Monday, March 4, 2013

inspiration monday: the royal treatment

the inspiration
hilary duff
megan bird

jeans ~ Ross
sweater ~ Dots
booties ~ ShoeDazzle
earrings ~ gift from mother-in-law

nora bird

shirt~ H&M
jeans~ thrifted
necklace~ gift from Jim, Etsy
boots~ ShoeDazzle
sunglasses~ Target

i am writing this post on sunday morning because i know i probably won't have time before monday....because now, chris' birthday week has begun. we are starting it off right by going to the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience, and then to my parents' to have dinner with the whole family. ok, dinner is to belatedly celebrate my birthday, but family time is always fun, so chris is happy about it.

so this morning, before wine tasting drinking copious amounts of really expensive wine, i am going to decorate chris' car with lots of pom poms and maybe a dashboard hula dancer. and then i will run to the store so i can buy plenty of delicious and fancy breakfasts to make each morning this week. i told you, we do birthdays big around here. i am even going to have the kids try to design a tattoo for chris so he can get one, too. how cool would it be to have your kids' artwork forever etched on your body? (i guess depending on what they draw, it might not be that cool.) so if anyone has any fun and quirky birthday celebration ideas, send them this way. it's chris' week to be treated like a king.

i hope you are all treated like kings and queens this week!!
happy monday!
two birds



  1. Sounds like he is going to have a great birthday week! I love that so much thought is put into it :).

    Love the outfits too!

    Have a great week.

  2. Wow! You really do make birthdays a big-time deal! I'm lucky if I get dinner out :-)

    P.S. I think your link-up tool is set to start at 10:00 PM today...

  3. love hillary duff! she always has great style and love ur take on this! classic!

    XO Meghan

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  5. I think it's so fun that you celebrate birthdays all week long! I want to see a photo of Chris' decorated car :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I always love stretching bday celebrations as long as possible. And I love both of your looks today!

  7. I know all about birthday celebrations! We celebrate Birthday MOnths over here!! Hahhaha, I think we just like any excuse to celebrate!

  8. Yay for another birthday week! Happy birthday Chris!!

    I love both of your outfits - Megan I should have just worn stripes, I didn't have the shirt I wanted clean today so I just didn't do it, but stripes would have worked too! Nora, I love the key on your necklace!

  9. Oh my goodness - I LOVE the way you celebrate birthdays! Sounds amazing - hope you have so much fun :) And you both look too cute, love the chunky sweater and that adorable polka dot top!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. hahaha! i saw the results on instagram. so funny! happy birthday chris! love your outfits ladies.

  11. I wanna have birthday week with you! Just don't make me get a tat of any sort please.

    You gals both look cute and fresh in your inspiration outfits. Love 'em both.

    Sue xo

  12. Sounds like fun! I love the tattoo idea.
    Have a great week x

  13. I love that you guys go all out for birthday celebrations and really try to make one another feel special! Have fun drinking wine :) Cheers!

  14. Birthday week?! I love that you celebrate each other all week long! So fun! I think the idea of the kids' artwork tattoo is really cool - I've never seen anything like that!

  15. Megan... I need your sweater and Nora... I need your booties! Such cute looks!

    Happy Birthday week to Chris!!!!!!

  16. Thank you for viewing and commenting on my blog. Your blog is very interesting and I'm looking forward to more posts.

  17. Man Megan I love your birthday week idea! So fun and so nice of you / him and everyone involved. I both of your outfits.

    Thanks for hosting your blog hop again! Glad to be here.

  18. love nora's key necklace! I agree that hilary can be a great fashion icon.

  19. Awwww, how lovely- happy birthday to Chris!!! Great minds think alike Megan with stripes!!!! I love the snuggly jumper and the funky boots and I love the top Nora!!

  20. Again, you both look great...snazzy even! You are both rocking the boots!

    A birthday week sounds like a great idea; how about a cold brew waiting for him after his shower...and then a nice long massage?

  21. I love a good b'day week!
    Hope it is fabulous
    You both have cute looks today.
    Love those low cut boots, so cute and speaks to my inner cowgirl

  22. what's shoedazzle? both of your boots from there are fabulous supreme! happy birthday to your chris. i know you'll make it special. i hope you share the drawings that will become the tattoo. :)

  23. Great spotty top with the key necklace :)

  24. You both did an awesome job with this.

  25. Happy Birthday to Chris! Have a fun week of celebrations :)
    I love what both of you did with the inspirations. Megan's looks cozy and Winter friendly and Nora's looks fun and ready for Spring!

  26. Hi Megan and Nora,

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today and commenting :) I'm glad you enjoyed the Spring Fling post :D As for the outfits, stripes, dots, and speckled patterns are definitely on my list of favorites! I love your blog too so I'm your newest follower. Would you consider ff. my blog too? If yes, that would be so lovely!

    Have a beautiful week,