Monday, March 18, 2013

inspiration monday: outfit envy

the inspiration
kate hudson
megan bird

shirt, shoes, bracelet ~ thrifted
jacket ~ Target
jeans ~ Old Navy
earrings ~ Miz Outlet

nora bird

jacket~ thrifted
shirt~ Old Navy, hand-me-down from megan
jeans~ Zara via b. (a resale shop)
boots~ Bamboo
sunglasses~ jim's

i have a slight obsession. when i see someone looking super cute in an outfit, i want to look super cute in that outfit. i think that's a pretty natural reaction, no? my problem is that even if i know i won't look super cute in that outfit, i try it anyways. and if it doesn't work, i blame the article of clothing (even though deep down i know it's really me) and try to buy another article of the same clothing, but a little different...hoping that that slight change will make me look just like the super model (or actress, blogger, friend, or sister) who was originally wearing the outfit. and this, my friends, is why i own three pairs of wide-leg jeans and never wear any of them. i blame nora because she looks so darn cute in hers.

is anyone else guilty of this behavior?

two birds


  1. ha!...guilty;) but i usually just rock it anyways, even if it is not model perfect! new to your blog and glad to have found your stylish spot on the web:)
    enjoy your day,

  2. That happens to me too :) And I also never wear my wide leg jeans, skinny jeans are much more practical! Loved the outfits and the inspiration, you both look great :)

  3. I love these looks...the jeans are perfection and the red lip/red shades are just the exclamation point!!

    Happy Monday!! Is it coffee time yet?

  4. No don't blame yourself- it's totally the clothes!!! I love the cropped motorcycle jacket - and I loooove Kate Hudson - she is all over the map with her style but always looks gorgeous!

    Pearls & Paws

  5. i love kate hudson! you both look so cute in your flared jeans!!

  6. Definitely guilty of the same thing...sometimes it's hard to accept that every type of clothing won't look good on you...booo! But you both look fabulous...those jeans elongate both of your legs and lovin' the leather jacket :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Yep, I have definitely tried looks that I've seen on other people and then been like, nope this does not work for me! You both look cute in your jeans and I love both of your cute jackets!

  8. I have the same issue - but I've never seen you look anything but fantastic (at least from what you've shown here on the blog!!).:)

  9. Haha, I'm the same way! I convince myself it must be the item of clothing and I need to upgrade. I think you both look adorable, and wide-leg jeans are the best in my opinion!!

  10. I am guilty of that also.

    Great outfits! Jeans with a white blouse is one of my favourite classic looks.

  11. I love both of your outfits. And I am enamored with Megan's red lips!!

  12. LOVE both of your jackets. holy amazing! Looking great ladies!

  13. I think you both look cute. And every so once in a while I see someone in a high-waisted style that makes me think I can pull it off. NOPE.

  14. completely guilty here. megan both you and nora look cute, so there you go. :)

  15. I do the same thing! But being petite there's definitely a lot of things I just can't pull off. Love both of your leather jackets!

    The Tiny Heart
    Avon Giveaway!

  16. I do the same also but as I get older I realise that definitely some outfits do not suit me

  17. AH! Lemme have both of your jackets, kay?! Love this on oth of you - very casual cool. Your inspiration is always so fun to see everyone's take on

  18. You guys and your adorable crop-jackets and pops of red with the lippy and the sunnies! Squeee!

    I do the same thing! I think mostly with shoes. I hate it when I see someone wear cute heels, but when I try mine on I look high-maintenance and then I try to figure out what in the hell I did different.

  19. But you both look adorable in your outfits!

  20. a ...yes, Megan. That is just how we females are. We dress for each other not for our men. If I dressed for my man I would be in a sheer blouse and a mini skirt all day long. hahahahaha. I love how you two look today. I will be linking up tomorrow. I had to post LL today cuz he is so dang cute!!!!!!!

  21. I think you both look darn cute in your jackets! LOVE both of your outfits.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. What Megan? Before I even read what you said I was going to tell you how good you look in those jeans! I can't pull off the wide leg look so well but you both sure do! And I love that you both wore leather jackets :) So cute!

  23. oh YES! i definitely do the same thing. hahaha one outfit does not fit ALL. love the leather jacket ladies.

  24. Actually, you both look super darn cute in your wide legged jeans!

    Sue xo

  25. I do the same thing. You both nails this outfit

  26. this was a fun inspiration and not i look i would have ever worn on my own
    ya'll both did a great job
    as my day of sandal is over now!
    please come back warm weather

  27. Lovely takes on the inspiration look :)

    Away From The Blue