Wednesday, December 26, 2012

inspiration for december 31: new year's eve outfit

again, with the holidays, we are not posting a picture for inspiration monday. instead, we'd love to see what you all wear for your new year's eve celebrations. we all stay in for the night, but that won't stop us from dressing least enough to snap a few pics! (and then the sweats might come out!)

so show us your very best almost 2013 outfits and link up on monday!! and have a safe new year!

two birds



  1. Hey how are my two birds? My comp is back and running. Well not the one I had but a substitute for a while. see my post for more details. I have missed you so. Yet, it is kind of a busy time so not too many have realized the time I was away. It actually gave me some time to think things through more and I feel my blogging will be better than ever.

    Your idea of not having a full on I/M will be appreciated here, ya see.

    You guys have a great time relaxing and spending time with your family's. Have a Safe and Happy New Year!