicles and girl cats have three testicles. (i'm guessing this part did not really happen.)
i don't think that's true, eva. girls don't have testicles.
yeah i know mama, but these are cats!
there you have it, the anatomy of cat. you're welcome.
megan bird

Monday, April 29, 2013

inspiration monday: cleanial

the inspiration
january jones
megan bird

leggings ~ Dots
shirt ~ Marshalls
jacket ~ thrifted
shoes ~ $9.98 Warehouse
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt, vest ~ vintage, thrifted
pants, necklace ~ F21
shoes ~ Crown Vintage, DSW

last thursday, henry had to stay home from school. he caught the strep that eva had a few days before. (thanks, by the way for all of the well wishes.) both kids are now feeling better, but on thursday, henry was still contagious, so he had to stay home from school.

i thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to clean the house and get things done. i was having a shower for my little sister on friday, and needed to clean the house for that. i figured henry would be sleeping and in bed most of the day, so i would have a ton of time to just clean.

well....that didn't happen. i really didn't want to clean. like really didn't want to. i was in cleanial. so here's what i busied myself with instead to avoid it.

~ made a fantastic d.i.y. herb garden planter (post coming up on friday)
~ baked seven-layer bars
~ put on full makeup, even though i wasn't going anywhere
~ tweeted the mayor
~ read a ton of junk on buzzfeed
~ henry and i took desi for a walk to the grocery store (after henry's inoculation period, of course)

then finally, at 4:30, i cleaned; and it wasn't so bad after all. 

and now i have a clean house plus delicious seven-layer bars. also, the mayor tweeted us back, so that was pretty cool!

happy monday!
two birds

Friday, April 26, 2013

bird.i.y: neon cap-toe heels

i have been coveting a pair of cap-toe heels ever since megan bought these ones, but i have yet to buy any. and since i have a closet full of heels, half of which i almost never wear, i thought instead of spending money on a new pair of shoes, i could take a pair i already own and make my own cap-toe heels. or at least try! why not???

here's what you'll need:
~ a pair of heels (or any shoes you want to do this with!)
~ tape
~ a paint brush
~white acrylic paint
~ another color acrylic paint (this will be the color of the toe. i went with bright yellow, for spring!)

first, you will tape off a cap toe at the front of the heel. you can make it any size.

next, paint the toe with a coat of white paint and let it dry.

the white coat took about a half hour to dry. then i painted a couple of coats of the yellow paint.

before the paint dries completely, peel off the tape. if it dries completely first, it could crack and the line might not be straight. and that would be sad. then just let the paint dry.

then just throw these babies on with your favorite jeans and a tee or a cute little dress! i chose the former...

i am not sure how long these will last without a sealing coat of something (any suggestions?) over the toes. i will do this at some point. but for now, i am happy with how they turned out! and i have a new pair of shoes and spent no money! what do you think???

happy friday!
xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, April 25, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): adoption

pants, earrings ~ F21
sweater ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ thrifted

it's funny to me how a child's mind works. my kids are learning new things every day, and things that seem obvious to me, are not always so for them. the other night, as i was putting the kids to bed, henry asked me, "mama, does a baby have to be born to be adopted?" not knowing where the question came from, or why he was asking, i did my very best to answer him. i thought i did a pretty good job, but then he asked, "when did you adopt me?" we didn't, you grew in my belly, we made you ourselves. "yeah, but when did you adopt me?" no henry, we made you, we didn't adopt you. "ok, so what if you decide you want to put me up for adoption?" oh henry, we would never. we love you so so much, and we will always want you. we will always love you, no matter what.

and he finally got it, he understood the process. so of course his last question was, "so, can you adopt me a brother?"

megan bird

ps.  i wore these shoes one day last week as sort of a f-you (pardon) to mother nature. her response was to snow another four inches. i lost.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

inspiration picture for april 29: january jones

the inspiration
january jones
we love the mix of edgy and feminine and day and night in this outfit. while we don't have anything that replicates this ensemble, we both wish we did. and who knows, maybe we will come monday. there's nothing like a cute inspiration to motivate us to shop. (does anyone really need motivation to want to shop???)

so play along and link up with us on monday. we want to see your day, night, work and play versions of this outfit! don't know how to play, click here for the rules!!

two birds

love*birds: 4.24.13

things i am loving this week:
~ dare i say it??? spring might make it to minnesota by the weekend!!! i'm already planning a little barbecue for saturday.
~ watching ben trying to crawl. he is so close! and it is adorable (and sometimes frustrating for both of us) to watch his progress.
~ DIYs. i have been having tons of fun trying to come up with and attempting new DIYs for the blog. i never thought i was a crafty person, but maybe that's because i never really tried before!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
long sleeve tunic

this looks soooooo comfy! i want to wear it every day!

yellow sunglasses

i just found my favorite pair of sunglasses at the bottom of my purse, broken. so, now i need a new pair. these bright, cat eye shades would be perfect!

heart ring

this ring is so dainty and sweet. i love the tiny heart. and it is so cool that it's copper!

zig zag tee

i love a slouchy tee. add a cool pattern and some sheer detail and i'm sold!

polka dot necklace

i love polka dots! i love green! this necklace would be such a fun addition to any outfit!


jaime styles this super cool little black dress (check out that awesome zipper!) two ways in this post. i love how seamlessly she goes from day to night. and the shoes in the night look are adorable!

i talked about amelia's birthday yesterday. here is a photo showing how much she has grown since last year. the photo on the left was taken on her second birthday, and the right on her third. and she's wearing the same dress!

megan bird
mounted air plant
this is like the cruelty-free version of a mounted deer head. i love it. it's so unique, and would make any wall stand out!

vintage belt wrap bracelet
how gorgeous is this bracelet? the belt look is so one-of-a-kind. i'm in love!

vintage high-waisted bikini
getting into a swimsuit of any kind is not something that i look forward to. ever. but this sweet little thing might change my mind. might. i love it!

tribal denim jacket
this isn't your every day denim jacket. denim in front, party in back!! i love that this jacket makes such a great statement when you're walking away!

hand drawn wedges
the shoes alone would be great, but then add this fabulous hand-drawn art to them...masterpiece!!

The DayLee Journal
marsa is wearing my perfect outfit in this post. skinny jeans, striped top, cargo vest and the cutest boots ever. for real, i am copying this outfit. but first i need those boots!

follow along @meglets

eva had to miss her dance party at school because she was home sick; so i promised her one. we blasted the music and danced like fools. the festivities later continued with popsicles for her sore throat. fun was had by all.

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): my mimi

sweater~ Theory via b. (a resale shop)
jeans~ H&M
sandals/socks (thanks for the inspo, kq)~ Target
necklace~ F21

well, mimi's birthday was on sunday and i am now officially the mother of a three-year-old. for some reason, three seems so much older than two. two-year-olds still have chubby fingers and feet, baby voices, and need help with almost everything. practically overnight, mimi seems to have grown a foot and her body has lost most of it's baby fat. she looks like a big kid now. and she can put on her own shirt and stand on one foot like a flamingo (trust me, these are both a big deal.) it's bittersweet. my baby is growing up, becoming her own person, distancing herself a (tiny) bit from me and jim, becoming more independent. it is sad in a way, but i also love seeing her grow and bloom and flourish. i love seeing the girl she is becoming. i love that she is finding her own interests. she loves to read, she loves doing art projects, she loves batman (sometimes most of the time, she is batman. seriously. i call her mimi and she looks at me like i am crazy and says, "um, i'm not mimi. i'm batman.") she loves star wars. (okay, so some of these interests are heavily influenced by a certain parent...*cough cough*...jim.) she loves to sing and dance. she dresses herself now and almost always wears her rain boots, even on the sunniest days. she is so beautiful and so smart and so funny and surprises me every day with the things she says. and, yes, she is growing up, but she will always be my sweet, baby girl. i love her so so so much. i am so lucky and so happy and so blessed that she was brought into my world three years ago. she made me a mommy, and that is my absolute favorite thing to be!

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, April 22, 2013

inspiration monday: sick kids and inventory

the inspiration
emmy rossum
megan bird

skirt ~ H&M
shirt ~ TJ Maxx
shoes, belt ~ Target
earrings ~ from nora
tights ~ Marshalls

nora bird

blazer ~ vintage, thrifted
shirt ~ from megan
skirt ~ H&M
boots ~ Alloy

saturday night, eva started getting sick. poor kid freaked me out with a 104 fever, and i was up every two hours making sure she was ok. i took her to the minute clinic on sunday, and within two minutes of being there, they confirmed what i already knew...she has strep. so, a sick kid, paired with an overcast day and an extremely tired mom meant i was not going to get some of the wedding things done that i had planned for the day. however, with so few weekends left before the wedding, and that anxious feeling of a huge to do list, i knew i had to do something. so i set off to do something that i hadn't realized needed to be done...i removed savers and arc stickers from all of the items i had bought, and took inventory.

holy smokes, you guys, do we have a lot. granted, we need a lot, but when i actually took the time to organize it and count it, i was both overwhelmed and relieved to know the sheer amount of items we have will be enough. i knew how many bottles and tins we needed, and we have more than enough. i also knew how many table cloths we needed, and now know we need more. so i feel accomplished, even though i didn't really do much at all.

also, who knew...but my thumb and index finger are so sore from the constant rubbing of gooey sticker tags off of bottles and votives. occupational hazard, i guess!

also also, just to give you an idea of what i mean by "sheer amounts", i won't give you the whole list of inventory, but i will tell you that we are the proud owners of 100+ bottles and jars, 60+ vintage tins, 25 candy jars and 30 vintage plates. i might need to start a wedding decorating business after the wedding. two birds event designs? book us now for your party!

xoxo, two birds