Thursday, January 31, 2013

frugal feathers: vegas baby

dress ~ kirna zabete for Target, thrifted: $6.99
tights ~ Marshalls: $1.99
shoes ~ thrifted: $5.99
belt ~ came with another dress: free

as you are reading this, chances are i will either be sleeping or drinking or eating. our little sister celebrated her 30th birthday on wednesday, so chris and i decided to make a surprise visit to her and her husband in vegas. she has no idea.

the main reason we are visiting is, of course, to see my sis and to celebrate her birthday. however, i do have an ulterior motive. you see, chris has never been to vegas, and all of his friends keep talking about an infamous bachelor party there this summer. i decided that the first time chris went to vegas would not be for his bachelor party. it just doesn't sound sounds, perhaps, like the plot of a hilarious movie.

so we're in vegas, and even though i'm writing this post ahead of time, i can only assume we're having fun.

do you have big weekend plans?

have a great one!
megan bird

outfit of the day(bird): the outfit

tunic~ b. (a resale shop)
necklace~ Etsy, gift
sweater/belt~ thrifted
leggings~ Heartbreaker
boots~ vintage, two birds

i have worn this outfit more times than i can count in the past few weeks. i switch out the belt and the boots to change things up a bit trick people into thinking it's a new outfit, but the rest stays the same. do you ever do that? find an outfit and think, "yeah, this works." and then you just wear it, like, every day??? because i do it a lot and i really hope i am not alone in this. it's cute, it's easy, and i'm on my way. no fuss. it's about time for me to switch it up, though. once my friends and family have seen me in the same thing for about the tenth time they start to wonder if i ever wash these clothes (which i do) or why i have a closet packed with other clothes when i only wear this one outfit. and the answer to that is, obviously, because i need something to wear while this is in the wash. duh.

i hope you all have a fabulous day!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

inspiration picture for february 4: annasophia robb

i am not going to lie to you. i have been dvr-ing the carrie diaries (in which annasophia plays the title character). i haven't actually watched the show yet. and i am sure it will be terrible. but as a huge sex and the city fan (when megan and i lived together we watched it was a standing sunday night date), i had to see what it was all about. how about you? have any of you watched? like i said, i'm sure it's horrible. but annasophia looks very pretty in this pretty we will be dressing like her on monday. we hope you will, too! don't know how to play? click here.

see you monday!

xoxo, two birds

love*birds: 1.30.13

things i am loving this week:
~ ben has started "talking" nonstop. he says, "dadadadadadadada" and then looks at me proudly with his huge, toothless grin. it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. i love hearing his sweet little voice.
~ mimi and i have been doing lots of fun art projects lately, since it has been much too cold to go outside. yesterday, we built a rocket ship!
~ it was actually warm enough last night, when jim got home, for some daddy/daughter snowman building and a nice walk.
~ pilates. i used to do it all of the time and have recently been getting back into it. six-pack abs are for sure in my future! (okay, probably not, but a girl can dream.)
~ kale sauteed in olive oil and a little salt. i have been eating that every day for lunch and it is so good it doesn't even seem healthy!
~ trader joe's dark chocolate non-pareils. because when you eat kale for lunch, you can indulge in a little dark chocolate. okay, even if you don't eat kale for lunch, dark chocolate is always a good idea.
~ it's our baby sister's golden birthday today. love you, kristin!!!

and here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird
90s floral romper

okay, so i am pretty sure i had this exact romper in 8th grade. but, whatever, i could totally pull it off 20 years later, right???

skeleton key necklace

this is such a lovely necklace! i love the vintage feel. and the skeleton key is so tiny but so detailed!

vintage leopard shirt

vintage leopard print! this shirt is just so cool and sassy. i am pretty sure this has to be mine.

vintage pendelton blanket

i have totally been coveting a vintage pendelton blanket. this one is amazing. and in such great condition for being almost 90 years old!

80s ombre sweater

i don't really wear a lot of pink, but i would make an exception for this adorable sweater! it's perfectly slouchy and looks so comfortable!

holly (holly dolly) looks absolutely adorable in this outfit (that she wore to eat dessert for dinner. yum!) oh, and that sequin skirt is thrifted and her faux-fur snood is handmade! seriously. awesome.

remember that rocket ship i mentioned earlier? behold the "mimi stargazer". pretty awesome, right?

megan bird
stacked infinity rings
i love the texture of these rings, and the sweet little infinity symbol in the middle. dainty, but still makes a statement!

silk cream dress
i love the collar of this dress. i also love that i could wear it to a huge meal, and still look cute and feel comfortable!

vintage lace banner
this beauty would fit right in with our wedding decor. i love it!

vintage platform sandals
it's about that time of year that i start really longing for summer. painted toes and platform sandals....these are the perfect summer sandal staples!

embellished trench coat
before summer, we have to have spring (i can't wait for that, either)...and i couldn't think of a cuter way to play in the april showers than in this trench!

i love jamie's (of Forever 81) vest and flannel combo in this post. she looks so cozy and so chic. i might need to get a vest just like this!


henry got his sling off last thursday. while he still has a few more weeks until his collarbone is fully healed, having his sling off is a pretty big deal!

what are you loving this week?

two birds

Monday, January 28, 2013

bird.i.y.: save the dates!

as promised, here are our save the dates. i blocked out our last names...don't take offense, it's nothing personal! i knew when we got engaged (who am i kidding, i knew long before we got engaged) that i wanted to do a fun movie-themed save the date. picking out the movies was a lot harder than coming up with the idea, though. i thought grease, and then realized that i didn't want to wear spandex. chris' favorite movie is moulin rouge, but that one isn't a very happy ending, so it was out. the dirty dancing lift would have been too hard. nora even suggested lady and the tramp, but did we really want to dress up as dogs? in the end, this is what we came up with. while not everyone on our invite list will know what movies they are, we still love how they turned out. can you guess what movies? i will have a side by side to let you know!

and here is the side by side:

~ 16 candles
~ pretty woman
~ the notebook

chris and i spent a good amount of time taking the 16 candles picture ourselves. it was a friday night and we went through a pack of candles and about two hours and 75 photos. i think the one we used was literally the last one we took. we had to throw the cake away it was so full of wax. we then realized there was no way we could do the next ones ourselves, so we called nora. she came over the next morning, and like a true sister and friend, she took about 50 shots of chris and i kissing (or almost kissing) in the shower. yep, we are actually in our shower, water pouring over our heads in that last photo. all in all, i'm really happy with how they turned out.

megan bird

Sunday, January 27, 2013

inspiration monday: cheek to cheek

the inspiration

megan bird

dress ~ TJ Maxx
shirt ~ swap
boots ~ Nordstrom Rack
earrings ~ hand-me-down from nora

nora bird

dress and shirt~ hand-me-downs from megan
boots~ F21
necklace ~ Etsy, gift from jim

i have had some back issues in the past and have gone to physical therapy for them. unfortunately, pt didn't really help, and my insurance barely covered it, so i ended up paying over $100 a shot for each appointment. chris and i decided that instead of pt, i should get a massage every month; it's cheaper, it's more relaxing, and the place i go serves wine while you wait, so i was in.

i went on saturday for my january appointment. the woman i normally see was out sick, so i got a new masseuse. luckily it was a woman, as i always feel a bit more uncomfortable with men. however, when she began the massage, my eyes opened wide with shock...luckily i was lying on my stomach.

why, you ask? well, i began on my stomach, completely covered with a sheet. but, the minute she started the massage, she removed the sheet, so that the only part of my body covered were my lower legs. yep, big butt, out there. big. naked. butt.

i tried to relax, knowing she was a professional. what i didn't know was that she would work on my big naked butt for 30 minutes of the 60 minute massage. not even kidding. apparently i have a very knotty backside. (saying that out loud sounds weird.) 

just when i started to feel comfortable with her massaging my naked cheeks, she would dig her fingers into a specific knot and literally jiggle her hand, so my whole (big naked) butt would just shake like a plate of jello during an earthquake. she did that more than once, and i was never ok with it.

in the end, though, she delivered a stellar massage, and i will see her again, despite the em(bare)(ass)ment. who knew i carried so much tension in my buns? now you all do, i guess! 

and on that note, happy monday!!


two birds

Friday, January 25, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): huggies

dress~ thrifted
shirt~ F21
snood~ gift
belt~ H&M
leggings~ Heartbreaker
socks~ Opening Ceremony, gift
booties~ thrifted

my sisters and i all have these leggings. i wear them all of the time. they are the best leggings ever, seriously. they are thick enough that you can't see through them but thin enough to wear under anything. they don't stretch out, so you can wear them many times before washing (what? don't look at me like that!) and they are lined with fleece. yes, i did say, lined with fleece! so, they are super warm and cozy. megan found them at heartbreaker and then emailed all of us about how awesome they were. so, of course, we sent our sister, izzy (otherwise known as our personal leggings buyer), to buy us each a pair. izzy tried them on and immediately fell in love with their coziness. she sent a mass sister email (we do that a lot. like a lot a lot.) and said, "these aren't leggings. they are like a hug for each of my legs." and so, of course, we started calling them our "huggies". because, you know, that's not weird at all. now i have to be careful when i talk about my leggings in public. because you get odd looks from strangers when, as an adult, you say any of the following:

~ i wish i had two pairs of huggies so i could wear one when this pair is dirty.
~ my huggies were still wet so i couldn't wear them today.
~ i wonder if they make huggies in different colors? because a blue or a green pair might be super cute!
~ do my huggies look funny tucked into my socks?
~ do these huggies make my butt look big?

yes. this is my life. i talk about my leggings. a lot. and then i write blog posts about them. fascinating, i know!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, January 24, 2013

bird.i.y.: valentine's day print

i need to start with a disclaimer. this isn't really a diy. i mean, it is in the sense that i did it myself. but i'm not trying to post a tutorial here. i am well aware that this is probably one of the easiest projects one person could do. can you use scissors? paint a heart? stamp? then you can do this. this is kind of like if i cut off a pair of jeans and posted a diy on how to make jean shorts. so, please don't think i'm trying to condescend by calling this a diy. it was just a fun project that turned into something pretty cute, if i do say so myself.

onto the project. chris and i have a "no buy" policy for valentine's day. it has to be handmade, or nothing at all. i literally had this stuff all in our house; that is one of the perks of being a hoarder...i happened to have a vintage frame, a huge old atlas, a letter stamp set and paint to make this gift. i didn't have to leave the house at all, which was a plus.

if you are not a hoarder, all you will need is a frame of your choosing, a map of some sort (i chose one with minnesota on it to make it local), and painting supplies. oh, and if you can print or paint letters nicely, you won't need stamps. i'm not a big fan of my own handwriting, and like i said, i had stamps on hand, so i used stamps for the wording. but you don't have to.

if you ever find an old atlas while thrifting, buy it. you can do so many things with old map pages. i got this guy for 50¢.

i cut a heart out of cardboard and traced it onto the map. i chose our neighborhood to place the heart over.

i pulled out my very organized paints and brushes.
and my very professional pallet (we have about 50 old cds..i figured i'd put them to use!)

i painted the heart as steadily as i could. i used a few coats to cover up most of the map lines, but i thought it would also look cool (and heart like) to have some of them show through.

next, i pulled out the stamps. this is where i knew i could screw it all up. i never use a ruler to measure where i'm going to put the words. i just don't have patience for crafts like that. but, i also knew that i wanted this to look a little amateur-ish, so i wasn't too worried.

i stamped away...and drew an arrow (not my best arrow). get it? not only is chris here in minnesota, he is here in my heart.

and voila, the finished product!

easy peasy lemon breezy!!

what do you all do for valentine's day?

megan bird

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

inspiration picture for january 28: drew barrymore

the inspiration
drew barrymore
we really just wanted a reason to wear our summer maxi dresses in the cold, cold of winter. i for one would have never thought to wear a flannel over a maxi dress, so now i have a reason to try. will it be a big fail or a big success? check back on monday to find out. in the meantime, click here if you want to play along with us!!
two birds

love*birds: 1.23.13

things i am loving this week:
~ thoughts of summer. it's about this time of year that i really start craving dresses and sandals. but heck, at this point, i'd take a 20 degree day and be happy with it! i might even wear dresses and sandals!
~ chris. man genius that he is, he has fixed both of our car's problems in the span of a week. in -20 degree weather. without complaining.
~ short weeks. long weekends are great, and with them come short weeks. the week is already half over!!
~ my funny kids. even when i'm mad at them, my kids can make me laugh. it's a sneaky and conniving gift that they know they have. i sometimes have to leave the room to laugh if i am still punishing them for being naughty.
~ leggings. need i say more?

and here are a few more things we are loving this week.

megan bird
heart necklace
i am a sucker for anything with hearts on it. especially if it's a cute necklace with a vintage flare!

virginia hoodie
this hoodie is so unique in so many ways. from the cool snood-like hood to the lace and ribbon to the fun detailing. i'm in love!

vintage ruffle dress
i want to wear this every day. you know, to work, target, picking my kids up from school. and i'd skip in in...because you can't just walk in this dress! as a side note, i pretty much love everything from this seller!

40's style trousers
i want a stylist to come to my house and do my hair like this every day, and then i want legs that are three inches longer, and then i want to wear these pants and look this elegant every day!!

love print
i think this is so darling. the sweet little girl and the arrows...i just love it!

bianca from style me sweetly shows us three very cute ways to wear a very adorable lace dress in this post. i'm not sure which way is my favorite, but all i know is that she's adorable!

this was at the end of the johnny cash tribute concert last friday. it summed up the kind of night we!

nora bird

with the freezing weather we are experiencing, i am dreaming of wearing gorgeous dresses in bright, springtime colors. this dress is adorable. i love the colorblocking and the awesome print on the skirt!

don't y'all think ben needs some heart patch comfy pants, perfect for valentine's day??? the answer to that question is yes. of course he does! so cute!!!

so simple and so pretty! hand-drawn and hand pulled in eco-friendly ink. so awesome. this needs to be hanging in my house.

i am really into pretty, dainty necklaces lately. i love the simple design on this one. and it may be tiny, but it is sure to make a statement!

why oh why are these not my size??? they are so cool! (megan, i think you need these.)

chioma (chioma's evolution of style) is wearing such a gorgeous mix of colors and prints in this outfit. i love the leopard and mustard paired together. she looks amazing!


i love just chilling with my kids on weekend mornings. they are the best.

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds