Wednesday, December 12, 2012

love*birds: 12.12.12

things i am loving this week:
~ i just found out i have one more vacation day than i thought this year!!
~ that means that next thursday at noon, i'm done working for the year!!
~ that also means that christmas is coming up soon!
~ that means that our baby sister will be in town soon!
~ i have a pre-holiday massage booked for next week.
~ i also have this friday off!!
~ i'm having the whole family over on friday to celebrate eva's birthday!
~ i get to make enough sesame noodles (eva's dinner pick) to feed 25 people.
~ something very good is happening today....(more on that later.)

and here are some more things we are loving this week.

megan bird
the foxglove party dress
look closely, those are little foxes on the dress. somehow that increases the cute factor exponentially.

chrysanthemun petal clutch
i love these vintage-inspired clutches. and the design on this one would make the most perfectly unique party purse!

infinity love arrow mustache bracelet
there's so much fun going on here. i might have to have this!

faux fur snood
i know i just posted another fur snood in a love*birds post a few weeks ago. and i'm posting this one and am not the least bit sorry for it. i think that means i should just get one. right? i love this one so much, the color and pettability of it makes it perfect in my book!

cap toe heel
i have been on the market for a cute cap-toed heel. these ones are perfect...chunky heel, rounded toe....i love them!

desiree of Pull Your Sock Up! is rocking a bikini in this thoughtful and brave and amazing post. seriously, she amazes me...i don't like putting a bikini on in front of my family, and she did it for all to see....and she looks amazing, i must say!!! go girl!!

we decorated our tree on saturday and were able to get everyone, including a hesitant desi, into a nice family picture. we take one in front of the tree every year! *also, i know chris would be mad if i posted it on the blog, but check me out at @meglets to see him in his full makeover princess glory. (that doesn't count as posting, does it?)

nora bird
snowflake necklace

a snowflake necklace seems appropriate after the piles and piles of snow that were dropped on our state this weekend. i love how sweet and delicate this one is.

hemp and canvas tote

i love this tote. sturdy and big enough to carry all the crap stuff i have to lug around every day. and still so cute!

sequin evening dress

okay, for real though, when would i ever have the opportunity to wear this gorgeous dress? but a gal can dream, can't she? so glamorous!

glitter and chevrons and leopard, oh my!

wouldn't this just be the cutest dress to wear to your next holiday party? the colors are perfect! and it is so chic!

speaking of sparkles and holiday parties, check out this post from ashley of Southern (California) Belle. i think this may be the perfect party outfit! and i love that she just threw it together with stuff that she had in her closet. so great!

i don't have pictures of chris in lip gloss and a tiara (although something might be able to be arranged). but if you like pictures of the cutest, smiley kiddos, check me out on instagram!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Love your picks for today! It sounds like you have so many things to look forward to? I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

    Thank you both for being so sweet across the miles! You make this little blogging

  2. I seriously love every single thing you girls posted today! I also am jealous of Megan for having more vacation than you thought. Figuring out my vacation time always stresses me out because sometimes I think I have more than I do and then when I think I do I assume I calculated something wrong. Bah, oh well. Happy Wednesday!

  3. great picks today! thanks for sharing it with us!!

    XO Meghan

  4. Love that tote! And I am super jealous of your pre-holiday massage and all the time off of work you'll have!! That family photo by the tree is adorable :)

  5. I'm so jealous of all the days off you'll have! My office is open on Christmas, sigh.

    I saw that gold chevron clutch on another blog and I just LOVE it!

    The Tiny Heart
    Earrings Giveaway!

  6. Loving all of your picks, but I have to say, the tiny snowflake necklace is just adorable!


  7. Cool choices! Specially dresses

    Check my new post

  8. Oh dear, I love totes and now I've been introduced to another gorgeous one! Both your family photos are gorgeous!

  9. Those dresses are gorgeous!


  10. What a lovely post Two Birds.
    By the way I love that cute snow flake necklace.
    Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas - it's always my favourite time of year.



  11. That vintage christmas dress is all the rage. I love it. Also, that Etsy site from the first dress is really vintagey and wonderful. dawn suitcase vignettes xo So many goodies!!

  12. Love these clutches! The petal and the envelope clutch are so gorgeous :)

  13. Wonderful finds as usual! And many wonderful things to look forward to Megan! And now I'm curious as to what's happening today!

    And darn it Nora, you found another cute tote! I am in love with it!

  14. I love that mustache bracelet and that super cute sequins dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. oooh... I really think the snowflake necklace is gorgeous... SWOON. I love the dresses too... and the bags...

  16. two birds! well nice collection! i love the snowflake necklace (i am all about dainty necklaces) and the red party dress, yes!

    did you see my post today? it was suppose to be my inspiration monday pic but i didn't want to post it cuz is fuzzy. today i am studying my camera!

  17. I love the family shots! That dress and snood are rather fine! The arrow bracelet is brilliant! I saw an arrow necklace on Sunday and I thought of you!

  18. That snowflake necklace is the sweetest!

    And hooray for extra vacation days:)

  19. Both the instagrams are cuter than allowed :) I love the sparkle chevron clutch, need to get me one of those!

  20. yeah for an extra work day! and LOVE that tote!

  21. All wonderful choices - I especially love the fox print dress and clutches! Best to you and your family and thanks so much for including my vintage dress.
    Brooke @

  22. i'm so glad i don't have to make sesame noodles for 25 people. what are sesame noodles asks the girl, who can't cook very well? have a fun vacation! :D

  23. so many pretty things in this post, the necklace, the braclets, that dress & headband! great pics. also you have such a sweet family, I bet your kids can't wait till the 25th!

  24. a pre-holiday massage sounds like a very good idea!!
    you picked some fabulous things for this post

  25. Thank you so much for featuring my Bikini Kill post you lovely chickadees!! You're so kind and I'm so happy you enjoyed my 'reveal' :)) xo

  26. Thank you for the feature Megan and Nora! I'm so very flattered :)



    Southern (California) Belle