Tuesday, March 5, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): "you go girl" day

dress ~ Nordstrom Rack
socks ~ F21
boots ~ 6pm.com
earrings ~ F21

i am trying to feel more comfortable in tighter clothing. let me clarify...tighter tops. not that i want to wear belly bearing tight shirts...but i am trying to force myself a little bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to dressing up. after having two kids, tight shirts just aren't part of my sartorial repertoire, and i am trying to go for the "you work hard on your health and fitness, you should be happy with your body" sort of attitude. it's slow coming. 

i am not writing this to get compliments, i am just trying to tell you my thought process for buying this dress. for some reason, even though it's super loose on the top, i somehow feel like it's getting me one step closer to wearing more form fitting tops. who knows. i don't even know if this post makes sense. basically i just want to say to everyone, love your body for what it is and show it off every once in a while. no matter what size you are, how long your legs are, how big your hips are, you are beautiful.

you will probably still never see me wearing a super tight top. and if you do, it probably means i didn't have to sit down all day. however, this dress is definitely out of my comfort zone, and i wore it anyways. and not only did i just wear it, but i wore it to celebrate my birthday, and i went dancing...i went dancing at a club full of 21 year olds, and i was ok with it (even though i am old enough to be their mother)!

do you have any items in your closet that are out of your comfort zone? i say we start a "wear something you want but don't feel comfortable normally wearing" day. of course, we'd have to come up with a better name.

megan bird 


  1. You did your thing here!! I love it and right on for telling and owning your truth in this post!!

    Love it....I hear you girl!

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you! Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone...work it, girl!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. good for you for going out of your comfort zone - that dress looks great - i love the off the shoulder!!

  4. The dress is such a cool and interesting shape! And I LOVE your new(ish) bangs! So jealous!

  5. Love this on you! You look smokin'! I need to start wearing more showy things too. I have nothing in my closet!

  6. that dress looks great on you! it's sexy! hahaha oh yes, i've definitely had to warm up to different items. it's really worth it though. you never know unless you step out of your comfort zone.

  7. Megan, you are glowing! So beautiful. This dress is super cute and sexy at the same time :) And boots with socks are always a YES in my book!

    I used to not fear wearing anything... that was before the real world... so I definitely have some showy items for the weekends or more fashion forward things I'm not as comfortable wearing to work!

  8. This looks fantastic on you! Great for a night out of celebrating!

    I do relate on the wearing something out of your comfort zone though - I used to hide from my curves and never wore things that accented my waist, but I'm getting braver about doing it!

  9. You are lovely, and this dress looks great on you! Good for you for pushing your boundaries- I think all of us could use a little of that sometimes.

  10. I've started to realize how comfortable and stylish loose tops are. I want to make sure my tops are cut right but I don't like the look of body hugging tops anymore. Maybe dresses... but not tops.

    7% Solution​

  11. SUPER cute dress! Every day should be "you go girl" day!!!!!

    Pearls & Paws

  12. Megan, I love the last seductive expression pic at the end. I have many things that are out of my comfort zone. I am very modest. That is my hangup.

  13. Megan you look simply fantastic; whether you were looking for compliments or not.

    I don't currently have anything in my closet that pushes my boundaries but will be making over a skirt to *gasp* make it shorter.

  14. Megan, I love your new hair! It's hot! And so are you! I agree with the showing off your body every once in a while thing. We should be proud. You should be proud, you look amazing! And there's no way you're old enough to be a 21-year-old's mother!

  15. This DOES sound like a "why" day! I'm all for trying something a little out of the norm for us. It's good to stretch. I didn't want to wear the hat that night but I made myself simply because I wanted to be the kind of person who doesn't care what anyone thinks about what I wear. I"m not there yet. It's a work in progress! I like this dress and I like it with the boots and kudos for you for wearing it on your night out! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  16. what a great little sexy dress, love the graphic pattern

  17. Of course you look great! It's a sassy dress. I think what you need is a wrap type shirt! A little more fitted, but with gathering to help you feel little more covered. :-)

  18. You look incredible! I love this look on you! You go girl!

  19. Good for you Megan! You DO look fabulous in that dress...and I love it with those socks/boots...so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. fabulous outfit, and fabulous philosophy! i applaud the comfort and the style.