Monday, February 11, 2013

inspiration monday: d-eva

the inspiration
dianna agron
megan bird

sweater ~ TJ Maxx
vest ~ shirt from sister, sleeves cut off by me
leggings ~ Kohls
boots ~ Alloy
sunglasses ~ from sister

nora bird

dress~ Express via Marshalls
jacket~ gift from Megan, thrifted
tights~ Target
boots~ Moo Shoes

you may have seen on instagram (@meglets) that i cleaned my closets out last week. i can't stop looking at my clean, color-coordinated closet now, and am so proud and happy that i actually got rid of enough stuff that i can move hangers around without wanting to punch someone in the face. we'll see how long that lasts (because the first thing i thought of was, "oh, now i have more room to shop!"), but for now, i am loving it.

as i was deciding what to keep, i was relying on the family to help me choose. eva and chris were in her room reading, and i would walk in wearing a dress i was unsure of....they each would give me a thumbs up, down, or the shaky hand if they were unsure. henry was the tie breaker if chris and eva disagreed.

anyhow, i realized that night that i really trust eva's opinion on fashion. she is only six, but she has a really good eye. she was honest about what she liked or disliked, and was even able to articulate why ("mama, i don't like the pattern of that dress, and it's too bunchy on top, so it looks too big on you.") one dress i tried on, she gave me an immediate thumbs down and just said, "you look fat". that one i did not appreciate and had to school her on how to be tactful. regardless of that little snafu, i was kind of a proud mama that night when i realized that i trust my six-year old daughter when it comes to my own fashion decisions. i sounds superficial...but moms can be proud!!

happy monday!
two birds


  1. Wait... the fabulous cargo/military vest is a shirt with the sleeves cut off? Hello genius! That's awesome - and I love the layers!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Love both of your boots! Great styling!!!
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  3. Sounds like Eva is quite the little fashionista with an eye for style! How cute! I am jealous of your color-coordinated, clean closet... I am thinking when we move I am going to try and get rid of stuff and do the same, but I'm sure it will only last about 1 week :D

  4. I would have been proud of Eva too! Cleaning out the closet and getting rid of stuff is the best feeling :) Love the cute & cozy look you guys were inspired by!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. That is so cute that Eva is your little fashionista in training! I am jealous that you cleaned out the closets. Mine is a total mess right now and it's driving me insane!

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

  6. Training them young, I like it! I'm jealous of your color-coordinated closet, I can guarantee that wouldn't last but a day in my closet!

    Love both of these looks, cozy and chic! Can't beat it!

  7. I'm not surprised Eva has an eye for fashion already - it must be in her genes:)

  8. Wow, great looks ladies! You look even more chic than your inspiration photo. I really need a military inspired jacket like these, they're so versatile.

  9. Oh cute Eva! [btw, I LOVE the name, Eva] My ydd has GREAT fashion sense and I could determine she did at a very early 5-6 yrs of her age. THAT IS COOL!

    I am loving both of your ensembles. You guys are so great at fashion posts. Can you believe I linked again, finally?

  10. Ah! Both of you look super awesome! I want a long sweater-dress type thing now.

  11. You both look amazing! Eva is a little fashionista, love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I can well understand that- there are some girls at school who really have an eye for outfits! Thy never fail to tell me what they like about an outfit! Nice to have your own stylist!!!!
    Love both outfits- brilliant biker boots and cosy-dresses plus an excellent colour scheme!x

  13. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning out my closet, but somehow it never seems to make more room in there! You both look so wintery cosy!

  14. LOL My daughter is the same way. Kids are really useful when you're getting rid of your stuff aren't they? Then you go in their rooms and they can't understand throwing away a Power Ranger with one limb. Anywho, congrats on cleaning out your closet! I love that feeling!

  15. That's so great to hear you can trust Eva fashion advice

  16. Well done girls! I love both your outfits, but I'd wear the light grey Express dress in a heartbeat.

  17. Both your outfits look great! I need to do another closet clean-out soon.

  18. I'm so impressed with her sense of style - and jealous of your made over closet! I think I need to do a closet clean out too. :(

    Jess - J's Style

  19. megan, very cool cut off sleeves on the vest. nora, you nailed the dress perfectly. megan, definitely be proud of eva's style! i wonder if you'll fight about her clothes when she's a teen? i bet she'll borrow things from your closet. ;)

  20. It's amazing how much little girls can pick up on as far as style! I know I lurv shopping with my 9 year old.

  21. megan, i love that you wore a vest with this one! what a great idea. nora, those boots are adorable. i love them!

  22. another totally amazing post! love what you two are wearing! Nora great coat!


    Erin @

  23. I think nora played it super well. but both look as comfy and stylish. i'm loving megan's jacket. nice one!

  24. You are both wearing outfits that I would wear everyday and I think that you would too. They are the bomb diggity. Love!!! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  25. you both look great and i would highly appreciate the two of you coming over and cleaning out my closet :)