Thursday, December 13, 2012

new loves and old friends: is it bad? dirty floors

old friends
blazer~ vintage, thrifted
new loves
shirt~ F21
boots~ Pink & Pepper, DSW
necklace~ b. (a resale shop)
leggings~ Target

~ is it bad that i have been meaning to scrub both my kitchen and bathroom floors for about a month and have yet to do so?
~ is it bad that both of my kids nap, at the same time, for about 2+ hours every afternoon, giving me ample time to scrub the floors without interruption, and i still have not done it?
~ is it bad that every time i think about scrubbing the floors i find about ten other things that i "need" to do?
~ is it bad that my kitchen is tiny and my bathroom even teeny tinier and it would probably take me all of a half hour to scrub both rooms and yet, every time i think about doing so, it is with dread?
~ is it bad that yesterday, instead of scrubbing the floors, i spent some time playing with the new remote we just got for our camera? yeah, you see that there in my right hand? that's procrastination.
~ is it bad that i bought these boots last week in an online-shopping-instead-of-scrubbing-the-floors moment?
~ is it bad that i could have totally scrubbed the floors instead of writing this blog post? (hey, this blog doesn't write itself, people!)

okay, i should probably go scrub those floors...

have a great day!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I sometimes get my camera remote in a picture too. I like the warmth and coziness of this look! The jacket and boots are to die for, especially, and I completely understand the procrastination. Now I'm beginning to think that it's normal...-Jessica L

  2. THOSE boots are SO amazing! Haha, so it is definitely not bad that you bought these rather than scrubbing floors. There is always time for that ;) Boots can sell out!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. Yep, I prograstinate scrubbing floors (and pretty much all cleaning in general) as much as possible. I pretty much wait until we have company. Always.
    Anyway, I love that blazer, what an awesome find!

  4. You look great! The back of those boots are amazing. I do that all the time, put off a chore until we have guests come over then I quickly do it all.

  5. Haha I would've chosen all of those things over the floors! Your new boots are so cute and they look just as good from the back!

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    Earrings Giveaway!

  6. Love this outfit, especially the mixture of stripes and plaid. I procrastinate on chores pretty much all the time, so I definitely don't judge:)

  7. You look so cute, I love those boots. No one wants to scrub floors.. I think I would find any and all excuses to avoid scrubbing floors too!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. I LOVE that jacket and those boots. Eh, my kitchen floor is always a mess! I'm always in a hurry making breakfast and packing my lunch for work so stuff just spills and falls and I always say I'll do it later and then I just don't want to. I feel your pain!

  9. When it comes to scrubbing floors I'm always doing something else too! So not fun!

    I love your boots - they're really unique! And they look great with the blazer!

  10. That necklace is so pretty! Perfect touch for your outfit.

  11. The boots! The necklace! Love them. And this sounds like the story of my life. Cleaning? Who needs it?!

  12. Love your outfit!! I have to laugh because I would be able to get so much done if I would just stay off the computer.

    It is not bad.... you are BUSY and have a life besides scrubbing floors

  13. You are a naughty girl and I love it!!
    The boots are so cute! It sounds like you got your priorities right, sister! LOL

  14. Nope, it's not bad...a little quiet 'me' time is absolutely crucial to mommy happiness and sanity! You are actually doing it for your family because those precious minutes every day help you remain the lovely person you are. Remind them of this if they forget.

    Love this outfit, from the boots to the necklace to combination of plaid and stripes.

  15. Not bad at all. Tis the season to forget the dirty house--it's only gonna get dirtier the closer it gets to Christmas. I loooooooove your new boots and that jacket is su-weet!

  16. I really love your hair. Have I said that? I love it. And this outfit is grea.t And I never remember to clean my bathroom/kitchen floors either, it's hard to do and pain for sure.

    <3 katherine

  17. love the plaid tweed with the stripes and those boots..
    just fabulous

  18. hahahahaha! there are certain things in the house that i dread too and fine EVERYthing else to do. this was so funny. really cool boots!

  19. Great blazer hun!

    xo Jennifer

  20. I am swooning over those boots. They are gorgeous. And I love the pendant necklace!

  21. Nora this is great and i love the "is it bad" segment on your blog. I swiffer and don't scrub anything by the way, well except for the toilet and tub. Boots are gorgeous and so are you. Love the over sized blazer with the boots and your hair cut is great. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  22. Love your look - the boots are fabulous!
    I'm in the same boat with washing the floor - I will do ANYTHING but wash them. It's a chore I can (and might) put it off forever.

  23. Fab boots! I love this look on you :) Cute necklace!


  24. Haha love this post! Nothing wrong with doing other things besides scrubbing the floors ;)

    Love your outfit!! Especially your boots!