Sunday, January 20, 2013

inspiration monday: diplomat

the inspiration
lauren conrad
megan bird

blouse ~ thrifted
jeans ~ hand-me-down from my sister
shoes, headband ~ Target
necklaces ~ vintage, thrifted, and gift from erin
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt~ vintage, thrifted
jeans~ Target
booties~ Heartbreaker

every year some friends and i go to this amazing johnny cash tribute at a local bar. we always have fun, but it seems like every year we have a funny story to tell about the drunk, and sometimes belligerent people in the bar. last year, some drunk girl was mad because my friend's hair was in her way.

we always get there pretty early, and the women of the group always make our way to the front so we can see all of the bands up close. this year was no different. now, i am well aware that shows, especially ones in smaller bars, will be crowded, and you have to expect a few bumps and knocks here and there. sometimes i am the bumper and knocker, and i always make sure to say excuse me if i am the offender. but then there are those people, you know the ones...the ones who think they are entitled to be up front, and also entitled to have a two-foot radius around themselves, and you'd better make sure you don't ever touch them when you're dancing. 

there were two women like that on friday. they snaked their way to the front, which is fine...the more the merrier, enjoy the show. but then one decided that i was in her way. me, who had been there for two hours already. so she started purposefully banging her butt into me. this was no accidental was hard and meant to push me away. now, one, have you seen my butt? there is no bumping that out of the way...even if you push as hard as you can. and two, i am very stubborn, so without being rude, i planted my feet and made sure she couldn't "butt" me out of my spot.

about five minutes into her smacking my backside, i decided to try a different approach. i turned to her, touched her sparkly sweater and said, "i love your sweater, you look so pretty tonight." and the butt thumping stopped. 

you catch more flies with honey, i guess!!

two birds



  1. Wow, what a genius - and KIND - way to handle the situation! And what adorable outfits. I guess since it's nearly 8:30am I should probably get dressed now. :) I'm feeling inspired!
    (P.S. You totally have an awesome backside.) :)

  2. ha ha! loved that story!

    Great colour blocking.


  3. Love both of these looks! Colored pants for the win!

    And I love how you handled that situation! Kill em with kindness right? :)

  4. Lol great approach! I hate entitled people! Love the colored jeans today ladies!

  5. thank you for the inspiration! i finally linked up! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. megan love the headband and norah love the color of your pants! and you always have such great stories!

  7. You girls nailed it! I love the way you made it your own. Thanks for all the fun!

    Have a great week!

  8. That is awesome - most women would have gotten angry and rude and I love that you told her she looked pretty and the mean butting stopped. You definitely catch more flies with honey :)

    Love the colored jeans and that cute headband! The tribute sounds like fun.

  9. Megan and Nora, You both look adorable in your inspired looks. Thank you for hosting such a fun link up. You two are inspiring to me by the way.

    Your story rings so true. It's as though some people expect you to be snarly, and when you are kind, they melt right down.

  10. And this story proves that being nice in the face of mean-ness can show that it's worth the effort! I'm liking your bright jeans- great shades!!! Hope you are both well!x

  11. How adorable are both of you?! Stop being so cute ;) Love your headwrap and necklaces Megan and Nora, the color of your jeans is AMAZING! And they fit you perfectly! Happy Monday and great inspiration!

  12. I think you should consider roller derby. And that was a great way to approach the situation!

  13. Both of you look awesome! I love the headband/wrap deal and those bright pants!

    What a great way to handle the situation, flattery works!

  14. That is a great story! good work! :) Love both of these outfits, both of you look so cute. :)

  15. Haha, you definitely catch more flies with honey! You both look fantastic!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. You both look great in your skinnies. I like my space when I'm at a bar, but that means I usually find a table or a corner.

  17. So cute!! I love the colored skinnines. xx. McKenna Lou

  18. What a great inspirational look! Love the skinnies in the different colors. If you get a sec, Id love for you to stop by my blog!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  19. Lol that is too funny! What a great way to control the situation. I love both of your colored skinnies, so cute! And I love Megan's headband and noras chambray!

  20. Your looks are both colorful and fun. Love your jeans! I need to add more color into my wardrobe.


  21. now that's the way to handle a situation!! i always like to kill them with kindness :)

    love the looks here!

  22. You pulled out great looks here
    So fun and fresh

  23. Both look are so cool ans stylish! I love Megan´s headband! kisses chris

  24. the birds are looking fly in their colored skinnies, button up blouses, and brown shoes! what a charmer for being sweet to the butt bumping lady.

  25. Love the outfits, love even more the way you handled that butt lady! :)

  26. Ah, LC - fabulous inspiration! Megan I love the hippie vibe on you and Nora I want to steal that outfit right off ya :)

    Pearls & Paws

  27. A Johnny Cash tribute sounds awesome! And I love the way you handled the butt lady...what a jerk she was! Such a cute and casual outfit, love how you both re-created :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  28. Those teal pants and grey ankle booties are the bomb! I would love to duplicate them into my closet. Recently I've started doing a "pinspiration" post for my outfits and I love how the creative juices get flowing. I really need to start participating with you lovely ladies!

    PS: Since you have such cute short hair, I am doing a short hair submission for my style blog and would love to include you! Just send a pic, or two or three of your short hair to sarah at cablecarcouture dot com by the 31st.

    Cable Car Couture