Thursday, February 21, 2013

thursday remix: sister style

holy crap, you guys! i am leaving for mexico tomorrow. i am totally freaking out and i can't even think straight, so i am just going to rush right into the remix.
it is so funny that megan was talking about the target clearance rack on tuesday, because that is exactly where i picked up this shirt. it was on the 70% off rack, it was under $10, and i loved the colors and the print. i couldn't resist! since then, i have worn it a total of one time. not horrible for a less-than-$10 shirt, but i thought i would throw it in the remix to get some new ideas for how to wear it. let us know what you think!

nora bird

shirt~ Target
blazer~ F21
belt~ vintage
jeans~ thrifted
boots~ Heartbreaker

megan bird

skirt ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Urban Original
necklace ~ F21

for all the local readers out there...we hope you will join us tonight at the MIA's Third Thursday: Fashion Night. we will be styling the photo booth! stop by, say hello, and get some photos taken to remember the night! it will be super fun!

xoxo, two birds


  1. OK that top is SO cute! I love it belted with the blazer and it looks so pretty with the black too :) Have so much fun in Mexico!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Oooh, it's a lovely top- worth the sale rack price! Love the different way you wore it- can we have a closeup of that belt sometime please Nora, it looks exciting!

  3. Have fun tonight - wish I could be there! And this top is super cute.

    And have fun in Mexico - you'll be so glad you went.:)

  4. The Target clearance rack is THE best! Love the bright colors in the print. Have a great time in Mexico...have some guacamole for me :) PS You should come link up this post on my blog today, it's perfect for it!

    The Tiny Heart
    February Group Giveaway!

  5. I wouldn't have been able to resist the shirt either! It's super fun! You styled it how I would have Nora - with a blazer!

    Hope the event is lots of fun tonight - wish I could be there! And Nora, have fun in Mexico - bring some warm weather back with you, ok?

  6. Nora great choice on the shirt at 70% off. I love the cut of your blazer and you look extra tall and skinny. Have a great trip!!! Megan I really like this look on you, its sophisticated and office that's even a thing. Both really pretty. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  7. That top is so pretty! The print is really nice. I love it styled both ways! That was definitely a great find :)

  8. 1. that blazer is seriously fabulous! and 2.loveee that super fun print of the blouse!!


  9. What a great blouse and I love how you've both styled I. So cute!
    Have fun in Mexico!

  10. What a pretty blouse! Have a great time on your vaca!

  11. Oh, I wish I could go to your Fashion Night. Have fun and relax on your trip to Mexico! I love how you too made your looks. I vote for Nora's layers. Sorry friend, Megan. You are darling, too. Thanks for the compliments on my "best punch" post! Yes, very comfy Anne Klein's for $2 bucks, two bucks!!!!!! eeeek!!!!

  12. That is SO exciting that you are styling the photo booth! I wish I could make it :( Have fun and please share photos!!!!!!

    I love this blouse! So perfect with a blazer or pencil skirt!

  13. Thank you so much for your visit girls.
    I am following and adding you to my blogroll now.
    Good luck in MEXICO LINDO Y QUERIDO.
    I hope we will become blogger friends.

  14. Love the outfits and how you showed two different ways!


  15. Love the shirt! The Target in Canada opens this spring and I can't wait for the sale racks!

    Have a wonderful time in Mexico!

  16. you both look so cute! i adore remixes. :) nora, have fun in mexico. hasta luego!

  17. I love that shirt! So colorful and fun. Be safe in Mexico.

  18. What a gorgeous top! I like it styled both ways, but I have to confess that I am drooling over the vintage belt that Nora's wearing.
    Have fun in Mexico! :)

  19. have a fabulous time! love both outfits! you ladies look great.

  20. I'm really loving the colorful shirt, so chic.

  21. I am so jealous you will be heading somewhere warm.

    That was a great deal on the shirt. It'll go with everything.

    Enjoy your vacation!


  22. Such a cute little floral top
    Mexico! I am soooo jealous
    Hope you have a fabulous time

  23. So glad your post on my blog lead me here. Your blog is awesome. A shirt that is under 10$ is always the best. I'm really loving Nora's belt.

  24. nice mix, that blouse is beautiful. Like both looks :)

  25. You are both too cute...I miss getting to read sister style on a regular basis...maybe I need to make Thursday my two birds blog catchup day. True story. Also, are you ladies cray?! I refuse to take pictures outside once it dips below 40...for reals...ballsy my friends, ballsy. Is that even how you spell ballsy or is it ballsie (these are obviously the important questions in life!?) Have an awesome weekend and an excellent trip!!!! Xo Lori

  26. Love love love that shirt - the print and colours are fantastic! And, I love the way you've both styled it; so chic!

    Kate xo