Wednesday, March 20, 2013

love*birds: 3.20.13

things i am loving this week:
~ on friday, there will be exactly three months until i get married. three months. it's time to bust out the spray paint because i have a lot of crafting to do.
~ speaking of wedding crafting, i finished a main project...the backdrop for our altar (you can see a sneak peek here). i can't wait to see it up!
~ the thought of patio parties. we are already planning a few. if it's going to be cold, i can at least dream about when it won't be!!
~ "yes to" blueberries products. i just ordered a ton of serums and eye creams by this brand. it's almost 100% natural, paraben free, smells delicious and actually works. i plan to look at least five years younger by the time i get married!
~ my son is inviting a girl to his birthday party. i know that might not sound like a big deal, but he is one of those 'legos, football, thinks girls have germs' sort of boys. so the fact that he is inviting a girl makes me a little bit giddy!
~ nora mentioned yesterday that we are finalists in in the Simon Style Setter contest. we're pretty excited to be considered. feel free to help out and vote for us here! (thanks to everyone who has voted so far!)

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
goblin armchair
i don't think i need to tell you why i love this chair...just look at it. it's everything i want in a chair...cozy, unique, colorful, vintage-y. i am smitten.

vintage chevron dress
will we ever get sick of chevron? i don't see it happening, especially when it's on such a cute and colorful dress.

antiqued feather ring
i think this ring is gorgeous. i love the detail, and it's so unique!

vintage maxi dress
my goal for the summer is to have a back that allows me to wear dresses like this all the time. my second goal is to not have to wear a bra with said dresses. one of those goals is achievable, i won't say which one.

arrow hoop earrings
i am not one who wears small earrings..ever. i love a nice statement earring, and what better way to make a statement than these beauties!!

jenny of jenny highsmith has on the best mix of feminine and casual and pretty and cool in this perfect outfit. i love the lace collar paired with the leather jacket!

eva had "wacky day" at school last week. aside from the boots and the headband, this is pretty much what she wears every day.

nora bird
pink chiffon dress

i love a dress that can be easily dressed up or down. this dress is the perfect example of that! i love the sweet shade of pink, the colorblocking, and the accordion pleats.

silver statement necklace

what a gorgeous, handmade necklace. i love the angel wing-like pattern. this piece is sure to make a statement!

vintage cat eye frames

i dream of owning a really great pair of vintage glasses. these frames are seriously amazing.

um, i am pretty sure ben needs this coat. and while we are at it, i think mimi should have this one.

a ring that looks like the night sky! what a beautiful piece!


Abi, The Belated Bloomer, is making me crave springtime in this outfit. i just love her mix of patterns and her cool statement necklace!


if you squint and look really close, you can see ben's first two teeth. he is so proud!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. Great picks (especially that chair OMG!) and love the backdrop you made!

  2. There is LOTS to love here! That chair, that chevron sundress.........EEEKKKK! Both perfection!

  3. I love the chair and that pink chiffon dress! So pretty. And how exciting that your wedding is so close... I bet you are all sorts of nervous and excited :) Can't wait to see all the DIY touches you add to the big day.

  4. So fun to see that you guys are in the lead!

    And I love that you're crafting so much of your wedding. I'm sure it'll be amazing.

  5. Planning a wedding is so exciting! Wow, it's almost here! I love that pink pleated dress!

  6. I can't believe how close your wedding is getting Megan!! So exciting! And I pretty much think you need that chair. For real.

    Nora I love the coat for Ben, he would look super cute!!

    I am loving the sun today - it might not be warm, but at least it looks happy outside!

  7. OK I am obsessing over that altar backdrop - so gorgeous! So excited for you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. LOVE that vintage maxi dress and that little rabbit coat... OMGEEEEEEEEEEE so cute haha!

  9. The wedding is getting close, SO exciting! You have to get the adorable rabbit coat for Ben!

    The Tiny Heart
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  10. I love Wednesdays! It's like sitting down for coffee with you both, and getting to know you better.

    Sue xo

  11. I love these posts. Mostly because i want everything in them, lol. Wow 3 months until the big day! So exciting!

  12. That chair is so pretty! Also, 3 months- how exciting!

  13. That rabbit coat is so frickin' cute. I love it! I also pinned that chair because it's the best chair ever. And, if that chevron dress were in my size, I'd buy it and love it forever. It's amazing.

  14. Oh so much love here today! I LOVE IT! Nora, first thing. Your instagram user won't let me make a comment. So I liked it but I wanted to say that that little face of Ben's is so dang cute!!!!

  15. I look forward to this particular post every week. You two introduce me to so many cool and quirky things. BTW, i too would love to wear that fancy-backed maxi dress, but there is NO way I will ever be able to go braless. Boo!

  16. Great picks for the week...I can't choose a favorite.
    I love the snaps of the kiddos...adorable!
    Happy wedding crafting!

  17. ooo that chair, and darling rabbit coat! totally cute little one instas, and the wedding altar looks very cool. :)