Tuesday, February 5, 2013

new loves and old friends: first date

new loves
jeans~ 15dollarstore.com
shoes~ Sam Edelman, gift

old friends
sweater/necklace~ vintage, thrifted

have i ever told you about my first date with jim? it was may of 2002 and i was a senior in my final semester of college. that day, i met one of my friends, ryan, at a coffee shop on campus to study for finals drink far too much coffee and to gossip. one of the things we talked about was a little group date we were going on that night with ryan's boyfriend, a couple of my best girlfriends, and this cute guy i had a major crush on. that guy was, of course, jim. while we were in the coffee shop, babbling on and on and deciding what i should wear that night, my car got towed. apparently, i had parked in one of the spots for a bar next to the coffee shop and they towed my car away. my final project for my drawing class was due that day and it just so happened to be in the trunk of my car. my car that was now long gone. okay, so fast forward...my sister got me to the tow yard, i paid charged the $250 to get my car (and my art project) out, and i was on my way. not the best day for a poor college student, but i had that night to look forward to, so i was still pretty happy. fast forward even further into the night...my friends and i met jim at a bar on campus and were sharing a few pitchers of beer. things were going awesomely. jim and i were clearly hitting it off. all was well. i offered to drive him home that night in hopes that i would get a little goodnight kiss without all of my friends around. he agreed. fast forward again. the bar stopped serving drinks at 1 am but stayed open later for music and dancing. we were having a lot of fun, so we continued to hang out for another hour. finally, we decided to leave and started walking to the lot where i had parked my car. when we go to the lot i stopped and looked around in shock. the place was empty! i bet you can guess what had happened. my car had been towed. again! horrible, right? i was incredibly pissed. i was now going to be out another $250! but, even worse, i wasn't going to get my goodnight kiss! dang it! fast forward one more time...that night, jim and i ended up sharing our first cab (and perhaps our first kiss???) (a lady never tells.) and the rest is history.

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I LOVE hearing how people met! That is so nuts that your car got towed twice in one day! But it worked out nicely with the cab :)

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    Necklace Giveaway!

  2. At least you have a cute/funny story to tell about your first date :) Love your sweater too - so cozy!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Cute story : ) Bummer about the car!


  4. What a great first date story! Getting towed is the worst, but at least you got to share a cab ride home. Love that snowflake sweater:)

  5. Aww, I love hearing how people meet - that is an awesome story, even if you had to pay to rescue your car twice! And sharing a cab sounds kind of romantic!

    I love your snowflake sweater with the fun red necklace! Super cute!

  6. Way cute story, Nora. AND ...you look awesomely skinnnnny in this outfit. That sucks that you lost $500 on the day you met Jim. I bet that money has come back to you 10 fold, tho, huh?

    Had tech difficulties and thrift shop difficulties yesterday so didn't want to put up a post with difficulties linking it to your IM/twobirds with any difficulties. I'm shooting for tomorrow.

  7. Towed twice in a day! Ouch! That is a very good first date story. And your sweater is so pretty!

  8. Awww I LOVE this story! Sad day about being towed twice, but what a fun night you shared! And I'm just going to pretend in my head that you definitely got your first kiss ;) Such a cute sweater!!!!!

  9. Your sweater is so cute and I love the red you paired with it. xx. McKenna Lou

  10. Oh no!!! At least the story had a happy ending! Love that pretty necklace with the sweater!

  11. What a memorable night! Very cute story :)

  12. OMG! I've only had my car towed twice in my life, if it happened twice in the same day I would freak out! Love the graphic sweater and glad the story has a happy ending!

  13. You were so unlucky (but lucky too!!!!!!) I love hearing about how people got together!

  14. Love this monotone look with a pop of pink!!!
    Check out my blog too when you have some time dear!

  15. Oh Nora, that is quite the story. The upside is that your first shared moments with Jim are really memorable. But, the expense of it all. In the end, I'm sure it was worth it. You're where you are now.

    Sue xo

  16. Twice in one day?! Yikes! At least the first date made up for it:)

  17. What a sweet (although incredibly frustrating at the time) tale of perserverance and love!

    Your outfit looks great, especially with that blast of colour from your necklace to set it off.

  18. haha, great story! it's nice to have a memorable "first" like this!

    cute sweater!


  19. Cute story!!

    And I really like how the red necklace pops against the black and white outfit. Very cool.

  20. Aww that's a great first date story! Getting towed TWICE is insane, but at least very memorable! Love that jumper - thrifted jumpers can be the best :)


  21. That is a really sweet story, even though you got towed twice. I like the sweater!

  22. Love this story, but that's so crazy your car got towed twice! i love the print on your shirt :)


  23. What a cute first date story! Also cute: you sweater! I love the nordic pattern, so perfect for this time of year.

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca