Monday, December 3, 2012

inspiration monday: secret shopper

the inspiration
kate moss
megan bird

jeans ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Original
shirt ~ thrifted
earrings, sunglasses ~ taken from nora bird from our sale
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
jacket ~ little girl's thrifted

nora bird

jacket ~ Behnaz Sarafpour for Target
shirt and jeans ~ UO
boots ~ Bamboo, Alloy

i am feeling quite the spy lately. first there was the saver's mission, and then there was a craigslist opp that i completed yesterday. i wanted to buy something for the house for our new year's gifts that chris and i do every year (you can read about that here), so i was emailing back and forth with a gentleman from a town about 30 minutes away from our house. (i once read that only minnesotans judge distance by how long it takes to get somewhere, rather than actual that true?) he happened to mention that he would be near the airport at 4:00, and i happen to live fairly close to the airport, so i asked if he could possibly bring the item to me. well, it was a little out of his way to come to our house, so he asked if we could meet in the ikea parking lot. we exchanged car information (he drove a suburban, i a minivan...very spy-like cars), and off i went to meet him.

the sun was setting as i drove in, and i immediately saw his car, idling in the outskirts of the ikea lot. i pulled in next to him and we both gave each other a slight head nod to acknowledge that we were in fact megan and jim. we got out of our cars, shook hands, money was quietly passed off, and he helped me load the goods into my car. it was all very secretive in a very non-secretive way, but i still felt very much like a spy. 

who knows, maybe i'd make a good spy after all. at the very least, i could be a secret shopper.

two birds



  1. Ooooh I LOVE the leopard coats - so fun! Sounds like you would be an awesome spy/secret shopper :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Could I be considered a secret shopper if I hide the stuff I buy from my husband?

    Fun leopard coats!


  3. Haha that sounds shady! We judge things by the time here in Northern Virginia too. You guys really rock those leopard coats!

  4. nICE POST!

  5. I could never be a secret anything. I have no poker face at all, and every year my husband guesses his gift long before Christmas.

    Loving the leopard, ladies!

  6. Megan! (and Nora!, too)morning! full of chuckles here. and you can obviously see something is dreadfully wrong with my post. so a few chuckles will really help today. and think it is funny that the remark just about me is from 'my secret shopping' LOL

    wishing you (and ME) a much better day!

  7. Both of you have such cute leopard coats! I judge distance by how long it takes to get somewhere too. Miles mean nothing to me!

    The Tiny Heart
    Starbucks + Ad Space Giveaway!

  8. Oh that is too funny! It does sound like a bit of a covert operation!! I'm also chuckling at the measuring distance in time - I definitely do that being from MN, wondering if others actually do or not!

    Love both of your leopard coats! It was good seeing you this weekend!

  9. you birds! thank you. i neglected to comment on your cool leopard items. i knew you guys had those. (cuz you pic the pics) and all i found was the scarf. oh, well getting a leopard scarf for $4 is pretty dang great for me, huh? You guys always pose so cool and your legs are your best asset.

    TWO BIRDS ROCK!!!!!!!

  10. Ah great costs ladies!
    Your exchange sounds very mysterious and clandestine, I'd love it!

  11. Both of these outfits rock, and I say they both are even better than the original it was inspired by.

    I was never great at secret shopping. My secret. I buy at the last minute. :)


  12. i can't believe that was a little girls coat - so cute! and nora I love your shoes!

  13. I would be a terrible secret shopper. Both of your coats are really cute!

  14. LOL I am horrible at secrets and awkward at first encounters! LOL I do love you ladies' leopard coats very much!

  15. Great leopard print jackets! Super cute!
    And nicely done with the CL exchange.

  16. You both look fabulous in your coats, love it. I totally judge distances by time too!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. i've been seeing a lot of leopard prints these days! so tempted to buy a pair of flats in this print. i'm such a terrible secret shopper for sure. i get really scared and paranoid meeting strangers in person.

  18. I like your two looks better than the inspiration...maybe because her shirt reminds me of a runners bib :) love the fur, seriously my favorite thing right now!

  19. both of you totally rock it! i love a great looking leopard jacket :)

  20. Hey! Wow, you both have a jacket like that?????
    I have no animal print whatsoever unfortunately! Love the covert Ikea operations, you are so funny!x

  21. two very chic looks! i love the inspiration and how you both did it.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  22. I am dying over those coats! I need a big, double lined one with a fluffy hood!

  23. Those leopard coats are amazing!

  24. you both did a great job and i am loving both of those jackets
    can't believe that one is a little girls
    will have to check out girls section more often

  25. love the fur jackets!!! really "need" to get me one of those. love the idea of wearing them with just black or a tee and jeans. very rock n roll!!!

  26. sexy leopard birds! i hope we get to discover the secret surprise later, if it's not too personal, that is. ;)

  27. What fun looks you girls have! I was going to join in this week, but I was super busy..I have the perfect jacket for this tho :( I like both of your looks, they are right on.