Thursday, March 21, 2013

thursday remix: sister style

ugh. you guys, i am feeling blah. blah blah blah. perhaps it's the weather. the first day of spring has come and gone and, yet, it definitely does not feel like spring around here. maybe it is because i skipped the gym yesterday and, instead, decided to bake and eat chocolate chip cookies with mimi and our dear friend, ryan. don't get me wrong. it was fun (not to mention delicious!) but skipping a day at the gym always makes me feel sluggish and just all around yucky. it could possibly be because ben is going through a growth spurt (seriously, that kid is going to be 40 pounds by age one!) and has been waking up very very early to eat, leaving me tired all day long. or maybe i'm just going through a general "blah" period. who knows? but i really hope it passes soon. i plan on having a good workout and, possibly (hopefully!), a nap today. and if one of you could send some warm weather this way, that would be seriously awesome!  if none of that works, perhaps a little shopping is in order this weekend. shopping always perks me up...and, i mean, i'm going to need spring clothes eventually, right?

megan chose this adorable shirt for this week's remix. she thrifted it, people! she is the best thrifter i know. i never find stuff this cute. this is such a great piece. i can see wearing it all year round. if megan lets me, i will be borrowing it a lot! let us know what you think!

nora bird

shirt~ thrifted
blazer~ vintage, thrifted
jeans~ Gap
shoes~ thrifted
ring~ H&M

megan bird

shirt ~ thrifted
jeans ~ Ross
shoes ~ Jessica Simpson, b. (a resale shop)
tank ~ thrifted
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ F21

xoxo, two birds


  1. It sounds like several things. Hang in there! Things will change. You'll see. They always do. That top has such a romantic appeal. Looks lovely!

  2. So cute on both of you! Sending you some sunshine, N! xo

  3. Super cute shirt! And wonderful ways to wear it - both tucked and untucked! And I feel you Nora, it has been a blah sort of week - but hey the sun is at least shining again today even if it is cold! Hugs to you pretty mama!

  4. Cute! I need to take thrifting lessons from Megan, clearly. :)

  5. You both look great and I think even if you feel blah, you guys are rocking cute Spring looks! You will feel better after a workout and a nap, it sounds like what I need too, lol. :)

  6. It looks like a totally different shirt! Ahhh, the transformative power of the blazer!

    I'm feeling the same way - seeing the forecast for the next week and it's allllll still wintery is depressing.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt and it looks like 2 different shirts the way you both styled it!! I am IN LOVE with Megan's shoes! (Could be the obsession I have with Jessica Simpson shoes!)

  8. Feeling kinda blah too...I think it's the weather. When the sun is shining and it's warm, I'm always in a better mood. Love the pretty lace on that top!

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  9. I lurv how you both wore it! The jacket makes it look so polished, and alone it's so boho!
    She is an excellent thrifter. I do not have the same skills!

  10. It looks like a completely different shirt on both of you! So pretty though, what an awesome thrift find!!

  11. LOVE the cute lil' blazer!!

  12. i hear you on the blah feeling this week! i am ready for maxi dresses and warm weather! nora you look SOOO good in flared jeans! and i love your hair!

  13. Loving both outfits but I want to try the wider jeans myself .

  14. i think i'm in love with that blouse. you both look very lovely in it. don't we all have our blah days? now i want some chocolate chip cookies. ;)