Wednesday, February 13, 2013

inspiration picture for february 18: charlize theron

charlize theron
lazy inspiration? perhaps. cute inspiration? definitely. i'm not going to lie, this outfit is pretty much both of the birds' winter uniform. leggings are like my second skin. actually the hair on my legs that i  forget to shave stop shaving because i'm lazy is my second skin in the leggings would be my third. but i've already told you too much. 

so if you'd like to play along, click here for the inspiration monday rules. maybe i'll even shave my legs for president's day!! see you then!

two birds


  1. Oh, I hope to not play hookie this day!! I can pull this off! LOL

    I have not seen CT in a while and her hair is gorgeous!!

    Have a great Valentine's/weekend, Dolls!

  2. no complaints from me for a casual inspiration - warmth and comfort is what it's all about at the moment!

  3. I thought that this was the bieber kid for real until I read who it was. Love this look on her/ and I love leggings. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  4. This look is so cool and so chic! Great choice!

    Kate xo