Tuesday, January 15, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): mama cries

leggings ~ TJ Maxx
sweater, earrings ~ Kohls
boots ~ 6pm.com
snood ~ gift from chris

i will admit that i am a huge crybaby. pretty much everything makes me cry...happy, sad, embarrassing....no matter the emotion, i tear up a little. i used to be embarrassed by it, and i hated when people would see me cry. now i embrace it and make sure that i am the first person to make fun of myself because then no one else can. except my kids are now at the point that they laugh at me no matter what. henry always looks at me during sad parts of movies and just starts laughing in my face. "look eva, mama's crying again."  real nice, huh?

case in point: the other day, i cried at the avengers. yep. i cried...at the avengers. go ahead, laugh. henry did.

megan bird


  1. Hahaha I'm the same way! It's bad, lol.

    Love your outfit!

  2. I try to tell my husband it's good to be sensitive. I do get mad at myself though.

    That snood looks warm. Plus if you're crying you can stick your head down in it and no one will ever know! LOL


  3. Don't even get me started! You are talking about me too.

    Love the warm and cozy look! How's Henry?

  4. Haha! My mom cries at everything and it drove me nuts when I was younger.

    I LOVE your fur snood! I want one!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  5. LOL, I cry over really silly things - movies are not actually one of them though, which is surprising. I do cry at some TV shows - especially finales. I still cry at the final episode of Friends even though it was almost 10 years ago!

    I love your warm looking snood. I kind of want to pet it, it looks soft!

  6. Love the sweater - it's like a sky full of stars! I NEVER used to cry and something inside me broke apparently and now I cry all the time too! Over ridiculous things and movies I've seen 100 times so I know it's coming. I'm still pretty embarrassed about it though!

  7. LOL that is pretty funny but I only laugh because I am also a huge cry baby... lots of commercials make me tear up! This outfit is so cute and comfy! Love the snood... Good work Chris :)

  8. Welcome to the cry baby club! I loooove the close-up pic of you in the snood!

    Snood is such a funny word.


  9. I'm glad I'm not alone in my movie crying. I can't help it all of a sudden my eyes well up and before I know it tears are rolling down my face and my stupid chin is quivering!

  10. I like the furry scarf. Chris has good taste! It takes a lot to make me cry.

  11. I love how simple this is, but so cozy & chic!

    Hahah! The Avengers? What part? I might cry over how beautiful Loki is... I mean, when Iron Man fell...

  12. I can imagine myself being the same way! Tht's funny your son notices like that and just brushes it off! I love it. And this outfit looks so cute but cozy - I love that scarf!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  13. I cry at EVERYTHING! lol I can only imagine how ill be once I have kids!

    I love all black with camel anything, great look!


  14. Your snood looks so cozy!

    I always cry in sad movies, and I still get embarrassed by it... what is your secret to not caring if people see you cry??

  15. Don't feel bad Megan. I cry quite a bit myself. I'm just super emotional. My husband says that he likes that I'm sensitive, but I think he doesn't always know how to handle it :) Love your snood! It looks so warm.


  16. great outfit! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.. you for sure can feature me just make sure to link it back to my blog :).. looking forward to it! i'm also following now :)


  17. I'm a crybaby too. I love your scarf

  18. Oh I am coveting that snood big time
    Just watched Anna Karenina today and that makes me want the snood all the more!

  19. i'm laughing. that's too funny. hahaha i LOVE your outfit and those boots. they are so pretty!

  20. I do that too, if the tears wanna come, they come I can't stop it and if I see someone crying, even if I don't know them, I cry too!
    Loving the snood here, Megan. I want!!

  21. Awww no shame in tears! I like a person who wears her heart on her sleeve! Thanks for the nice comment on Jackie's blog today! Adorable dogs make regular appearances on my blog :)

  22. love this cozy chic look! that scarf looks so soft and don't worry im a cry baby too! especially if i see someone else crying.

    C's Evolution of Style

  23. Lol on this story and what Henry said about you crying. Thanks for the laughs. That last photo is perfection...great outfit. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  24. you are looking like a glam fab queen of winter loveliness! i cry a lot too. last night when i finished a book, i shed tears of joy. it was that good.

  25. Nice look. Love the all black with brown boots.
    I´m not a cryer, don´t know if that is good or bad.

  26. Love this look - the black and brown is so chic!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  27. First of all -- gorgeous look. Love, love, love.

    I'm a HUGE cry baby, I cry at odd times in movies or commercials or even books. My husband makes fun of me all the time. My sisters do to. I'm glad you embrace it, maybe I should too...