Monday, March 25, 2013

inspiration monday: junk weekend

the inspiration
nikki reed
megan bird

pants ~ F21
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
tank, earrings ~ hand-me-down
blazer ~ Kohls

nora bird

jacket/necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shrt ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ swapped
booties ~ Sam Edelman, gift
when i decided to eat cheez-its and pretzels for dinner on saturday night, i figured why not go for broke and make it a whole junk weekend. so i watched two of the worst movies i have ever seen (one day and rock of ages), ate provolone cheez-its for dinner, hot and spicy cheez-its for breakfast and took sunday off from working out. if it's going to be bad, you might as well make it as bad as possible, right?

fyi, if you want a really good laugh and a lot of cringe-worthy embarrassment, watch rock of ages. the musical scene between russell brand and alec baldwin almost makes your loss of 90 minutes worth it. seeing tom cruise's but cheeks, however, kind of ruined my weekend.

how was your weekend?
two birds


  1. Love how Nora's shirt is tied - and that metallic jacket of Ms Reed is just fabulous, I want one!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Oh gosh. I'll be sure not to watch any of those, haha.

    I completely agree. If you're going to have a junk good weekend, might as well go all out ;)

    Love the outfits!

  3. Love your looks and the necklaces :)

  4. Haha, completely agree!! I had a junk weekend myself. Once you start, what's the point of turning around?! I haven't seen Rock of Ages (I kind of refuse) but that scene may be worth it...

    You both look cute as ever! Love your necklaces :)

  5. Great inspiration look! Love both takes on it. Both jackets are really cute and I love the wedge heels!

  6. HaHaHa! I refuse to watch Rock of Ages! HaHaHa I know it's a catastrophe. Love your outfits! That necklace is gorgeous and love your jacket.

  7. I will own up to having seen Rock of Ages in the theatre...I just can't resist musicals, but I too wish I could "un-see" the scene with Tom Cruise...but the one with Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand does sort of help!

    I love both of your jackets!!

  8. Haha! I actually loved Rock of Ages since I'm a huge fan of 80s rock music! Your junk food weekend sounds heavenly :)

    The Tiny Heart
    $50 PayPal Giveaway!

  9. Oooooh junk food weekend! Sounds awesome! I love both of your blazers/cardigans! So pretty!

  10. Wow, you both really nailed the inspiration look! I basically eat junk food every weekend, it makes eating healthy during the week more tolerable!

  11. You did an amazing job with the inspiration outfit! I don't think I have much with a metallic sheen to it... Might have to FIND something.
    And yum, cheez its and bad movies. Not a thing wrong with that.

  12. Both of you look so great! And rocking some amazing wedged shoes :) I try to eat healthy all the time, but for some reason, pizza is just the best and easiest on the weekends... sigh.

  13. You gals are just too both outfits! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Rock of Ages was a terrible movie! Cheez-its sound pretty good, though.

  15. Megan! You are so hilarious. All that junk food and two crappy movies, but TC's butt cheeks ruined it all? hahahahahaha.

    So glad you are having a Photo Booth at your wedding. You will love it!!!

    I love your necklace and Nora's sweater!

  16. Funky shoes! I love the jackets too! I've not seen any of those films, I don't really get to see movies often! Maybe I should!x

  17. I love Cheetos! I've given crisps up for Lent so now thinking of them!

  18. Oh one day made me so mad!! Grr. And Rock of Ages was funny but yes, totally stupid. I totally do the thing where one bad food choice leads to a night of binging....Haha.
    I love that you both had something sparkly to wear! I wish I had a sequined blazer! How fun. Love megans necklace And the way Nora tied her shirt up!

  19. I am with you girl
    If you are going off the wagon, go full force

  20. You both look WAY better than the inspiration picture and I love, adore, and lust after the triple rosette necklace!

  21. i need to try provolone cheeze-its! yum!! and megan LOVE that necklace!

  22. Nice job ladies! Nikki Reed is exquisite and definitely inspirational. Job well done at recreating the look :)

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  24. niki reed looks so different than her Thirteen (movie) days! I love how you've both styled the cropped blazers, it's a cute look I might have to borrow for spring :)

    Also I had to laugh at your cheez-it weekend, we ALL have those at some point!

  25. what i'm loving about both outfits? the shoes! great shoes here!

    rock of ages was a tripp!! it only held my attention because i knew all the songs...all my favorites, haha!