Wednesday, January 16, 2013

love*birds: 1.16.13

things i am loving this week:
~ the golden globes were on sunday which means award season has begun! i don't care much about the awards, but i love seeing all the fashion on the red carpet!
~ the super awesome dance class i took at the gym on monday. i was expecting something zumba-esque but it was so much better! it was amazingly fun and i got such a great workout!
~ mom's night out. one of my besties and i are going out tonight for some bubbles and bar snacks. we both have young babies and will probably be home and in bed before 10pm, but it will be so fun!
~ watching the bachelor with jim. he says he hates it but i know he secretly likes watching it. and it is fun to hear his sarcastic and hilarious commentary.
~ i've been wanting to go really red with my hair for a while now. my sister finally came over and dyed it this weekend and i love how it turned out! (thank you to everyone for the nice comments on monday!)

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
winter circle scarf

another week, another chunky circle scarf. this looks so warm and cozy and i love love love the print!

70s striped cardigan

how cozy does this look? it would be like wearing my robe all day, but much more acceptable. and way cuter!

peacock cuff

gah! i love this linen cuff. so gorgeous! i really want this.

alpine boots

vintage alpine boots with faux fur accents? and they are my size!!! yes, please!

fair isle sweater tunic

i love this slouchy, oversized sweater. the color and the pattern are so pretty and it looks so cozy. i want to wear this every day for the rest of the winter!

melanie (born lippy) is wearing pretty much the perfect winter weekend outfit in this post. and it only cost her around $20! how awesome is that?

jim and i rarely go out, but we almost never go out together. saturday was his birthday, and my mom agreed to take both of my kids overnight, so we got to have a really fun night out. together! it was awesome. thanks, mom!

megan bird
wishbone necklace
i love how simple and dainty this necklace is. and while i'm a vegetarian, i think a gold wishbone is pretty cute...and no animals were harmed. plus, guys, it's only $3.99!

love wreath
how cute is this wreath? i'm not big on decorating for valentine's day, but i would keep this guy up all year long!!

vintage 50s dress
is summer coming soon, because i want to wear fun and flirty sleeveless dresses again!

vintage candies boots
i love the color and the heel of these boots. and they are in such great condition!!! i think i could maybe wear a size nine...

hand-knit red hat
i love the color and size of this hat. and who doesn't love a pom pom on their hat??

i love autumn's (stay gold, autumn) mix of color, polka dots and argyle in this outfit. plus her smile is infectious and she's too cute for words.

these are my three faves...we were all hanging out watching movies and being incredibly lazy this weekend!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. i want that wishbone necklace! and thanks for sharing a new blog - what cute outfits!

  2. That linen cuff is SO cute and love that wreath! And I make the hubs watch The Bachelor with me too...and I KNOW he secretly likes it :) P.s. I have a total girl crush on that weird?

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. That knit hat is adorable! I'm jealous that Jim will watch the Bachelor with you since my hubby refuses to watch! I usually have to DVR it and watch it when he's not home, ha.

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  4. A new hair color is always a nice change. Have fun tonight! I love the red carpet walks too! HAHAHA

  5. That wreath is so pretty! I love it.


  6. hey you two!

    I have been loving some time away for a few days and yet today I will be on the comp almost all day long to make up time cuz I have my original computer back with 300GB instead of just 80GB Yahhooo!

    Big thank you to my son in law, my tech support.

    Stay warm and pray for summer weather sooooooon.

  7. I am excited it's awards season too - though I didn't catch much of the Globes. I won't miss the Oscars though! I'm excited for those!

    I want that striped 70's cardigan, it looks warm and cozy and like it would go with anything!

  8. Love the photo of you and Jim! So cute. And that wishbone necklace? I want. Bad.

    Happy Wednesday :)

  9. That scarf and LOVE wreath... so cute cute cute!

  10. I'm envious that you can pull off that gorgeous red color - I don't think it's in the cards for me, but you are rocking it!

    And I love any dance related work out. Then it feels like a party and not a work out!

  11. I am all about scarves right now. The cold weather makes me want to be all bundled up.

  12. i always like seeing the instas from the birds. :)