Tuesday, December 18, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): good things

sweater ~ Arden B., thrifted
jeans ~ H&M
booties ~ Forever 21
earrings ~ from nora

i have been in a mild funk for about a week now. i am feeling sartorially uninspired, i need a haircut, it's cold and i lost my camera charger (thanks to nora bird who let me borrow her camera). i know none of those things are a big deal, but they, plus hormones have put me in a bit of a rut. so instead of focusing on the very petty bad stuff, i decided to make a list of what makes me unequivocally happy.

~ my kids. they are at an age now where we can joke together and really get each other (maybe it's because i have the mentality of a seven-year old). but really, they make me laugh on a daily basis, and are still young enough that they want to snuggle with me.
~ chris. he's a given. he sometimes makes me mad and frustrated, but at the end of the day, he's mine and i love him. he has unlimited patience and a heart bigger than the grinch on christmas day.
~ my family. we were running late from work one day last week after a huge snowstorm. i knew we wouldn't make it on time, and had about five minutes to get the kids picked up from after-school care. i called my mom, and without question, she hopped in her car and got the kids picked up in time. how amazing is it to have a family so close, in both distance and relationship, to be able to count on them in any kind of pinch?
and on a more material level:
~ shopping. somehow when i am feeling down, shopping almost always makes me feel better. and it doesn't have to be for myself, either...i just love the act of digging and searching and finding the perfect thing.
~ leggings. what more can i say? anytime i can't figure out what to wear in the winter, i pull on a pair of leggings. it's like jammies that you can wear out.
~ boots. again, my go-to winter foot wear. i am always on the search for the perfect pair, which explains why i have so many pairs!!
~ the three best christmas songs:
1. oh come all ye faithful by elvis presley. other versions are great, but his is the hands-down winner.
2. once upon a christmas by kenny rogers and dolly parton. they will always be one of my favorite duos. this song reminds me of growing up, and my sisters and i always sing it on christmas morning.
3. little drummer boy by bing crosby and david bowie. bing crosby and david bowie...need i say more?

many more things make me happy, like hearing from each of you every day...so thanks for coming around to read about our little corner of the world five days a week. i'd love to hear what things are making you happy today!

megan bird


  1. You look fantastic in these photos - your wrap sweater is AMAZING! Such an awesome pattern! You definitely don't look like you're in a sartorial funk!
    I think it might be that time of year, because it seems everyone I know is in a bit of a funk (dark afternoons, gross weather) and don't even get me started on hormones! I think you're doing all the right things - hope you feel unfunked soon!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  2. I like your attitude! I know what you mean they seem like small things but piled up they can be very frustrating. however I like how you've made a great list of all the things to be grateful for! leggings are definitely a wonderful thing haha. during wintertime you will NOT see me in anything else lol.

    Metallic Paws

  3. you look awesome! that top is gorgeous on u!

    XO Meghan

  4. The wrap sweater is really cute! Shopping usually makes me feel better too...probably why I have a fashion blog, ha. :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  5. LOVING that jacket!
    Today I'm enjoying getting my iPhone back from being repaired, I have missed it!
    I have one more day left at work and then I'm off until the 2nd and despite having a cold I feel more relaxed than I have in ages :O)
    Hope you're feeling cheerier soon x

  6. Lovely sweater...my favorite.

    Well, all is well in our home, yet I am still weepy at the thought of CT.

    So thankful for you and Nora!

    Merry Christmas again!!;)

  7. Love these jeans! Such a cute cut. Sorry you're in a funk, but smart to list things you love. I really need a pair of boots. Can you believe I don't own a pair?! Weird huh?!

  8. Bummer you've been in a funk - I can relate, I've been up and down this holiday season - but I think your list gives you great reasons to smile! Hope this week gets better! Oh and I love your sweater. And also - re: your comment on my blog yesterday - I'd love to go thrifting with you if you have time while we're both off of work!

  9. Your sweater is the cutest!

    Making a list of things I love always puts me in a better mood. It's a long list if I really give it the time to think about it.:)

  10. That's so awesome you're mom can do that for your family. So helpful that you can rely on family like that. I like to do shopping therapy too, or in this case, thrifting therapy.

  11. I love the graphic black and white sweater! Today I'm happy I woke up early enough to do yoga, take out the trash, and still get to work 30 mins early for a meeting !Being an adult victory!

  12. Love the sweater... great find.
    And we all have funks from time to time. AND Shopping is one of the best remedies. Along with giggles.

  13. fabulous sweater and i love classic christmas songs too. we all get into a funk. glad to see it's not keeping you down. you look great!

  14. This blog makes me happy! you seriously tell the best stories! :) Love this sweater, looks great on you!

  15. I've been in a funk too. Love you and your family. You always know how to make me chuckle on a day to day basis. Love ya! Merry Christmas :)

  16. I love that sweater on you, and I love your list! Shopping, boots and Christmas music would definitely be on mine too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. I think I need to start making lists like this. I HATE when little things pile up like that. I had a week like that last week and it was just really annoying to get back up from it. I love seeing all the things you love in your life - surely you have a lot going for you! And I LOVE that black and white kimono-ish top too - such a neat shape

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  18. Nice to start counting your blessings! You say it in a really lovely way! Also loving the top!

  19. I LOVE this sweater wrap Megan!!!!!! You look so chic :)

  20. sorry you are in a funk! I am right there with you. it has been harder and harder for me to want to take pictures and blog. BUT your sweater is so cute and comfy looking!

  21. hope things turn around for you soon. and if it's any consolation, you look absolutely fab in that outfit! the boots and wrap sweater look rockin, dear! :)

  22. You look gorgeous. When I'm in a funk I look a hot mess so you get points here :)

    Hope you have a great day.

  23. LOVE LOVE that top! beautiful look xo

  24. well, you look adorable despite the funk! I've been struggling with my wardrobe too. it just makes me want to shop more. most recent bout of happiness: successful gluten free cookies that taste really yummy!

  25. Megan, I am in a blog funk for reasons not clear to me yet. I hope that you and Nora know that I'm not a total ass about it. I'm just funkin out and hoping to be back soon. I still love reading you both. That sweater looks awesome on you. Love this outfit and your sweet list of things you appreciate and cherish. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo