Friday, March 29, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): inconvenient

top ~ Nordstrom Rack
pants ~ Marshalls
booties ~ Target
necklace ~ F21
earrings ~ Miz Outlet

do you ever go to a store (let's just say target) and pay for everything, get everything bagged up, pack up and are almost out the door when you remember that you forgot something on your list? i do it all the time; mainly because i never write down an actual list and i think i will remember everything off the top of my head. plus, i am not a list shopper – i go in hungry and make up meals as i stroll through the aisles. and then i buy some shoes, too. anyways, that's besides the point. my point is, what do you do when you have paid and (almost) left and realized you forgot something? because the rational thing to do would be to go back, while you're there, and get that other item. but i never do. ever. i think it's too inconvenient, which is funny because leaving the store, and having to come back again to buy that item, in theory, is way more inconvenient than buying it then and there.

but then again, maybe i'm just looking for another reason to go to target more pair of shoes!

what do you do?
happy friday!!
megan bird

ps. happy birthday to our little sister, izzy bird! we love you!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

thursday remix: sister style

i have worked in restaurants, on and off, for most of my adult life. because of this, i have met lots and lots of people, both customers and fellow employees. and because of that, i sometimes see people that i recognize but i cannot place why or from where. this can, very often, make for awkward moments. take last night for example. a friend of mine and i met for a drink and a bite to eat at a new restaurant we had been wanting to check out. we sat at the bar, ordered a glass of wine and a salad, and were having a great time. at some point, i looked into the open kitchen and saw a face i recognized. i knew we had worked together...i even knew where...but i couldn't remember his name. luckily, it was a place where both jim and i had worked, so i had a brilliant idea. brilliant! i would take his picture and send it to jim! jim would know his name! i made my friend pretend to pose and i started taking photos with my phone. but the chef kept moving around and i couldn't get the shot. so, of course, i just kept trying. i thought i was being sly, but at some point (about 10 pictures in) one of the other cooks totally called me out. he walked up and asked, "ma'am, would you like me to take a picture for you? are you trying to take a picture of nick?" i tried to laugh it off and act like i was obviously just taking a picture of my friend, but they knew. oh, they knew, alright. and then "nick" stared at me for about ten seconds with a very confused look on his face. i think he recognized me, but he didn't know from where...needless to say, we paid the bill and got out of there.

okay, enough embarrassing stories. let's talk remix. i thrifted this zara dress a couple of weeks ago. i liked the pattern, the shape, and the price and i bought it without trying it on. when i got home, i realized it was a size too big. shoot! i wanted to see if i could still make it work, so i thought the remix would be perfect! let me know what you think! keep or donate?

nora bird

dress~ thrifted
vest/boots~ vintage, thrifted
tights~ Target

megan bird

t-shirt~ vintage, thrifted
socks~ Target
jewelry~ F21

xoxo, two birds

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

inspiration picture for monday, april 1: allessandra ambrosio

it's hard to imagine that allessandra looks bad in anything. she could pretty much wear a paper bag and we would be inspired. but she looks especially cute in this outfit. we think the adorable turquoise dress, skinny belt, rugged booties, and amazing fringe bag are the perfect outfit to begin april! we hope you will join us on monday! don't know how to play? click here.

xoxo, two birds

love*birds: 3.27.13

things i am loving this week:
~ after a weekend + of mimi being sick, she is finally starting to feel better.
~ not having to be constantly cleaning up after a sick kid. seriously, it's amazing how much laundry (and other messes) one tiny, sick person makes.
~ new clothes. i have been cleaning out my closets and getting rid of stuff i never wear. and i may have bought a few new pieces for spring!
~ sleep. i have not gotten much of it lately, but i plan on catching up this weekend.
~ coffee. perfect after those nights of little to no sleep!
~ easter candy. i know easter is not until sunday, but i may have sneaked a few early pieces!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
screen print shift dress

this shift dress looks so comfy. i love the color and the print, too. a perfect dress for spring!

pendelton wool pillow

this pretty pillow would be sure to brighten any room!  and the geometric pattern is so fun!

50s vintage dress

such a gorgeous vintage dress. the textured fabric and print are so cool!

tiny heart earrings

how cute! these are the sweetest little earrings. and i am a sucker for anything this color!

vintage motorcycle jacket

everyone should own a motorcycle jacket. they are perfect for throwing on over just about anything! this fitted, vintage one is seriously so cool. in love!

sincerely sammie

how beautiful is this vintage dress? the cutest tulip print + the way sammie styled it = springtime perfection!

just a little snuggle pile with the two cutest kids ever!

megan bird
handmade lamp
this is one of those lamps that i see on the pinterest fail sites all the time (of course this particular one is a 100% win). i'd much rather buy this beauty than try making it myself. i love how unique it is!

vintage brass planters
i am swooning (swanning) over these. seriously, how cute are they?

vintage plaid trench
i have been looking for a unique spring coat (if spring ever comes). i love this one...the plaid, the nautical feel, the fun might be the one!

vintage love sign
i love this. a little reminder of love hanging on your wall. i think i'm in love!

vintage lbd

what a fun twist on the little black dress. i love the pop of color, the different textures, and the amazing vintage quality of this dress!


kathleen of Kat's Fashion Fix  looks perfectly casual and chic in this great outfit. i love the colors and accessories, and those jeans and booties were meant to be worn together!!


well, chris and i must be serious, because we got our wedding license on monday. we had to raise our right hands and promise we didn't lie about our personal information. we guaranteed that we lived where we said we lived and that we are in fact not related by blood or adoption. so, as of march 30, we will be able to get married anytime we want in the next six months!!

what are you loving this week?

two birds

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

style me: hammer time

shirt, pants ~ thrifted
love necklace, ring ~ Miz Outlet
wishbone necklace ~ Marc Jacobs
earrings ~ hand-me-down
shoes ~ Urban Original

back when we started this blog, we had all kinds of ideas about how we would try to style ugly clothes. both nora and i have a penchant for buying ugly clothes because we always see the beauty in them. we use the term, "these are so ugly they're cute" all the time. so we started this post called style me, and had a few decent posts where we (mostly nora) actually made some really ugly stuff look decent.

and then we kept shopping, and shopped some more. and then our closets got so full that we both decided that it wasn't a great idea to pack an already full closet with things that are so ugly they're cute....especially when they weren't really that cute. so we kind of stopped doing those posts.

and then i found these pants and had to have them. because they really are so ugly they are cute. (ok, you be the judge, maybe it's just me.) plus they were $.50, so even one wear would make them worth it. so i'm wearing them, and you know what? i kind of love them. bright color? check. loose and comfy? check. drawstring waist? check. i mean, aren't those the three most important things when it comes to fashion? no? no?

anyhow, i don't know how often i will wear these, but when i do, i will love them and show them off, and not be embarrassed when people stare. in the wise words of a lyrical poet who also wore these pants with no shame, "you can't touch this".

megan bird

Monday, March 25, 2013

inspiration monday: junk weekend

the inspiration
nikki reed
megan bird

pants ~ F21
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
tank, earrings ~ hand-me-down
blazer ~ Kohls

nora bird

jacket/necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shrt ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ swapped
booties ~ Sam Edelman, gift
when i decided to eat cheez-its and pretzels for dinner on saturday night, i figured why not go for broke and make it a whole junk weekend. so i watched two of the worst movies i have ever seen (one day and rock of ages), ate provolone cheez-its for dinner, hot and spicy cheez-its for breakfast and took sunday off from working out. if it's going to be bad, you might as well make it as bad as possible, right?

fyi, if you want a really good laugh and a lot of cringe-worthy embarrassment, watch rock of ages. the musical scene between russell brand and alec baldwin almost makes your loss of 90 minutes worth it. seeing tom cruise's but cheeks, however, kind of ruined my weekend.

how was your weekend?
two birds

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a favor?

we promise to stop inundating you with this soon, but we are so so so excited for this opportunity. last week, we got an email from Southdale Center, which is the local mall near us, telling us we were finalists in their Style Setter contest. what that means for us is that, if chosen, we will get to be bloggers for the mall. how cool would that be? so, we are being that annoying duo and asking you the favor of voting for us. it takes a second, and you don't have to share your email address, log in or anything. just a simple click of the mouse!! we would truly be grateful if you helped us out!!

click here to vote, and thanks so much!! you guys are the best!!

we hope your weekend is going well!
two birds

Thursday, March 21, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): footloose

leggings, legwarmers ~ thrifted
boots ~
sweatshirt ~ chris' that shrunk in the dryer
jacket ~ Fashionologie*
hat ~ Kohls

i got a call from the kids' school the other day – i never like to see that number on my caller id. i've only gotten calls about bad behavior and broken bones, not calls i love. so when i saw the number, my stomach dropped a little.

luckily, there were no broken bones or sick kids. however, it was a bad behavior call...henry apparently had been sent to the principal's office. so my brain starts racing...what did he do? it's usually some sort of class disruption because that kid can't sit still. and sure enough, it was. but that wasn't the reason for the call. the reason was that he and some friends were singing gangnam style in class during their free time.

the vice principal actually sang me a verse from the song to show me that they had used the word "sexy" in class. now don't get me wrong, this isn't a word i encourage my kids to use, but it's also not a word i would punish them for using. and (and this is a big and), i happen to know that one of the school's teachers played that song during a school rally. i know this because both kids came home and told me – they thought it was cool.

so the vp and i had a little talk, and i kept my cool. i did inform her that they can't really punish my kid for singing a song that was played at a school rally. i also agreed with her that the kids shouldn't be using words like that. and in the end, i could tell she felt a little silly for calling me, or maybe it was for singing "hey sexy lady" to me over the phone. either way, there were many footloose jokes made that night.

henry is basically a modern day kevin bacon.

megan bird

* did you know that if you like Fashionologie on facebook, you get free shipping? check them out!!

thursday remix: sister style

ugh. you guys, i am feeling blah. blah blah blah. perhaps it's the weather. the first day of spring has come and gone and, yet, it definitely does not feel like spring around here. maybe it is because i skipped the gym yesterday and, instead, decided to bake and eat chocolate chip cookies with mimi and our dear friend, ryan. don't get me wrong. it was fun (not to mention delicious!) but skipping a day at the gym always makes me feel sluggish and just all around yucky. it could possibly be because ben is going through a growth spurt (seriously, that kid is going to be 40 pounds by age one!) and has been waking up very very early to eat, leaving me tired all day long. or maybe i'm just going through a general "blah" period. who knows? but i really hope it passes soon. i plan on having a good workout and, possibly (hopefully!), a nap today. and if one of you could send some warm weather this way, that would be seriously awesome!  if none of that works, perhaps a little shopping is in order this weekend. shopping always perks me up...and, i mean, i'm going to need spring clothes eventually, right?

megan chose this adorable shirt for this week's remix. she thrifted it, people! she is the best thrifter i know. i never find stuff this cute. this is such a great piece. i can see wearing it all year round. if megan lets me, i will be borrowing it a lot! let us know what you think!

nora bird

shirt~ thrifted
blazer~ vintage, thrifted
jeans~ Gap
shoes~ thrifted
ring~ H&M

megan bird

shirt ~ thrifted
jeans ~ Ross
shoes ~ Jessica Simpson, b. (a resale shop)
tank ~ thrifted
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ F21

xoxo, two birds