Friday, January 11, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): hunger games

sweater ~ NY&C outlet
leggings ~ Charlotte Russe outlet
boots ~
bracelets ~ garage sale
scarf ~ thrifted

chris has always had a penchant for food competitions. food competitions, you ask? yes...things like jalapeno eating contests and burrito eating contests. in fact, he claims he could eat three chipotle burritos in one sitting. i tend to disagree, and i'm not even sure i want to find out if that is true, but either way, he is always willing to take on a food dare.

one day, our neighbors were over and we got to talking about this side of chris. somehow, we got on the subject of how much ketchup chris could gulp down at once. he decided that he could for sure drink (it makes me gag to even write this) a sam's club sized bottle of ketchup in under three minutes. no one believed him...after all a sam's club bottle is something like 64 ounces of ketchup.

so the dare was taken, and chris decided he needed to practice before he actually took on the task of drinking all that ketchup. the neighbors went home (probably in disgust), and chris pulled out the biggest pot he could find. he asked me to time him as he drank the whole pot of water at once. i warned him that that would be stupid to try, that he couldn't drink that much ketchup, let alone that much water in such a short period of time. and as a matter of fact, i told him it was even dangerous to try.

but he didn't listen. he started gulping the water as fast as he could, and i timed him, just waiting. all i had to wait was about 30 seconds...and after 30 seconds and almost a gallon of water, he spasmed a little and threw it all up.

and that is when his dreams of winning a ketchup drinking contest were shattered.

megan bird


  1. This totally cracks me up and was the best start to a Friday I can remember :)

  2. eww men are gross! Why do they think these things are a good idea? Can yo imagine the mess if he'd gulped down ketchup?!
    Love the scarf!
    Have a great weekend x

  3. OH grossssss... I hate ketchup, so the idea of drinking an entire bottle disgusts me. Unless fries are involved, of course.

    Love those floral leggings, you look adorable as always :) Happy weekend to the birds!

  4. It's probably for the best. I can't imagine eating that much ketchup!

  5. Haha! Chris sounds like my hubby. He will never turn down a food dare either. His brother challenged him to eat a bunch of this insanely spicy hot sauce and I thought I'd have to take him to the hospital. Why do men do these thing?!

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  6. ROFL. I love ketchup, but I don't think I could do that! Probably a good thing he figured it out on water that drinking that much would be tough.

    Yay floral leggings! You can't go wrong with those!

  7. Oh man, I've heard him talk about the 3 chipotle burritos and that was really gross. But, ketchup? YUCK! New low, Chris. New low. :)

  8. Oh my goodness - I have a tummy ache just thinking about downing that much ketchup!

    Loving your faux fur!!

  9. LOL.... what a great story for a Friday morning! So glad he DID not succeed.

    Lurv the black sweater! And the floral bottoms balance it out nicely!

  10. Love those leggings Megan, so pretty!

  11. oh hell. that's probably what you said. winning a ketchup contest is probably overrated anyway, right? you're looking very classy, sassy, & pretty in your floral leggings, & black sweater ensemble ms. megan bird! :)

  12. LOL, that's awesome. My hubby would totally do something like that while I sat next to him, keeping time, waiting with my camera ;)

  13. Megan! sorry! I couldn't read that entire post. I gag at food contests on the news. I fast forward them. I still love you and all but I don't know how that story ended. (ya, still gagging a bit)

    Our family reunion for a few years had pie eating contests. NOOOOOO! I would have to run and hide behind a tree. Then they switched to Watermelon which wasn't tree hiding bad but I still had the supreme gag reflex happen.

    Now they have earned a smarter brain and they have pie tasting (yes, tasting) contests. Oh they are HEAVEN!!! No more gagging but tasting fine delicacies of the peach and berry derivations. AWH ~~~~~~

    ... still sorry ...but I don't know what Chris did or how it ended. Let's keep it that way, k? LOL without barfing.

    and ... btw, I LOVE YOUR OOTD!!! I DO!!!

  14. OMG, I can't imagine how gross it would be to drink that much ketchup! Ewwww! Glad it was just water... love the fun leggings!

  15. I don't mind ketchup, but the idea of chugging it ... ugh! And too much water can be toxic - but it sounds like Chris learned his lesson. :)
    Loving those floral leggings, Megan!

  16. lol. That's is awesome and disgusting. Less disgusting than if it had been ketchup, but still really gross.

    Love your leggings!


  17. Haha, omg. At least he tried it with water first... imagine throwing up ketchup, haha gross. You look super cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Hahahhahahah, this totally made me laugh so loud!

  19. Mmmmmm that is gross.....mostly because all condiments make me squeamish, so the thought of drinking ketchup pretty much makes me gag. Blah....but you look cute. :)

  20. I love the leggings. The print is gorgeous!

  21. Ew, that idea just makes me sick to my stomach...I can't eve WATCH food competitions, lol. Love your outfit though, the floral leggings and tunic are super cute and look really comfy!

    <3 Cambria

  22. I love your little stories, but this one (although funny) almost made me sick to my stomach! I can't even imagine eating one little pack of ketchup you get at a fast food restaurant, let alone a whole bottle. Yuck!

    On a much more positive note, you look adorable! I love those floral leggings!