Monday, December 17, 2012

inspiration monday: the sweater

the inspiration
leona lewis
megan bird

dress ~ b. (a resale shop)
trench ~ thrifted
earrings and booties ~ F21
tights ~ Marshalls

nora bird

scarf ~ knit by mom
dress ~ from friend erin
coat ~ F21
tights ~ Target
boots ~ vintage, thrifted

i did a really pathetic thing this weekend and it all started with a christmas party. our friends had their annual party, complete with a bartender (in their house...very swanky), lots of good music, great friends, and usually someone irish line dancing at about 2 am (not me). needless to say, it's always a good time, and chris has been known to compete in a few dance offs over the years (he always wins). 

this year was no different, it was a ton of fun. there was a woman there whom i had never met. all night i was admiring her gorgeous cape sweater. it was so pretty, and had a faux fur collar, and you all know i love me a faux fur collar. i finally asked her where she got it, hoping it was a recent purchase. she told me that she bought it a few years ago at Michael Kors in chicago, but that she had recently been to the outlet mall nearby and saw them for sale there.

being the obsessed woman that i am, i woke up on sunday morning and decided i needed to go to the outlet mall. it's 45 minutes away, so it wasn't necessarily convenient for me, but i hopped in the car and went anyways. 

and it was a waste. a total waste. yes, the store had the sweater, and yes i adored it...but it was on sale at the outlet mall for $130, and it just wasn't $130 cute. so i found a cheaper version at another store and called it a day. the cheaper version didn't have a fur collar, but that's something i'm sure i can remedy with some more obsessive shopping.

tell me what you this worth $130?

happy monday!
two birds
ps. happy 6th birthday to my baby girl. the sweetest 6th year old i know. i love you, eva bird!!



  1. Although it is gorgeous, I think you made the right choice in passing up the sweater. Paying $130 for something you can only wear a few months out of the year just doesn't seem worth it to me.
    Love both of your looks - very wintertime chic!

  2. Love the cape, but not sure it's worth $130! Glad you got a cheaper version and can't wait to see it. You both look so the pattern mixing, and love that cozy scarf :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. If you love it and can't stop thinking about it then, yes, it is worth it. If you find that in a few days you've not given it another thought then you did the right thing...
    Looking great in this week's inspiration ladies.

  4. Just add a faux fur scarf/ snood/ collar to your existing cape- nobody will be able to tell the difference, trust me ;)

  5. love the cape!

    XO Meghan

  6. I think few things are worth $130, so I approve of your decision to pass it up!! By the way, I love that you woke up early and drove to find it... I've gotten crazy obsessed with clothes and done that before too :D

    And my goodness, Nora, I want to wear that outfit every day - SO my style.

  7. I live that leopard print trench (great find) and the colour of Nora's dress. Even though you got a similar cape, maybe the MK one will get marked down after Christmas?

  8. OK that is a pretty awesome cape sweater thing, but I wouldn't have paid $130 for it either. I like the idea Ignorant Awareness had of adding a faux fur snood to the cape you bought. Those are probably easy to find on the cheap these days.

  9. The cape is marked down now to $101 online, but I think you could get just as cute a look by adding a faux fur scarf or collar to your look-alike sweater. That level of $$$ for me is reserved for outerwear and boots.

    Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

  10. Getting up early and driving to the outlet mall sounds like something I would have done! I tend to fixate on those kind of things too. And while it is lovely and would look great on you, I don't think it's worth $130 sadly. But then again, I don't feel that many things are!

    I love both of your looks, especially Nora's polka dot dress!

  11. The cape is beautiful, but I don't think that it is worth that..but you have to think for yourself as to how much use will you get out out of it, and do you LOVE it that much. I have spent a good deal on certain items IF I can't live without them..50's dresses one of a kind things as far as that goes. It is lovely. Nora, your look is my favorite and it suits you very well.

  12. It's really cute but there's not many clothes I'd spend $130 on! Happy birthday to Eva!

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  13. Only your mom could knit a scarf that awesome - I am jealous. I have been looking for a big chunky scarf like that.

  14. two birds! morning! my comp is toast. i'm borrowing one later today. so i will be back later to do the link up. dumb smartphone wont do link functions, umph. loving both of you & your ootd! cant pull up link yet, but want to say [with my thrifty mind] bet it isnt worth $30 even, hahaha.

  15. I think you made the right decision. It is very nice, but since you can't wear it that often I don't think it's too practical.

    I like Nora's look.


  16. i just clicked on the link and it is VERY CUTE, but I think the price will go down even further after Christmas or the New Year. Keep an eye on it! Love the leopard jacket and Nora I love your polka dot dress, coat and soft scarf. beautiful ladies!

  17. Love both of your looks. Love the coats, boots and well, everything! I adore cold weather outfits :) Enjoy your week!


  18. If Megan discovers her trench is missing, and Nora her scarf - well, there's a chance they may be hiding in a closet down the road in Prior Lake.;)

    That cape is super cute. But I bet you could find a fabulous faux fur scarf and drape it around a cape and you'd be set - without the price tag.

  19. megan and nora! yay! im linked in/up to the meme. my computer crashed and burned on thursday night and VERY luckily i had this post all ready to roll. [which is a rarity of mine] so glad to be on board. yes, i am using a comp at my public library, great fun! glad it is available.

  20. I agree, it's not $130 cute. I can't wait to see what you come up with as an alternative! Happy birthday Eva!

  21. Of course, only Megan would find a leopard trench in a thrift store - it's awesome! And I love your oversized scarf Nora!

  22. ooooh... that is a gorgeous cape... but not sure if it's $130 gorgeous.
    LOVE the animal print and floral together. Super sassy!
    And Nora's chunky scarf looks so warm and fuzzy!

  23. You ladies are adorable! Love the leopard print on Megan and the polka dots on Nora.

  24. Love your different takes on Leona Lewis' look! Nora has a Parisian vibe going on while Megan pulls off a fearless pattern mix.
    And that cape thingy is cute, but not $130 cute.
    Last but not least, happy birthday to Eva! Six is a sweet age. :)

    p.s. I'm running my first giveaway on my blog for Haitian Bead jewelry! Beautiful jewelry, even better cause ... I hope both of you ladies drop by and enter! :)

  25. Oooh, I'm swooning over that sweater! It's £49 over here- that's what it came up as. Which isn't too bad in British terms, though not cheap! I like it very much! Can't resist furry things!
    Love your differing Leona takes- one cute look translated into your fun styles! By the way Nora, loving your hair at the moment!

  26. hey birds! hi! i just realized that i didnt do the link up right on my end. dang! i'm just slightly overwhelmed; dead camera, new crap camera and... now dead computer. i'm just shocked i have a real photo post TODAY! i am bound and determined to blog cuz I LOVE IT SO!!!! thanks for the snaps on my scarf [my $4 scarf] yay-who!!!

  27. That sweater is great! But I wouldn't have spent $130 on it either! Megan I love your pretty dress! And Nora I love your whole ensemble and the colors you used.

  28. Love what you re wearing I am not sure jumper is worth the money wait for sales it may go down again

  29. I saw the cape, it's beautiful, but I think you did well by going for another one. There are so many that are less expensive. Love both looks, and can't get over that gorgeous leopard trench coat. xo/Madison

  30. Love both of these dresses!! :) Okay- I am a very frugal shopper... ha-ha maybe one day when Jon and I make so much money we are considered for the tax hike I won't. LOL jk. BUT I love this sweater... but I can also see you creating it on your own for 20 bucks at the most with thrift store finds!! :)


  31. megan I love the double print mix
    nora I am jealous over the polka dot dress
    ya'll did such a great job

  32. Yeah, I'm definitely with you on the sweater, it's cute, but not $130 cute. I think you could recreate it for much less.
    Megan-LOVE that thrifted trench and Nora, that outfit might just be on my list to be inspired by (ie.copy), really cute!

  33. Meg, just checked the link you posted about the sweater, it's only $75 at Nordstrom right now. I don't know if that makes a difference, but it's not $130!!!

    I think it's super cute :)

  34. Megan, I checked the link and its on sale but sold out. I think its gorgeous and I can see why you admired it but for reals, you will wear it 3 times and be back at the thrift store on to some other good choice in not purchasing it. Would love to see what you did get!! Great trench coat!!! Nora that dress is cute as heck!! Dawn suitcase vignettes

  35. that polka dots dress is so so beautiful!!!

  36. looking swanky and stylishly hip two birds! in my cheapo opinion, no the sweater was not worth $130. hope your eva had a fab birthday! :)