Thursday, March 7, 2013

thursday remix: sister style

ben was sick and teething super bad last week and thursday was definitely the worst of it. he was having a really rough day. he couldn't keep anything down and was so sad and so tired and in such pain from teething. i felt horrible the poor little guy. by the time jim got home, i was exhausted and not really thinking straight. i handed over the kids and went to make dinner. i had decided to make a pasta dish with a mornay sauce (which is just a fancy name for cheese sauce) and when you make a mornay, you are supposed to start with a roux. well, in my state of exhaustion, i forgot about that little (extremely important) step and ended up with a terrible, disgusting, sticky mess of cheese. i was almost in tears not only because i messed up dinner, but also from trying to clean it out of the pan. finally, i threw down my ruined dish wand and gave up. jim took over doing the dishes and after a while of him scrubbing i heard him say, "i know!" and run into the basement. he returned to the kitchen and resumed his work. he seemed to be making progress and i was very curious. that's when i walked into the kitchen to find him scraping out the pans with a paint scraper. yes, i had made such an impossible mess that my husband had to do the dishes with a paint scraper. it was a first and, hopefully, a last!

for the remix this week, megan chose this cute vest that she made by cutting the sleeves off of a shirt my sister had given her. i love it. it is a nice, lightweight material, perfect for throwing on over just about anything. and i like that it adds a little ruggedness to an outfit. here's what we each did with it. let us know what you think!

nora bird

vest~ shirt from Kristin, arms cut off
dress~ Old Navy
necklace~ petit oiseau
tights~ Target
booties~ F21

megan bird

vest ~ shirt from Kristin, arms cut off

blouse ~ TJ Maxx
pants ~ F21
booties ~ Shoedazzle
necklace ~ gift from mother-in-law
bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ from nora

have a great day!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Recently I was trying to melt some almond butter in the microwave and ended up charring it into oblivion and permanently staining the bowl I was using. We had to scrape off the char with our fingernails and it left this strange brown spot on the bowl!

    I never would have guess that vest used to be a shirt! It looks amazing as a vest.

  2. Aw poor Ben - hope he's doing better! Cooking can be such a nightmare sometimes :) LOVE both of these looks - that striped dress is SO fun and I love the black and bright blue!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. What a great way to update a shirt and I love that dress.

  4. Nora - your bright stripes are making me dream of spring!

    Great looks girls.:)

  5. Poor Ben :( I've definitely cooked some things that were SO hard to clean afterwards. I love how you cut the sleeves off the makes a great vest!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I've been wanting a vest like that for a while. It's such a great basic you can wear with just about anything (as you ladies demonstrated) and look effortlessly chic. I love how differently you wore it. Definitely some very cool looks! Sorry about your sick babe! And dinner...oofta sounds like one of those days. Hoping it got better for you :) Aren't husbands the greatest? haha.

  7. What a darling dress Nora! I love the colors. So bright and makes me excited for Spring.

  8. Nora, I'm in love with your dress! Love the bright colors!

  9. Wow, that sounds like quite a mess in the pot! I love that he used a paint scraper!!

    I love this vest you guys are rocking, what a great way to reuse a shirt! And PS Nora, I totally have that ON dress in purple/blue.

  10. I hate feeling frazzled like that, I hope things improved after the cooking mishap! That vest is great, and I love both of your styles with it!

  11. Oh My Goodness, that was a bit of a mess then, eh!

    No worries, things happen, and your hubs is sweet to understand.

    You gals both look cute today.

    Sue x

  12. Love the idea of you both wearing the same item in different ways! Cute! Love your dress, Nora, and love your bootis, Megan!

    Sincerely, Sara

  13. love love those stripes!!!!

    looking fab as usual ladies!


  14. lovin al the colours in nora's outfits
    the fringe is megan's outfit is awesome too

  15. i hope your baby feels better soon. it's horrible when they go through that. my mind would've been divided to. you have an awesome husband. really cute outfits.

  16. Poor Ben and poor shattered you! That's horrid! I do hope you will get some sleep! Oh dear re the cheese!?! I remember having to wash up aluminium pans that had had potato dauphinoise for 150 people a couple of years ago and NOTHING shifted the burnt on cheese except hacking at it with a metal stripper!x
    How cool is your stripy top Nora, I want to eat you, it looks like candy!

  17. Gorgeous!! Love the snow.

  18. Girls I just love your blog- your both so cool and beautiful !!! It's really great to read


  19. hahaha, I love the back-hoe in the pic with Nora. The vest looks awesome on both of you while being entirely different looks. You two are definitely creative fashionista-birds.

  20. beautiful birds in beautiful outfits! i like the cut off sleeves vest. paint scraper at least it did the job. it's nice when i'm frustrated that someone else can help me through it. :)

  21. Megan I love the pants and your hair looks gorgeous! And Nora that dress is so fun, I love how you dressed it down with the vest. This vest seriously is perfect, I love it!
    And that cheesy mess sounds like something that would happen to me lol which is why I don't cook a whole lot. At least you have a good hubby to help you scrape it out! :) haha