Sunday, January 27, 2013

inspiration monday: cheek to cheek

the inspiration

megan bird

dress ~ TJ Maxx
shirt ~ swap
boots ~ Nordstrom Rack
earrings ~ hand-me-down from nora

nora bird

dress and shirt~ hand-me-downs from megan
boots~ F21
necklace ~ Etsy, gift from jim

i have had some back issues in the past and have gone to physical therapy for them. unfortunately, pt didn't really help, and my insurance barely covered it, so i ended up paying over $100 a shot for each appointment. chris and i decided that instead of pt, i should get a massage every month; it's cheaper, it's more relaxing, and the place i go serves wine while you wait, so i was in.

i went on saturday for my january appointment. the woman i normally see was out sick, so i got a new masseuse. luckily it was a woman, as i always feel a bit more uncomfortable with men. however, when she began the massage, my eyes opened wide with shock...luckily i was lying on my stomach.

why, you ask? well, i began on my stomach, completely covered with a sheet. but, the minute she started the massage, she removed the sheet, so that the only part of my body covered were my lower legs. yep, big butt, out there. big. naked. butt.

i tried to relax, knowing she was a professional. what i didn't know was that she would work on my big naked butt for 30 minutes of the 60 minute massage. not even kidding. apparently i have a very knotty backside. (saying that out loud sounds weird.) 

just when i started to feel comfortable with her massaging my naked cheeks, she would dig her fingers into a specific knot and literally jiggle her hand, so my whole (big naked) butt would just shake like a plate of jello during an earthquake. she did that more than once, and i was never ok with it.

in the end, though, she delivered a stellar massage, and i will see her again, despite the em(bare)(ass)ment. who knew i carried so much tension in my buns? now you all do, i guess! 

and on that note, happy monday!!


two birds


  1. OK that is hilarious. I would have died. Sitting here with rob explaining your funny. You both are absolute beauties in these!!!! Dawn suitcase vignettes

  2. that is a little awkward!! but think about how many butts she sees and how many are probably not as nice as yours? :) (Hope that isn't weird to say?) I LOVE the tied flannel over the maxi dresses. I need to copy!

  3. can i just say i love both of your looks WAY better than hers! u guys look how u r turning a maxi into a winter piece :)

    XO Meghan

  4. This post has really made my day! I laughed out loud more than once! em(bare)(ass)ment? Genius!

    A regular massage is a fabulous idea (and in a place that serves wine, hello!!).

    You both look great - love that you both decided to tie the shirt in a knot. I couldn't make this look work, I only have one plaid shirt and none of my maxi dresses go with it...

  5. Hahahaha that would make SO uncomfortable, no matter how much wine was involved.

    Love the color of your maxi, Megan :)

  6. I was SO not a fan of the inspiration look, but I think both of you interpreted it into something more approachable/less bag-lady-ish. (Don't tell Drew I said that!)

    I was going to go have a massage for my birthday coming up, but now I'm worried about suffering a similar em(bare)(ass)ment. Yikes!

  7. Haha oh my gosh! I probably would've gotten up and left! Your experience is exactly why I don't get massages...I would've been sooo uncomfortable.

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    January Group Giveaway!

  8. hahahah well at least she was good! lol beautiful looks from you both xo

  9. Hahahha, a story to remember for sure :)

  10. oh wow!! this is such a unique look!! but i love the second one~!!! i wish i tried this!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  11. LOL, that is too funny! I have a rather, um, tickle-ish behind so I tend to not like the masseuse to work on that area!

    I knew you'd both rock this look quite well and you totally did! I was unable to make it work for me unfortunately, but I love what you both did!!

  12. Ok - I seriously just laughed out loud at work! Too funny!

  13. Oh my goodness! that sounds terribly uncomfortable/ embarassing! Thanks for the Monday morning giggle. I really needed that. I wish I had participated in this inspiration monday! Those maxis are too cute:)

  14. haha! This is so funny! I can totally relate. As a runner I get really bad knots at the base of my butt and so when I went for a couples massage and I had a guy massaging me and my husband had a woman I had to tell the (very young) guy that I literally wanted him to "work my butt" LOL. He did not feel very comfortable doing that I can tell you with my husband right next to me. He barely touched it. It was like he had little delicate fairy hands!

    I love the red dress and plaid : )


  15. I'm always nervous when I get a massage with a practitioner I've never seen before too. Thanks for sharing your bare bits with us, LOL.

    And, you two young ladies look Amazing. You have really taken the inspiration look and styled really cute outfits.

    Sue xo

  16. HA! And THIS is why I'm still not completely comfortable with massages. I'm glad it was a good one though! Those outfits look both cute and comfortable!

  17. Thank you for my laugh out loud moment on a grey rainy monday!!

  18. oh my word! i have gotten many massages but I have never had someone work on my backside for that long! Maybe you do have an knotty backside! ;) Thanks for the laugh!

  19. You both NAILED the look. I love both of your inspirations.



  20. How utterly embarassing! I'd have been inwardly screaming!!! Knotty buns indeed!
    Loving the outfits- totally got it and interesting the way you both knotted your shirts! Love the hawaian-style print Nora and I love the way you matched your maxi to the piping in the shirt Megan!x

  21. So cute that you're wearing hand-me-downs from each other and great interpretations of the look! How awkward about your masseuse's focus - I don't think I could have taken 30 minutes of butt-kneading, and the jiggling to boot. :) But how wonderful that you get a glass of wine on your way in! :)

  22. The place we go has a mom and son and I have had both massage me and yes, the bum massage for me was so painful. I like my neck and shoulders better. Now I want a massage! Mine does not have wine though. Hope you feel great.

  23. Love the way you styled this! :) Super cute inspiration photo too!

  24. I love Drew's look and maxi skirts in winter, well done!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  25. Gorgeous outfit! Absolutely love it!


  26. I like both of your outfits. I am not sure what I would have thought about that massage, though I do see how it could help.

  27. HAHAHA!! "Knotty butt", "em(bare)(ass)ment" Oh my gosh that is hilarious! I've had them massage my butt before but through the blanket not bare! Lol.
    I couldn't bring myself to try this one, I think it's too out there for me. Plus I don't own any plaid and only 1 maxi dress haha. But you both made it actually look cute! I love Megan's ve!

  28. So funny. I would have been soooo uncomfortable. I love that you shared this. Fun pattern mixing today too :)

  29. I just cackled out LOUD! Oh dear. I have NEVER had one whip the sheet off me quite like that! EEEKKK!

    This is a great look! I'm gonna go check out my closet NOW!

  30. Oh my goodness, that doesn't sound like a relaxing experience at all!! I don't know how you didn't start to awkwardly laugh!

    Love the way both of you ladies have styled your looks!

    Kate xo

  31. the two birds are rocking the plaid and the maxi dresses! i think i would feel uncomfortable with that massage too. it's super she did a great job. my favorite part in this post is the
    "em(bare)(ass)ment". somebody's clever, and it isn't me. ;)

  32. I adore how you gals winterized some maxi dresses and also cas'd them out! Tying a button-down over one is a great idea!

  33. You girls did such a better job with this challenge than I did, in fact I think everyone did a better job than I did
    I wish I would have thought to tie my shirt at the waist!

  34. haha that sounds like such an awkward situation! Lol. but now that you've been to one appointment I bet you won't think twice about it!

    You guys both nailed Drew's look/outfit.

  35. this is my first time with your meme -- fun, fun, fun!

    Mizz Nora, your combo makes my pattern maxing brain cells smile -- totally wacky, yet it works!


  36. Hi there! You both look amazing in your inspired outfits, check tartan looks great with a plain or floral maxi skirt! Hope you feel good after the massage too! Have a great week!!

  37. I actually have the clothes to pull this one off. Thanks for the new outfit idea!

  38. As a fellow, new Minnesotan (so excited to have just found your blog, by the way!), I completely respect the wearing of summer dresses in winter-time. You came up with some very fun, Drew-inspired looks!