Monday, February 25, 2013

inspiration monday: guilt-free day

the inspiration
elizabeth olsen
megan bird

skirt ~ b. (a resale shop)
socks ~ Charlotte Russe
booties ~ F21

nora bird

 dress~ hand-me-down from megan
jacket~ Fashionologie
tights~ Target
boots~ Heartbreaker

first off, i want to thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes. i had a truly magical week, and it was so nice to hear from so many of you. we had a whirlwind of a week. chris and i were both raised by parents who went all out for birthdays, and we decided to keep up the tradition. so basically, we celebrate everyone's birthdays for the whole week. mine was spent seeing a fun play, shopping a ton, eating loads of good pizza with the family and friends, drinking good wine, relaxing, and finally, getting a new tattoo.

i was telling chris on saturday that my birthday is the one day of the year that i don't feel guilty about spending money. of course, it's not the only day of the year that i spend money, but i give myself that one day to do what i want and not feel bad about what it costs (within reason). hence the shopping, pizza, wine, and tattoo.

not that money is what makes the birthday, because the little floral arrangement that the kids and chris made for me out of yarn and pipe cleaner was by far my favorite gift of the whole week. and sharing four decadent desserts with the three people i adore most  was the best memory of the week. 

chris informed me yesterday that even though birthday week is over, he will allow us to celebrate birthday month, so i guess i have a few more days left!! shopping anyone?

happy monday!
two birds


  1. Love both of these looks! The colours are awesome. You both look great!

    Kate xo

  2. Haha my family definitely does birthdays as a week-long celebration too. Glad it was a good time! I LOVE both of your jackets. So different but fun! Hope you're staying warm!

  3. I love that y'all both went for color in your inspiration looks! :)

  4. ahhhhhh! love these two looks so much. and megan, LOVE your bangs. you look awesome.

  5. I can't wait to see what the finished tattoo looks like! I need to start celebrating my birthday all week :) I love both your color leather jackets!

    The Tiny Heart
    February Group Giveaway!

  6. I'm all for birthday month! Why the heck not?? I'm glad you had a great birthday week - and I am very curious about your new tattoo!

    I love both of your jackets!! Fun colors and great fits!

  7. Hi there-happy belated birthday wishes and lovely outfit choices, loving both coloured jackets, very inspiring looks! xx

  8. hahahaha, since my birthday was recently too, I know that feeling of wanting to spend money on my birthday. We don't really celebrate for a week but from Valentine's (4 days ahead) to the 18th for sure is the time I feel festive, special and lucrative (to spend it anyway)(at thrifty deals FO SHO!) Did you cut bangs? I like!!!!!

  9. oooh I love that turquoise leather jacket.

    a birthday month??? Someone is milking it here! lol


  10. LOL Go girl! I am (usually) the same way with birthdays too and I think it is totally legit. Great looks on both of you ladies! Enjoy your shopping!

  11. megan, what a fun week you had to match your fun burnt orange and bright inspiration outfit! the socks are nice twist too. i envy your hair, and those desserts. pretty flower arrangement they made. i want to see that tattoo when it heals. i want to say it looks like birds in flight, but i could be wrong. now nora bird, let's talk about your fabulous skirt and stunning details of that jacket. every time you wear those black boots i want them. happy monday lovely ladies! :)

  12. Both of you look so so so cute! I love the red Megan, brightens up all the snow :) And your bangs ROCK! -- also hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    Nora, love your skirt! The blue and black is so chic!

  13. I love that you two own bright leather coats! I don't make a big deal out of my birthday - but maybe I should! Your week sounded fabulous!

  14. You both look darling! You have so much courage to be wearing skirts when it looks so cold outside....brrrrr. Love the colors in your looks!


  15. Your outfits are soooo cute! I guess you are in the snow band! Happy belated Birthday. I think Jennifer Lawrence looked awesome in such classic cut dress, retro and chic.

    Ali of

  16. Love the bangs, Megan! Glad you had a fun birthday, and happy shopping the rest of the month!

  17. I'm so down for celebrating birthdays for a month! And Megan, that closeup of you in the red jacket should be your new profile pic for everything - so cute!!

  18. Hi there! And what gorgeous, colourful beautiful sights you are to behold! I absolutely adore both jackets and the combo of fun skirt (Nora) and adorable socks Megan (but bare skin??? Are you craaaaaaaaaaazy!?!?!!). I am so glad you had a lovely birthday, yes, you deserve to treat yourself! It's my birthday this week too, so I think I ought to do the same!!!! I'm going out swing dancing for my birthday two and a half weeks after the actual day with shed load of friends (first time evah!) so I like to think my birthday will be extended over a fortnight too!x

  19. Lovely outfits ladies! I love both of your skirts, they are fun and I need one just like both of you guys.


  20. Tattoo? You got a tattoo and I missed it? Dagnabbit!

    Happy belated Birthday (and I love the outfits!)

  21. Oh, Megan I love your look so much better than your inspiration. I love the socks the best. Nora, what a great skirt. Well done ladies.

  22. shopping, pizza wine - what good ways to spend money on your birthday! love the outfits - those skirts are both so fun!

  23. I love that you both went for color with this look
    Great minds and all

  24. Your hair looks great, Megan. It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend!

  25. Your colorful interpretations of the inspiration are adorable! :) Sounds like a wonderful birthday week - the yarn flowers are so creative and can be enjoyed forever. Hope you are squeezing in a little more wine and tasty nibbles before February ends! :)

  26. Love both of your jackets! :)

    Jess - J's Style