Wednesday, December 5, 2012

love*birds: 12.5.12

things i am loving this week:
~ my snuggly kids.
~ warm weather in december. gotta love it!
~ having almost all of my christmas shopping done! yes! i am never this on top of things.
~ flannel sheets and feather beds. i just winterized our bed and it is so cozy!
~ an at least semi-clean house. i am doing a little here and there instead of trying to get it all done at once and becoming completely overwhelmed!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

such a pretty party dress! i love floral prints in the winter. and the lace, "make believe collar" is so cute!

silver antler ring

i. love. this. ring. so. much.

whale tissue holder

i have never seen tissues look so cute! we use a lot of tissue in this house during the winter months. why not display them in style?

 infinity scarf

i love an infinity scarf. i love one even more when you can wear it multiple ways! so versatile!

lace blouse

this blouse is gorgeous! i love the lace detail. but the back of the blouse is what sold me. how cute!

megan (Feathers and Freckles) is pretty much the queen of thrifting. case in point, she thrifted the dress, blazer and purse from this adorable outfit! amazing.

this was mimi's first time instagramming. she took the picture and helped pick the filter. so cute!

megan bird
vintage summer dress
i don't care that this is a summer dress. throw on some tights and a cardi and call it winter! i love it that much!

scalloped necklace
i love the simplistic beauty of this necklace. cute enough to be subtle, but unique enough to make a statement!

eco blue circle skirt
not only does this skirt have the best pockets around, it's also made from organic cotton and hemp. i love it!

gomax selma bootie
nora got a gift certificate to DSW for her birthday and asked for help finding some cute boots. i think she should pay it forward and use her certificate to buy me these. what do you think?

tassel hood hat
i never knew i needed one of these until i saw it on etsy. bring it on minnesota winter...i'm ready for you!

i love rachel's (Life Unsweetened) minimalist "party on the bottom" outfit here. i am one who usually is a little too much in the statement piece category, so i love that she takes one great pair of statement pants and pairs them with the perfect white blouse!

i emptied out eva's coin purse the other day, and this is what i found. i love that she carries around a picture of her brother. heart melting.

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. Love that scalloped necklace and floral party dress! And yes, I have never been this on top of Christmas shopping either - I'm practically all finished and it's only December 5th :)

    1. I totally skipped over the part about me - you guys are too sweet. Thanks for the shout out. Thrifters for life! ;)

  2. I'm loving the December heat wave too! Although here it's going to be back to 45 tomorrow, boo. That is so sweet that Eva had the photo in her coin purse!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. i love that infinity scarf!! and I am always amazed at what Megan finds at thrift stores!!!

  4. I love infinity scarves too, I don't have a true infinity scarf, but I like wrapping mine around my neck like one! And I agree Megan on the dress, why not winterize a summer dress! Get more life out of it!

  5. You have your Christmas shopping done?! I sort of hate you a little bit right now.;) I've got a lot left on my lists!

  6. I'm loving being able to wear all my scarfs finally! And I adore that tassle hat!

  7. The reindeer ring is so cute and original. I like your phrase 'winterizing the bed' too!

  8. a lot of cute stuff! super love that deer ring xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. That vintage summer dress is perfect. And the whale tissue box is somewhat hilarious, love it!

  10. Loving the tassel hood hat!!! And pretty much everything else... not sure how you girls do this post without going to buy it all!!


  11. I've been coveting that antler ring as well.. it keeps showing up on pinterest. :-)

  12. My kids have been super snuggly this week as well, and I'm loving it.

    That whale tissue holder is beyond adorable!

  13. Ack! Mimi and Ben are too cute! How in the world are you almost finished with Christmas shopping?! Well done- I'm inspired!

  14. I second you on the vintage summer dress Megan- it's gorgeous! You could wear it with a black turtle neck underneath! Lots of loveliness, I adore Mimi's (and Ben's!) first instagram- really cute.x

  15. I want that lace blouse! I am sad that it is starting to get colder again, since I was enjoying the warmer temps.

  16. I love that whale tissue holder. I just can't resist cute and whimsy things like that!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. two birds! loved meeting the new featured gals, but i couldn't post my comments on Rachel's. urgh. let her know, k?
    pokey antler ring? NO (ouch)
    vintage summer dress set with winter accessories? YES
    SCALLOPED NECKLACE - omg-osh!!!!!!! want/need!!!!
    brother's pic w/ her - soooo cute.

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  19. Love the floral dress at the top!! So cute!!