Wednesday, January 23, 2013

love*birds: 1.23.13

things i am loving this week:
~ thoughts of summer. it's about this time of year that i really start craving dresses and sandals. but heck, at this point, i'd take a 20 degree day and be happy with it! i might even wear dresses and sandals!
~ chris. man genius that he is, he has fixed both of our car's problems in the span of a week. in -20 degree weather. without complaining.
~ short weeks. long weekends are great, and with them come short weeks. the week is already half over!!
~ my funny kids. even when i'm mad at them, my kids can make me laugh. it's a sneaky and conniving gift that they know they have. i sometimes have to leave the room to laugh if i am still punishing them for being naughty.
~ leggings. need i say more?

and here are a few more things we are loving this week.

megan bird
heart necklace
i am a sucker for anything with hearts on it. especially if it's a cute necklace with a vintage flare!

virginia hoodie
this hoodie is so unique in so many ways. from the cool snood-like hood to the lace and ribbon to the fun detailing. i'm in love!

vintage ruffle dress
i want to wear this every day. you know, to work, target, picking my kids up from school. and i'd skip in in...because you can't just walk in this dress! as a side note, i pretty much love everything from this seller!

40's style trousers
i want a stylist to come to my house and do my hair like this every day, and then i want legs that are three inches longer, and then i want to wear these pants and look this elegant every day!!

love print
i think this is so darling. the sweet little girl and the arrows...i just love it!

bianca from style me sweetly shows us three very cute ways to wear a very adorable lace dress in this post. i'm not sure which way is my favorite, but all i know is that she's adorable!

this was at the end of the johnny cash tribute concert last friday. it summed up the kind of night we!

nora bird

with the freezing weather we are experiencing, i am dreaming of wearing gorgeous dresses in bright, springtime colors. this dress is adorable. i love the colorblocking and the awesome print on the skirt!

don't y'all think ben needs some heart patch comfy pants, perfect for valentine's day??? the answer to that question is yes. of course he does! so cute!!!

so simple and so pretty! hand-drawn and hand pulled in eco-friendly ink. so awesome. this needs to be hanging in my house.

i am really into pretty, dainty necklaces lately. i love the simple design on this one. and it may be tiny, but it is sure to make a statement!

why oh why are these not my size??? they are so cool! (megan, i think you need these.)

chioma (chioma's evolution of style) is wearing such a gorgeous mix of colors and prints in this outfit. i love the leopard and mustard paired together. she looks amazing!


i love just chilling with my kids on weekend mornings. they are the best.

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. those heart pants are so cute! and I can't wait to wear sandals and a dress - but we are far from that!

  2. you're so lucky to have chris! :)

    and i couldn't agree with you more on long weekends! love them like so so much. we're having another one in our part of the globe starting tomorrow and i'm excited. :)

    the geometric print dress looks so fab, by the way!

  3. That 1940's style outfit is gorgeous.


  4. Your finds this week are awesome. I love, love, love the heart patch knee pants, the brown boots, and esp the 40s pants! I've been lusting after those for a long time...

    <3 Cambria

  5. Oh, I am dreaming of 45 degrees which is sad, haha.

    Love the geometric print dress since it would be great for summer!

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  6. As much as I love winter, I've been craving summer and warm weather lately also! That heart necklace would be so cute for Valentine's Day, and those boots are perfection :)

  7. I am craving warmer weather too!!

    And yes Nora, Ben needs those pants!!

  8. That hoodie is super cute, and it looks nice and cozy!

  9. That heart necklace is so adorable and unique!!!!!! This week... this week I'm loving anything besides having to be outside for more than a few minutes ;) LOL

  10. I love the first necklace and those pants with the heart knee-patches on them! TOO cute!

  11. I love that heart necklace! It is so cute. xx. McKenna Lou

  12. That necklace is super cute - perfect for Valentines.

  13. cute heart necklace. I need to start wearing my cowboy boots more.

  14. I want those baby pants! Too bad I have no baby to dress in them anymore. Super cute:)

  15. Ben NEEDS those trousers! I order it!!!!!! I'd love those vintage-look swing-pants!!x

  16. i'm loving that geometric print skirt!

  17. Thank you so much for the sweet blog love! Also, those boots are dreamy!

  18. Super cute and fun picks, thanks for featuring my necklace! :)

  19. I agree, come on summer! Ben definitely needs heart pants.